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MBC Star Dance Battle 2009 – Commentary

January 25, 2009

I had a lot of fun watching MBC’s Star Dance Battle! What a great idea it is to bring all these talented dancers together, pitting them against one another. It makes for great television. Some of the people that participate are: 2PM, SHINee, SS501 (Triple S), Super Junior (Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Shindong, and Eeteuk), Taegoon, Kara, So Nyuh Shi Dae/Girls Generation, Jewelry (two members), VOS (one member), and Big Bang (Seungri and Taeyang).

I love how the girls in the audience pretty much die for these guys. Yoona of SNSD is a great source of amusement for this whole show, because she is constantly laughing and making great fan-ish expressions every time a boy does a little fanservice-y flash of abs or removal of jacket.

2PM Intro

My thoughts are behind the cut 🙂

2PM vs. SHINee

Watch the 2PM performance with sound while you can. The better quality videos are getting their sound muted. SHOOT. I hate it when that happens on YouTube. It’s happened to me several times and it’s a pain.

ANYWAY. They’re doing their dance to Flo Rida’s “Low,” which is such an loltastic song. AWESOME performance from these guys. It’s true that they beefed up their performance with a lot of showy, fancy moves, but isn’t what this is all about? XD

And wowza, was that Jaebom at the end? O_O

SHINee totally rocked in their H.O.T. dance! They did “We Are the Future,” and it’s a song I know nothing about… but it was really fun and awesome. I loved it when they gave Taemin a solo. I mean, it can’t be denied that he is the best dancer of the group. Might as well give him some solo time!

2PM definitely had the wow factor, so it’s not hard to believe that they won this round.

SS501 vs. Super Junior

SS501 (Triple S) was really pretty good. Each guy did his own mini-performance and then they came together at the end. It looked great.

Super Junior (Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Shindong, and Eeteuk) was SO lol. It seems like a work of Shindong. It was really creative, if nothing else. And it was something else. It was well done, especially for the handful of people they had to work with haha. Shindong and Eunhyuk are great dancers, but Sungmin and Eeteuk aren’t quite known for their skills on the dance floor.

I think SS501 was a bit more polished though, so I think that’s why they won.

Taegoon vs. Kara

Sorry, but what a frickin’ weird combo. Taegoon vs. Kara? Haha, they have no relation whatsoever.

Taegoon is an awesome newbie. I think his performance was really interesting and pretty darn cool. He started out traditional (I mean, really) and then mixed it up. Loved it. I thought it was kind of amusing that he used his own intro song though XD But no matter what, Taegoon can DANCE. That makes me happy.

Haha, Kara was pretty cute. Too bad they didn’t do something that outside the box 😦 The guys in the audience loved it though lol. Actually, saying the guys loved it might be an understatement. Everyone was grinning like idiots! Haha!

I don’t want to be harsh on Kara, but I don’t know how doing someone else’s famous song is win-worthy. I thought Taegoon was a lot more creative.

Girls Generation vs. Jewelry and VOS

It’s interesting to see the direction SNSD took with their performance. Of course, they gave their awesome dancer, Hyoyeon, some solo time, but it wasn’t very much. I was cracking up to see Seungri in the audience bobbing along to the music.

The major WTF of the night though has to go to the fact that they used Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl.” SERIOUSLY, WTF LOL. Do they even know what those lyrics are? HAHA, I don’t think any normal people would complain, but Korea has been so finicky about such things in the past few months. Whatever! They looked good in the dance.

They then moved on to Brittany Spears lol! Honestly though, no matter how these girls act, they are so freaking gorgeous. *Jealousy*

WOW, I was stunned when Taeyang’s “Look Only at Me” started playing. That is a surefire way to win the crowd, don’t you know? You’ve already one this part of the crowd! Of course, it wasn’t as exciting as it should have been, because no one can compare to Taeyang dancing this song. I mean, no one that I have seen yet.

Both performances were good, but I think SNSD should have won this one

Seungri vs. Taeyang

I was thoroughly impressed here.

Seungri was AMAZING. Somehow he looked even more grown up doing this than “Strong Baby.” I don’t know why, exactly. But the dance was really fluid. I think the only hitch was when his jacket got stuck on his arms. He played it like it was on purpose, but I have a feeling it wasn’t.

Taeyang = extremely fluid dancer. He is so SMOOTH. He makes everything he does look easy, but it so clearly isn’t.


One thing Taeyang has on his side is his AWESOME smile. When the music shifted he shined those pearly whites and probably killed over half the room.

Who won though? It was a tie. I though the results were perfect.

Anyhow… all in all, this program was a very fun thing to watch.

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