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“Boys Before Flowers” Commentary – Episode 6

January 30, 2009

(I know I said I’d post this yesterday, and it’s technically TODAY, but life got a little busy. But hopefully the length of this post “makes up” for it. I won’t even tell you how many pages this is on Word lol.)

Fangirltainment - Boys Before Flowers Commentary

Because I am aiming for the dork-of-the-year award, I have purposely split my watching of this episode over two nights. I mean, I like this show so much that I don’t feel like watching any of the other shows I’m in the middle of. WHICH IS STUPID! But… I love this show. Have I mentioned that yet?

And I’m actually really surprised to learn that some people are actually reading my commentary posts, because I feel like they’re pretty embarrassingly pointless. I will try my best to up my writing and work at making them more comprehensible. I also want to write more than just initial thoughts, so I am going to try out appending my original writings with more contemplative opinions (re: fangirling).

Tuesday night: UH, now is definitely not the time to watch anything (it’s bed time!), but I will give into this show any day of the week.

I will definitely watch until there is a good stopping point though, because I want to watch some tomorrow night too.

Wednesday night: I have been dying to watch this all day!

Episode 6. Spoilers!

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 6

Haha, I wanted to watch so I could know what was going on! THE SHIRT REMOVAL SCENE! Although I suspect he’s just going swimming LMAO. Haha, yeah! Jun-pyo is so funny. He knew he exactly what he was doing 😛

(Am I the only girl in the world who doesn’t go crazy over a shirtless guy? Yeah, it’s a bit more rare to see in Asian dramas, and the fan-serviceness of it all can illicit a few chuckles, but… I don’t know. I’m like. “OH. It’s… just a chest.” HAHA, Jun-pyo is unfortunately no exception for this thinking, but I think it’s extremely amusing at how funny this scene played out. Poor Jan-di keeps thinking that Jun-pyo is a complete wolf. But you have to admit that throughout the episode, it’s hard to tell what his intentions are until he mentions them later.)

LMAO!!!!!!!! SNAKE!

(Jan-di seems to know of his cowardice toward creepy-crawlies. Or does she? Whether she does or not, she said just the right thing to freak him out. I think this scene is cute because they have an entertaining interchange going on. JP scares JD, JD scares JP. And it’s really cute. Can you tell that Jan-di is warming up to Jun-pyo?

Oh no!!! Dramatic drowning scene!!!! JUN-PYO CAN’T HELP!!!!!! JIHOO TO THE RESCUE OMG!!!!! (ditching the hyphens because they are so annoying to type lol.) Sry but wtf Hyun Joong’s arm muscles are pretty decent.

(I think the drowning scene was weird and out of place. I can’t even put my finger on why. Jandi was suddenly off drowning, and we didn’t even know she was swimming in the first place. Plus, she looked strange, like she was just rolling around in the water for the heck of it, and the water seemed semi-shallow. PLUS, am I the only one who feels like if you have leg cramps in the water, you can easily float to your back enough so you can breathe? I mean, it’s happened to me before. Whatever about that though.

(And then it was kind of awkward to insert the why-JP-can’t-swim thing. He was kidnapped? Scary.)

LOL at that blasted “Borbes” magazine. It keeps showing up and making me laugh like an idiot. (Seriously, how many times have we seen this funny funny funny poster? This is the third time I can think of, but I wonder if they’re more.)

Haha, I love it how JP’s mom is always kept in the dark by the guy who works for her. He’s too nice! (Plus, the way he deals with JP is very… tolerant?)

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 6

Seriously, I am a giant sap because I think JP is so cute right now. (When he’s running around cooking haha.)

LOL dramarama. JP vs. JH… in silence right now. But it will come out! (Jun-pyo thinks he loves Jan-di, Ji-hoo thinks he might be falling for Jan-di… it’s so much craziness! Friend against friend!)

“Jandi likes someone else!!” GJ Ga Eul! I literally just said, “AWKWARD!” outloud. (HONESTLY. Even if you get flustered by an annoying but cute boy, you should try to zip your lips about your friend’s innermost secrets. SIGH!)

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 6

OMG CUTE JP/JD SCENE! (When he gives her the anklet! OMG! And when we find out what it means? Even more “aw” worthy.)

