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Korean Entertainers Will No Longer Model School Uniforms

January 24, 2009

WOW, intense!

Behind-the-scenes of Big Bang’s Skoolooks shoot on Mnet Wide News (090119)

School uniform advertising is a staple CF gig for most young entertainers, but this golden period has swiftly come to an end. Gone are the ridiculous (-ly cute) CFs with your favorite teen-ish stars alternating between looking like dorks and acting too cool for school. Gone are the countless picture releases of pretty people in Korea’s gender-specific school clothes. Gone are autographing sessions that apparently went hand-in-hand with the physical display of the uniforms (I didn’t know).

Am I sad? Not really. It’s one less reason to see everyone look adorable, but it sounds like all of this is happening for a good reason. YOU WANT TO KNOW, RIGHT? Since the uniform companies have created such a demand for these uniforms with their presumably pricey advertising, the uniforms are very expensive. It’s hard for parents to shell out the cash for these necessary items (because unless you’re the fictional F4, Korean students wear uniforms regularly). I have no idea how much a single uniform would cost, but I have a feeling it’s way more than anyone should have to spend.

Companies like Skoolooks, Ivy Club, Elite School Uniforms, and SK Network have been specifically asked to “to take measures to control rising prices and excessive campaigning.”

Some people that will be affected by these changes would be Wonder Girls, ice skater Kim Yuna, Big Bang, SHINee, Girls Generation, 2PM, and so on.

It looks like these people will be out of one source of income! I know, for instance, that Big Bang has been with Skoolooks for around two years, and they were probably planning on sticking with them. It may be the same with other groups. Luckily for Big Bang, they are an in-demand group, so I’m guessing they won’t have a hard time getting another CF job. Some other people, like the burgeoning 2PM, may have a little more trouble. These people may be entertainers, but they don’t make as much money with their main efforts as American entertainers. The real honey-pot is CFs. How else do you think Kim Tae-hee is surviving so well?

Thanks to ppoki@Spectacle!Forums for translating my reference article, which can be found here.

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  1. Celia permalink
    July 3, 2010 4:01 pm

    In some cases school uniforms have become over priced yes but they don’t have to be. If schools would adopt a more modern fashion sense everyone could afford them.

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