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News & Opinion – From YG to Tae Goon

January 23, 2009

Ah, fandom can be so fun. Here are some brief reports of news items that caught my eye recently. Thank goodness we’re getting some dates for events, because I’m starting to wonder what there is to look forward to in life now that I’m back in school. WOW, having a life can bring some mental strain. It’s great that K-pop is here to bring me back out of reality.

Daesung Tae Goon

  • Daesung is coming out with a single album on the 29th of January. Let’s see… that’s a little less than a week away! I am confident that–whether the single is silly or serious–Daesung’s solo musical activities will bring us lots of happiness. Honestly, Daesung can light up a room no matter what. There isn’t much information about this release other than that Joon Jongshin and Jo Woojin are some contributing composers for this song (or songs?). Come February 7th, Daesung will start his promotions. Where? MBC Music Core, of course.
  • YG’s new girl group might be debuting in April. I think we heard before that they were debuting in February, but that was pretty tentative. I’ve known YG long enough to know that they usually don’t stick closely to their release dates. And that isn’t an entirely bad thing. It’s quality over quantity.

    Anyway, it’s definitely going to be a five-member group (as of now, and I am thinking that it’s set. This way it mirrors Big Bang… which is unnecessary, but people tend to like gimmicky things like that). One of the members is still a mystery, but Park Bom, CL, Gong Minji, and Sandara Park are known to be apart of this group. The group’s name is still up in the air because a good name hasn’t been decided upon yet. Hopefully it will be something really spectacular when it is finally revealed.

  • TOP of Big Bang is going to be a guest on Family Outing! How awesome is that? The episode will be broadcast starting February 8th, with TOP guesting for the two-part episode.
  • Big Bang’s Seungri recently got #1 for “Strong Baby” on M Countdown while he was against Kara (it’s so cute; at the end of the clip, you can see him introduce Kara). Here is the clip of Seungri winning his first solo multizen. The best thing about this, among many things, is the crazy fangirl at the end whose yelling-singing gets captured as Seungri stands close to the audience. There is something perfectly psychotic in her look. Haha! Cute. 2:42. Girl in the long hoodie. Watch it! Seungri is pretty adorable about winning, even though he isn’t jumping up and down. I hear him thanking “Crazy” several times, and he even gets them a shout out before the encore dance. If you didn’t know, “Crazy” is the female group that often does back-up dancing for Big Bang. I thought it was really sweet of him to do that!
  • I know I’m slow in mentioning this, but it’s because I didn’t think I was going to at first! I have become addicted, so now this is noteworthy news: Tae Goon is officially awesome in my book. His debut got a lot of notice because the MV for his single, “Call Me,” features Jaejoong of DBSK along with actress Park Shin Hye. I tend to avoid people who pad themselves (fame-wise) with famous friends, but I read an article that led me to believe he had talent… so I watched him perform his song live first. And it’s good! It’s not ~*~*~AmAzInG~*~*~, but it’s really catchy and the dance is one that sticks in your head. To top things off, Tae Goon is not your average looking guy. He’s not wildly handsome, but he is really good looking. I know, looks are always a plus in this world of Kpop. He’s a great dancer as well. ANYWAY, I just wanted to put in my two cents about this up-and-comer. I think he has potential.
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  1. Sessalli permalink
    May 20, 2009 5:50 pm

    I certainly agree with the all the stuff you said about tae goon, but seriously now he’s getting way better. I love his new mini-album, Rising Star, I just got it today. Everyone buy and support this, as the title says, “Rising Star”. I believe he went through a lot of stuff according to Wikipedia, like a fasting period, where he lost 20 lbs. because at every audition they said that he was too fat and needed to lose some weight. awwww poor taegoonie saranghae. ❤ but seriously if you want to see him live again watch superstar on youtube, he's good.

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