Ruh-roh! Is this the teaser scene? OMG I hate drama. Oh wait, I love it, but it’s painful. (Every Jan-di/Ji-hoo scene at this point has me on edge).

OH, hug scene! AWKWARD AGAIN! (Way to be a good friend, Ji-hoo. No matter how you’re feeling, it doesn’t seem fair to be that way to Jun-pyo.)

The close up on Hyun Joong’s hands reveals that he keeps them very well manicured.. or is it a different person with prettier hands?

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 6

LOL, I am in kind of a silly mood right now so I want to like… yell… “JUNPYO IN SUSPENDERS!” because he looks cute. (At breakfast! Why did they not show him dressed like this more?!)

BUT MORE DRAMA! Why the eff is Jihoo wearing Jandi’s anklet? Love Lee Minho’s acting here omg. (Again, at breakfast.)

JANDI’S CLOTHES ARE SO ADORABLE. (Love the pink skirt/off the shoulder ensemble.)

Poor Jandi has to hold her hat while she rides the horse. That doesn’t seem fun haha.

Wtf, those white girls never get out of their bikinis, do they? UGH. (I’m just annoyed by the way those girls are being used. I know everyone’s said it before, but they really are just accessories here. It’s frustrating!!)

There is an elephant in the room and it is called a misplaced limb band. LOL. Wrist/ankle. (IDK, I was being strange when I wrote this lol. It’s just funny to see JP worry over that bracelet/anklet.)

Lol now JP can’t play volleyball. (It’s not that funny, but it is in the fact that it’s so dramatic.)

AH, for some reason JP reminds me a lot of my cousin this episode. It must be the frizzy hair and goofy moods. The looks really tall and skinny too, which is just like my cousin. (But no, my cousin does not REALLY look anything like JP.)

The guy who is afraid of water goes out in a kayak! AHH! Not a good a idea when you’re angry and you can’t swim. LOL, Jihoo looks so serene on the water. LMFAO THIS SCENE IS SO FREAKING COMICAL! Junpyo is just rowing like crazy haha, and Jihoo is all, “WTF???” And then he’s stuck without an oar. WTF lol. Dream???

(Haha, the more I think about this scene, the more I find that it is one of the weirdest in the history of weird scenes. It doesn’t make any sense. So I’ll just enjoy the lulz of it.)

Jandi, it’s not a good idea to go off with a guy who is shaking the water without permission~ lol. But she likes Jihoo enough to not think about how drama- rama he is to things.

Haha, Ga Eul is so adorable. She’s off taking selca pics. She seems like an expert. Again, good job, girl, for trying to escape in a boat that has two seats.

Yijung is using psychological tricks! Haha, and Ga Eul falls right into his trap. OF COURSE. (And Ga Eul blabs more of Jan-di’s secrets!) But you have to admit that Yijung is being a caring friend. He doesn’t want to see his friend (JP) get hurt.

AHHH, time for me to stop for the night. I’m over halfway through… Should I continue? I want to continue. But if I continue, I’ll be up late AND I’ll be majorly annoyed at myself tomorrow when I have no more to watch. And I’m sure the ending will be cliff-hangery, and if I watch it tonight I won’t be able to sleep properly.

D: To be continued… (Lol, I just reviewed the screen caps I took and humidity does nothing for Jun-pyo’s hair! I wish I could let him in on some hair styling secrets. It’s really funny because in the volleyball scene his curls are falling out, and when he’s washing up his bloody noes he has perfect hair. UH, yeah, that never happens.)


Boys Before Flowers - Episode 6

I’m back! I was going crazy waiting for this. I almost feel apprehensive because I heard that the ending is a downer, but I’m going to try to put up with it. SIGH! Here we go. And watch how I get so completely WORDY here (as if I wasn’t before)! I milk these… what, 20 minutes? for all they’re worth. It was completely unintentional.

AW, Jun-pyo is still trying with Jan-di even though he is nervous about what’s going on between the two of them. CUTE! A ride in his personal helicopter? LOL. Not every guy can offer that to a girl. But seriously, they should make helicopter headgear much cuter, because it kind of ruins everyone’s style every time they wear it on TV. Except maybe if they’re super awesome action dudes… and even then, they’re pushing it. XD

SO, Jan-di: Is a boat ride (JH) or a helicopter ride (JP) better? LOL. Her answer? Neither! She would like to go on that Shinhwa cruise boat that you can see from above. JK haha, I’m just being lame.

