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“Boys Before Flowers” Commentary – Episode 5

January 26, 2009

Just so you know, I wrote this a few days ago… I was just too busy to get the pictures together for this post haha. This show is so gorgeous. I keep taking more and more screen caps. This week I had to cut down the amount I posted a lot and the post is STILL dominated by images. SHEESH. Someone get me a therapist! LOL. If anyone wants any of the images I post in my commentaries (they’re better quality in full size, obviously), just let me know. I can even zip all of the images for you. Anyway:

Fangirltainment - Boys Before Flowers Commentary

CH-freaking-yeah. Since I thought the With S2 subs would be slow in coming, I didn’t rush to get the newer episodes. Bad idea. I started the torrent for the episodes last night and episode 5 got stuck on 98.5% for HOURS. And that’s HOURS after I found out they released the subs for episode five. Major fail!

So I am really excited about watching this, and I’m also feeling a little grateful that I’m getting to watch it tonight at all.

Okay, I have to preface my commentary with an extreme: I AM A DORK. When I really get into a show, I like to forget the existence of corniness and cliches and so on. So I am going to be a cheese-cake over just about every scene that wants you to act as such.

Episode 5. Spoilers!

Boys Over Flowers - Episode 5

Apparently these next few episodes are “bring on the drama,” which makes me a little sad because typically, K-dramas don’t get full-on emo until episode 6, but I think they do start going down the emotional hill in episode 4, so maybe BOF isn’t that out-there. (Later note: haha, this episode is so ANTI-drama. It’s not sad at all. It must be episode 6?)

It’s interesting that Jan-di still thinks of Ji-hoo as her prince charming. He’s off with some other woman for all she knows, and she can’t let go. Admittedly, she has plenty of reason to like Ji-hoo, and I think she does with her head. But, to get really cheesy, she is attracted to Jun-pyo with her heart. Ji-hoo has MOSTLY been a gentlemen to Jan-di, and that is the kind of thing that a lot of girls notice and find desirable in a guy. Jun-pyo has been a jerk and a half. But ah, that’s why this story is so interesting. There is chemistry between Jun-pyo and Jan-di, whereas there is very little between Ji-hoo and Jan-di (I doubt this is spoilerly, and it’s a bit random: in the J-drama, the “bathroom” scene between Makino and Rui is one of the funniest ones I can think of in relation to the two of them lol)

For once, I actually like the music they are playing for the scene. It’s kind of emotional and pretty. “I’ll be waiting for you”… it’s not quite what Jan-di was doing, but it’s got a good feel. She was waiting for a hero, and she kind of got one. OH BOY, please excuse my pathetic speech in reference to this show. This is the last time I’m going to excuse it in this post though.

This scene (where Jun-pyo is saving Jan-di) is REALLY well done. 진짜!

Boys Over Flowers - Episode 5

Tiny Jun-pyo is extremely adorable. Lol, he is afraid of bugs even then. “가! 가!” But he’s a mean boy D: However, Oh Min-ji should have survived that bullying. I mean, she was in frickin’ daycare. Get a life, woman.

It’s really nice that Jun-pyo apologized. BUT, Min-ji is a crazy! Poor thing, really. But she is so pathetic… basing her life around the hope that a particular person will like her.

Was Jun-pyo harsh with her? I don’t know. Of course, he could have been nicer, but COME ON! What she did to “get” him was really bad.

Boys Over Flowers - Episode 5

LOL at the train’s heart vs. train’s smokestack.

Boys Over Flowers - Episode 5

LMAFO, Jan-di’s family is HILARIOUS. I love how her brother just opened the door for Jun-pyo and closed it on him to look him up on the internet.

Jun-pyo is so cocky LOL, just claiming Jan-di as his girlfriend.

And Ji-hoo objects! AH, this should be interesting.

Boys Over Flowers - Episode 5

OMG, FRICKIN’ DIES. Ga Eul’s ringtone is Kara’s “Pretty Girl” HAHA!

Hyun Joong’s acting is a bit better when he isn’t trying to be so solemn and depressed. I like him much more that way.

Oh dear, I’ve already taken more screen caps of this episode than last time, and the episode’s only halfway through D:

Boys Over Flowers - Episode 5

LOLOLOL! This scenario is so funny, where Ga Eul is swept away haha. Poor thing thinks something has happened to Jan-di!

Once again, gratuitous Caucasian women~ Sigh, I will never understand this. They just place these women in dramas and movies whenever they want a touch of the exotic. I guess I can’t complain much because American movies to the same with Asian women. It’s just a frustrating concept.

Boys Over Flowers - Episode 5

OH, I just realized: it’s diverging from the Japanese drama. Great! I’m excited.


Jun-pyo’s hair is all frizzy haha. The curse of curly hair! I should know.

Saaad face! I just realized that the episode is almost over D:


Boys Over Flowers - Episode 5

I can’t wait for the next episode!

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