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“Boys Before Flowers” Commentary – Episode 4

January 23, 2009

I feel like it’s almost too indulgent to watch this show two nights in a row.


Fangirltainment - Boys Before Flowers Commentary

I might as well give into temptation now and make myself wait ten centuries for the next episode… at least until I allow myself to preview the episode without subtitles. My only gripe about that is that I won’t get the full effect. Anyone want to convince me otherwise? I’m willing to hear arguments! I mean, really. I know I’ll do it eventually. Just tell me why I should do it now. *Evil laugh*

Episode 4. Spoilers! (and some incoherence)

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 4

I heard that this episode is really awesome, so I am beyond excited. It seems like it’s going to explode with everything that makes me die and feel happy and die (and feel happy) when I watch dramas.

LMAO, knowing a little about this show makes watching certain scenes all the funnier. (Meaning, knowing an embarrassing part is coming up is all the more amusing, etc.)

I LOVE SUBTLY!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!! Exchanged glances between JP and JD = oh so awesome.

Jun-pyo looks completely hoodwinked after Ji-hoo kisses Jan-di on the head lol.

You are basically going to be bombarded with pictures this post, because this episode is beyond gorgeous.

(Added thought: I love love love the random outside-of-airport moment between JP and JD. Love it. I love the visuals of course, but it’s just a really well-done scene, filled with adorable awesomeness.)

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 4

OMGOMGOMALSKDFJSDLFJSDLJFDL I LOVE THIS EPISODE AND IT’S NOT EVEN A QUARTER OF THE WAY THROUGH. This story line is one of my absolute favorites in drama history. (As in, I like forced proximity, and in this instance JP and JD have to spend time together. On top of that, JD has to take care of JP because he is sick. All kinds of unrealistic cuteness. Honestly, the more cheesy a plot line is–as long as it doesn’t cross the “believable” line–the more I like it.)

Haha, I love that he just fainted on her shoulder.

Wow, it’s basically a miracle that she had “blankety” type items in her backpack and didn’t remember right away haha. SIGH!

OMG SO CUTE THOUGH. I love this scene.

So random, Jun-pyo finding the pen on the floor haha. I wonder what he did with it. (Seriously, what was the meaning of this scene? I thought he was going to write a note on her or something, but maybe he actually wrote something in the “car” thing. Vandalism!!! Perhaps it will be revealed in future episodes)

School drama!!! Yet again. (Shinhwa High is on drugs or something. Not literally, but those kids exist for drama-rama. Especially when it involves either the F4 or Jan-di, so when both of those elements come together… KABAM!)

LMFAO at SS501 (or “Triple S”). They kind of look like dorks up there D: lol And the sound is horrendous. (Okay, let’s face it: this was an embarrassing display. Those guys can so much better. Curse the production?)

LMAAAAAAAO JAN-DI THOUGHT HYUNG JOON POINTED AT HER LOL. Random~ She doesn’t know the ways of clubbing, perhaps.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 4

Jan-di, you are too cool for school. You aren’t drinking what you’re given! (But you will later~)

Ka-wol/Yi-jung scene!!! (Loved their story in the J-drama; can’t wait to see what happens with them in this one.)

KIM BUM IS SO CHARMING! Gotta say that he’s perfect in this role. (Even though he’s still a little boyish looking, he can pull off that special brand of playboy pretty well)

OMG creepy guy O_O (Just the kind of guy who could be paid to “ruin” someone else lol!)

At least he can play guitar. (Appreciation of art = at least you aren’t inhuman)


D: hate this part. (As in where Jan-di is like, “WTF HAVE I BEEN RAPED WTF?” It’s so downplayed in this drama though… I guess that’s good… maybe…)

LMFAOOOOOOOOOO LOLLIPOPS!! (I love these guys so much. ADORABLE *squishes*)

D: D: D: I hate this part!!!! (Where JP is disappointed in JD and doesn’t believe in her. OMG I KNOW THAT IT’S CHEESY TO ADMIT THAT, but isn’t it sad? You want them to be together, don’t you?)

It’s kind of sweet that she wants him to know the truth, even though you know he’s going to jump to conclusions.

LMFAO: “With those looks, they must be from Andromeda.” (The dorky co-worker rules me. Astronomy nerds unite! Okay, so I’m not an astronomy nerd; I just took a class. But I have interest!!! LOL)

WHAT ON EARTH HAHA, Yi-jung playing the saxophone haha. (I’m still WTFing right now.)

(So much drama… that poor girl (name escapes me) has no life. I want to see what they do to explain her “reasoning” more in the next episode.)

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 4

OMG, I can’t wait for the next episode. This one was so intense that I really had a hard time writing what I was thinking. SO MUCH FAIL! And when I did write, it was probably really hard to understand because I didn’t even reference much of what I was talking about. *Head desk* Sometimes when I get excited this happens. I apologize. So basically… I’ll try better next time XD I had to go back and add some notes to this one, which was ANNOYING (jk), so I want to avoid it in the future lol.

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