Oh. My. GOSH. *long pause* BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! THE HEART IN THE GRASS! Oh my gosh oh my gosh, that is so pricelessly cheesy. Even I, the queen of cheese and corn can’t bear it.


Jun-pyo: I told myself that when I found a girl whom I like, I must bring here here.
[Jan-di looks at Jun-pyo]
Jun-pyo: Did you see? My heart?
CUE JAN-DI “AWKWARD” FACE! (and Jun-pyo’s pleased face)

Ah, I don’t know why I’m having trouble with this half of the episode. I guess I find plots like this so confusing. Does she like the nice guy? Or does she like the bad boy? It’s such an overused story idea, but it gets me every time. The nice guy is nice. But the bad boy could be nice with the good girl (this is such a clear mark of fiction). YOU KNOW that she’ll get with the bad boy, but the time in between is so confusing. I always put myself in the shoes of a character when this happens and I don’t know how I’d feel.

UGH, Jun-pyoooo, why do you have to such bad timing? “My heart… have you excepted it?” UGH UGH UGH. OMG NO AWKWARD ALMOST-KISS AWKWARD AWKWARD AWKWARD! And I’m sure this sets up a lot of heart-ache for what’s to come.

BUT! Jun-pyo has gotten ahead of himself. Jan-di has never made any verbal commitment to him. She has unfairly led him to believe there is SOMETHING between them, when, in fact, she has yet to really say “yay” or “nay.” I think it’s necessary for him to receive the blow that is…. kind of coming to him. Still. Jan-di should have (at some point) made it clear if she was even unsure of their relationship. You know she’s on the fence, but that’s so unclear. Why is it so hard for humans to say when they don’t know?

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 6

Argh, I can’t stand this tonight *hides face.* I can’t handle drama! Haha! Even this corny kind of drama. Because, YES, Jun-pyo DOES walk “in” on an (emotionless looking) emotion-onset kiss between his supposed girlfriend and supposed best friend. Right after he’s confessed his love to said supposed girlfriend.

Seriously, hiding face right now! Um, yeah, Jan-di. Time to be scared. You too, Ji-hoo. I’m off to go play with fire right now.


End scene!

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 6

Jan-di somehow got her bracelet back. And now she is WROGHT with guilt! Isn’t she? Especially after Ga Eul’s, “It’s for the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.” Now we get the obligatory flashback montage. “I’m sorry.” ;_; Too late.

In this next scene, Ji-hoo looks really good. Ah, sometimes Hyun Joong looks better than others. He looks really good here though.

This “drawing” scene is both funny and sad. Ji-hoo and Jan-di make really good friends.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 6

WOW, Ji-hoo is no longer in F4? Intense! OMG! JI-HOO AND JAN-DI EXPELLED! LMAO WTF?!

O hello, Ginger. Did you put your make-up on with your eyes closed today?

Wow, Ji-hoo actually talks to his school-mates. I am so impressed.

Ah, I remember why I like Ji-hoo’s character again. In this version, he’s so… lifeless. But he’s a nice guy. He’s not as hot and cold as Jun-pyo, and he really cares for Jan-di.

LMAO, Jan-di’s family is so funny. All they want is a rich son-in-law! It doesn’t matter who it is or how he gets to be that. Or what their daughter has to do to allow that to happen. SIGH! They want their chaebol!

Does Ji-hoo only know one song? He plays the same song on his violin over and over. At lease his Japanese counterpart played a more recognizable classic LOL. But comparisons can be unfair. Oguri Shun is a ridiculously hard act to follow.

Way to be harsh, Yi Jung. But how can you not feel any of what he is feeling? He is mad because one friend went after the girl of his other friend. That IS an offensive in most people’s books.

At least Woo Bin is being semi-sensible. Even Jan-di and Ji-hoo hurt Jun-pyo, using his power to expel them is too much.

Annnnd watch how Jun-pyo uses his “leader power” to threaten to kick everyone out.

Preview: WOW, it looks dramatic. Have I said “wow” too much lately? I guess I’m just surprised a lot.

Now I’m off to see what everyone else thought of this episode, and then I’ll try to finish this post off.

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