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“Boys Before Flowers” Commentary – Episode 7

January 31, 2009

Ah, there is nothing like topping off a stressful day with a healthy serving of drama *sarcasm.* But… the fictional kind of drama? Perfect. Boys Before Flowers drama? Even better. I love the escape from reality this show gives me.

Fangirltainment - Boys Before Flowers Commentary

I will try to be more concise this commentary, but you never know how that will go. (And because I already had written so much, I didn’t even attempt to add much more later! Haha!)

Episode 7. Spoilers

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 7

Haha, I never realized that the F4 had their own personal study room. I thought it existed somewhere else. SO, they have a study room and a hang-out room (at the school). How luxurious of them, haha.

OMG, Junpyo/Jandi eye contact! Intense! I will immerse myself into the episode from this moment forward for the sake of full enjoyment, so therefore: HOW EMOTIONAL! Junpyo is feeling betrayed; Jandi seems to be feeling sorry. At the same time, I’m sure Junpyo is missing Jandi, just as Jandi must be feeling hurt by Junpyo’s extreme attitude towards her and Jihoo (expelling etc).

And so, Jandi seems to be trying to make an effort to amend things, while Junpyo is using the avoidance tactic.

LMAO, how the heck did Jandi ride her bike to Junpyo’s house (er, mansion) faster than Junpyo got there in his car? So mysterious. Junpyo seems sufficiently freaked out by this startling thing.

HAHA, Junpyo is running away from the now-angered Jandi. SO. FREAKING. COMICAL. And he sticks his tongue out at her. He is so very mature.

This is brilliant! I love Mystery Woman (JP’s nuna, of course!). “Get in!” GURL POWER, BB!

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 7

The race car sound effects for the “car chase” scene are gold.

Oh no! Jandi looks a little carsick haha.


Jandi’s stunned face at learning that this crazy woman is Junpyo’s nuna is the BEST. She is speechless!

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 7

WOW, it’s really weird that Yijung and Woobin are eating with them too… don’t they have homes of their own? What an awkward table. I guess they would want to see JP’s sister, but ahhh, the atmosphere is tense.

LMFAO, “For the idiot bachelor upstairs, cheers!”

Aw, it’s so cute to hear Jandi use such formal speech. She doesn’t normally.

Hungry Junpyo = adorable.

Crazy scene between Jihoo and Junpyo. It really makes my liking of JH go down quite a bit. How can he be this way? “I’m sorry… but leave Jandi alone.” HOW CAN HE BE THIS WAY, I ASK? Of course, this will obviously make Junpyo want Jandi more. Did Jihoo know this would happen? And Junpyo finishes off the scene by showing that he has been quite aware of their friendship in the past:
“It’s been eleven times.” etc.

(Looking back on this scene, I think it could be interpreted a few ways. I have a feeling now that Jihoo meant it as, “Don’t hurt and expel Jandi. I will protect her from your malice.” That kind of thing. But it also could sound like, “I like Jandi and I think I could do a better job than you. Don’t even try to get her for yourself.” I think Junpyo pay have interpreted it the second way. And did it mean that way? Or what? Hmm. I guess we’ll find out eventually.)

SO, now we know the name of Junpyo’s sister: “Gu Jun-hee.”

I’ve noticed they’ve mixed up the look of the mean-trio. Ginger used to look almost nice, but they’ve gaudied her up quite a bit. With those hideous bright spots of blush and the clumpy mascara… really. Is it necessary? Oh well.


This sport thing is really fun. The only trouble is… you KNOW exactly what the deciding sport will be, don’t you? Of course. (UH, swimming… anyone?)

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 7

Because of JP’s abusive treatment of his horse, he is going to fall into trouble. Don’t you think? (He does, in in a way.)

I don’t know who I want to win! Omg! *Tense*

Oh Junpyo, don’t be a moron. You aren’t listening to reason lol. DO NOT PUSH YOUR HORSE, YOU… ANNOYING BOY! (I’m not very good at insults, just so you know.)

AH, so JP won? Hmm.


JIHOO’S HORSE’S NAME IS RUI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (For those who don’t know, the Japanese “Jihoo” is named “Hanazawa Rui.”)

