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More Information About Jisun’s Solo

January 25, 2009

Er, time for me to absolutely freak OUT with excitement! There is a bit more information out on Jisun’s solo now. I heard the other day that she was doing a duet with Alex (of Clazziquai), but the news about that was so miniscule that it wasn’t worth posting. HOWEVER, how does a teaser MV, a track list, and an album title sound to you? It sounds noteworthy to me, if nothing else.


You can see the teaser MV here. The style of this song is… it’s hard to say. It’s a little electronic compared to Loveholic, but it has rock at its core. The MV looks like it was done by the same person/people who did Clazziquai’s “Flea” MV. That’s GREAT, because “Flea” was one of my favorite MVs of last year. I am all about color, and whoever is in charge of this seems to feel the same.

The title of this upcoming album is titled, “인어… 집으로 돌아오다,” which translates to, “Mermaid… Come Home.” Interesting title! Loveholic used the mermaid theme a bit too. I have the track-list for you too! I’ve included some quick translations of the Korean titles, which may or may not be accurate XD I am tired right now, and I am rushing this post so I can get to sleep.

  1. Someone Somewhere Someday
  2. 인어… 집으로 돌아오다. [Mermaid… Come Home]
  3. 안녕 마음아 [Hello Heart]
  4. 롤러코스터러브 [Roller Coaster Love]
  5. Universe
  6. Windflower (Feat. Alex)
  7. 그는 널 사랑하지 않아. [He Does Not Love You]
  8. 보고싶어. [Miss You]
  9. 지구인 [Earthman ?]
  10. Phony War
  11. 우리가 나눈 사랑의 진실 [We Divided the Truth of Love]
  12. L O V E
  13. Polaris

I’m so excited about her duet with Alex! It should be great. Both Jisun and Alex have amazing voices, and together they sound phenomenal. Can’t wait.

In fact, I’m excited about this album in general. It’s a real (re: full) album, and it has real talent behind it.

Jisun’s album hits stores on February 2nd/3rd.

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