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Big Bang – “Boys Before Flowers” Parody with English Subtitles

January 19, 2009

Big Bang's Boys Before Flowers Parody
Part 1Part 2

AH, finally! I’ve been waiting to see Big Bang’s Boys Before Flowers parody for months, and it’s even more amusing now that I’m fully engrossed in the Korean version of the series. I saw a fancam of most of it, but having it subbed is heaven. And you have to admit, it was extremely appropriate for them to do a concept that is so widely known for their “global” concerts.

Hopefully it can match up to the hilarity that is Big Bang’s Coffee Prince parody!

First of all, it is beyond brilliant that they chose Daesung to be the female protagonist, Makino Tsukushi (or “Geum Jan-di” in the Korean version). I’ve seen a lot of people say, “Why Daesung of all people? He looks the least feminine!” And to that, I say, “THAT IS THE POINT!” It makes for a truly great parody.

I love how they used that virus-like Flo Rida song in the beginning. Something about it has an extraordinarily weird feeling when it’s paired with this series LOL. Oh gosh, how fun would it be to do this song for a fan-video, especially for the Korean version? AH, it would be hilarious.

I adore G-Dragon as the Hanazawa Rui/Ji-hoo character. PERFECTION. The boy can’t really act, but I appreciate him for showing more than two expressions *cough*.

Haha, and TOP as Domyouji Tsukasa/Jun-pyo = awesome sauce. Again, TOP is not the world’s strongest actor (I mean, he CAN act, but he needs polishing), but he is so funny in this role. You can see his crazy personality shine through here.

I can’t remember if Taeyang plays Soujiro or Akira, but seeing him play the piano wildly is a hoot. Yes, a “hoot.”

Alright, nevermind. Seungri is clearly playing Akira lol. So appropriate. Ladies man~

“꽃보다 Big Bang” LMAO!

Seungri: *Laughing* The girl I met with yesterday was 10 years older than me!” SEE WHAT I MEAN? SO APPROPRIATE! LOL.

LMAO LMAO! HAHA, “Makino” pours water all over “Domyouji” and then sneezes in his face. LOL!

TOP’s overacting here is hilarious. LOVE IT.

“RUI” IS IN LOVE WITH GUMMY! OMO, I completely forgot about this. XD

Haha, another sneeze!



Poor GD’s eyes are so dark here 😦 lol

Random drum playing~

Seriously, TOP’s constantly contorting face is amazing. So. Freaking. Funny.

“Are you OK?” LOL! Random English!

Big Bang is awesome when it comes to really real looking fake kisses. I mean, I almost feel awkward looking at this lol. LOOK AT TOP’S HAND AT THE END LOL!


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