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Daesung – “Big Hit”

January 29, 2009


FINALLY, I have heard Daesung’s new trot single, “Big Hit.”

Daesung - Big Hit

What’s really funny is that I thought they were talking about money at first, because I know “daebak” has something to do with money. But the title is “대박 이야/Daebak Iya,” and it’s being translated to “Big Hit” haha. But they certainly could be talking about money because this song was written with people suffering from the economy in mind. Anyway, it sounds like Gummy is back again on background vocals! It kind of gives the song a “Look at Me, Gwisoon” feel, but whatever! This song was done by G-Dragon as well, so it’s not surprising that it has a similar flabor.

“Hyung-nim is a big hit too, unni is a big hit too” LOL is that what he is saying? ALTHOUGH, I don’t know why he would say, “unni” (since Daesung is a guy, wouldn’t he say “nuna”?). Wah, I should stop trying to translate, especially at this hour (I’m so freakishly tired haha). But It’s hard not to! It sounds like it’s such a fun song.

This song is really awesome to listen to because it kind of just flows. It’s up and down and down and up in an entertaining way.

According to Kbites, “This song will become the comfort and motivation for everyone who are having a hard time now.”

I don’t have the song yet, but I heard it on YouTube! I’ll have to post again when I see them MV,.

Listen on YouTube

I’ll post my commentary for Boys Before Flowers episode 6 tomorrow if I can!

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