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Lee Minho of “Boys Over Flowers” Named “Most Promising Star” of 2009

January 24, 2009

Lee Minho was on Arirang’s “Showbiz Extra” segment as the most promising star of 2009. AWESOME. Not like it’s such an important title (especially coming from Arirang), but it’s true that the guy has so much potential. He is a great actor above all else, and that is much more important than a pretty face (I’m not going to name names, but some of his Boys Over Flowers co-stars help illustrate this point; love them to death though). Let me share the video and my random thoughts.

Several things that make this Showbiz Extra completely awesome:

  • Lee Minho.
  • They use Big Bang’s “With U” as background music at some point. !!!
  • They show clips of his other dramas/movies, making me want to go watch them. I actually have seen part of I Am Sam, but it was a long time ago and TOP wasn’t enough incentive at the time (albeit, he’s a really good incentive) to continue. BUT, now I know more about Park Min Young and Lee Minho, so I want to see them as well.

Several noteworthy points:

  • He mentions how he’s “22… no, 23 in the new year,” which makes me feel insane because I was born in the same year so I’m just as “old” LOL. Crazy Koreans! He’s only 21 in “my” years!
  • When he talks about his character, Gu Jun-pyo, he describes him perfectly. He has a great grasp on who he’s playing. It’s obvious with or without this though, because you can see when he’s acting that he knows his character.
  • Minho talks about how they filmed the overseas stuff first, and since I haven’t seen that part yet I am curious to see how it goes. Will things feel the same? I’m sure they will if they act well enough 😉
  • Kim Su-ro is one of his role models, aw.
  • When he talks about his fellow actor and friend, Jung Il-woo, he is really cute and he doesn’t seem as awkward as in other parts of the interview.
  • When it comes to resolutions, one of the first things he mentions is that he wants to find someone he can marry. LOL, the interviewer says, “You’re awfully frank!” and he’s like, “Yeah… lol.”
  • He wants to become a Hallyu star. OMG, I’m sure he already has great potential for that if he isn’t already!

Anyway, it’s not like this is breaking news (especially since this aired on the 14th), but I thought it was interesting enough to mention.

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