DARN YOU, JIHOO. I hate you and then I love you again. His calmness and his easy-going nature = beyond lovable. I just hate it when he’s being a fart about Jandi. Have you ever heard that friends are more important than lovers (I think the phrase is “bros before hos” lol)? Ah, I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I have known too many people who have gotten too caught up in their romantic interests, and when they looked around them they didn’t have anyone by their sides.

And then there is the age-old question: WHAT IS SO GREAT ABOUT GEUM JANDI (or Makino Tskushi, or Shan Cai)?!?! Why is she a boy-magnet? A rich-boy-magnet, at that! I think she’s great, but it’s amazing how there is no one who can even ~compare~ to her in this story. Is every other girl a push-over? Is every other girl stuck up? Even her friend doesn’t have the same solid quality to her. UGH, but I have to love this character though!

This scene with Jandi and Jihoo is kind of like… overflowing with cheesiness. And OH NO, Junpyo’s horse is like… dying or something. That is awful! Well, he’s not dying but he can’t run anymore ;__; I’M NOT EVEN A HORSE PERSON, OKAY? I just ~feel~ the emotion. Poor JP. Hope he learns his lesson for the next game.

TENSION! WHAT IS IT??? (the game)

It’s obviously something Jihoo is going to win, so they can play all three games.

OMG SAD SCENE! CRYING OMG! SAD SAD! Poor Jihoo’s family! I’ve always felt so sad about that part of the Rui character. He is family-less. (Hyun Joong is doing pretty well here. Like his acting. I can’t believe how much he’s improving! I mean, the scene is cheesy, but y’know…)

OH. The next one (competition) is DRIVING. OH. I am only a LITTLE slow.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 7

It’s hard to support Junpyo even a little bit right now when he’s being so unbearable. UGH.

JEALOUS Junpyo is a force to be reckoned with. SHEESH, what the heck. Just kicking everyone… that’s so lame. UGH, Junpyo can be so hard to deal with. But when you know what’s kind of going on behind that rude and piggish attitude, he’s tolerable. BUT WHEN YOU CAN’T REMEMBER THAT… IT’S DIFFICULT!

What is keeping Jandi awake? Could it be… Junpyo? Much to her dismay? Nah, it’s probably just the race. She doesn’t want Jihoo to be expelled or something~

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 7

LOL, Woobin: “Hey, buddy!”

Wow, Yijung is actually being nice to Jihoo. How “big” of him.

OMO. OMO. OMO………. Jihoo saying he has a secret weapon as he looks at Junpyo… it’s so easy to see what’s coming *covers face.* OH HERE IT COMES. THE HUG. THAT WILL ABSOLUTELY ANGER JUNPYO LOL. You can’t blame Jihoo though. That’s pretty much ingenuity at its best.

Jihoo: *Leans in to kiss Jandi’s forhead.*
Junpyo: ~FROZEN~
Junpyo: OH. NO. YOU. DIDN’T.
Jandi: *Used.*

LMFAO, Junpyo realizes that this is Jihoo’s third kiss score with Jandi! Because YES, forehead kisses DO count.

AND, of COURSE, Junpyo thinks back on the past happenings at the most crucial moment of the race. Because this is drama-land: where everything happens at the perfect time. Junpyo just lost focus and tooootally blew it.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 7

Junpyo playing video games = omg, never gets old.

The last competition… I think I know what this is~ Yeah. Swimming. Of course.

But the way they’re doing it is interesting. Yijung+Woobin vs. Jihoo+Jandi.

But… Jihoo is like some crazy guy who never practices at all lol.

LOL THEIR (Jandi and Ga Eul’s) BOSS LIKES YIJUNG? HAHA, THAT IS SO FUNNY FOR SOME REASON. Who can resist such a cute guy though?

Yeesh, I am finding fault with several people this episode. Ga Eul is being rather annoying, isn’t she? Trying to ruin a competition through cheating is the worst.

OMGGGGG IT’S JUNPYO! Visiting Jandi at night! And they are in a park… late at night! CUTEHUG.

But I know she won’t say she likes him. I wish he didn’t ask her to say that. But JP’s melting heart is always endearing to me.

What, the preview looks so. freaking. intense. AHH! Fdslfjdslkf!

And… I don’t think was the best episode, actually. It was very so-so. Please step it up, BOF! I will still watch and comment regardless, but I want a less selfish JP D: Less emo, please!

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  1. Arees permalink
    February 17, 2010 9:40 pm

    Actually,Horseface is Oguri Shun’s nickname given by Hanadan cast

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