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“Boys Before Flowers” Commentary – Episode 8

February 2, 2009

Sooo… after very little inner-debate with myself, I decided I couldn’t wait another minute to watch this next Boys Over Flowers episode. This is ESPECIALLY since I may have to take my computer in to get fixed this week (cry!).

This episode made me SO happy. It was a step up from the last episode, for real. And I am glad to report that I’m becoming so obsessed with this show that it has invaded my dreams, and only my very favorite dramas have managed to do that LOL.

Fangirltainment - Boys Before Flowers Commentary

Anyway, I watched this really late last night or early this morning (however you want to look at it lol).

Episode 8. Spoilers

dkzfjdsklfjsd I AM SERIOUSLY ADDICTED TO THIS SHOW. Seriously, it would have been so much ~wiser~ to have waited a little, because then I would have less time to wait in between episodes… but who DOES that? I might for another drama, but BOF is too juicy to just sit on my hard drive for eternity. And who else here is loving all of the fun?

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 8

I had all these ideas about what what was going to happen with “this” scene (the one between JP and JD, where we left off), but now they are all out the window. WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN? WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN????

*Waits.* *Bites nails.* sdklfjds.

NOOO, this is what I thought would happen! Jandi pushes Junpyo away, and we have to suffer through things more. Why must it be so complicated!

Jandi: “I’m sorry.” ;__;

Lee Minho is kicking this scene’s butt with his acting though.

Even in a scene like this, Junpyo has the audacity to speak highly of himself (“The almighty Junpyo”).

(I have to say that this scene makes a lot more “sense” in retrospect. At the time of watching this, it just felt POINTLESS because it was more reason for the dramatic, overused plot point of the first quarter of this show: the arrogant Junpyo has stooped to like the poor Jandi, and Jandi will refuse him once again. Does anyone else see the Pride and Prejudice parallel here? I’ve never been able to put my finger on it before, but BOF does have a few similarities to the ultimate rich guy-poor girl story. ANYWAY… I think this scene was necessary because it brought JP/JD’s confusing relationship to the front of things.

It’s hard because you can’t blame Jandi for refusing Junpyo. Later in the episode, we’re reminded of all of the “good times” between the two of them. However in “recent” times, Junpyo has mostly been overprotective, overbearing, and off-putting. Even in his affection, he has come on too strong–going so far as to give ultimatums: “Don’t make me wait too long…” or else?

At the same time, Jandi has been less than fair to Junpyo. In the scene before this one, Jandi’s family tries to persuade her to apologize to Junpyo for her cheating–and she did, in fact, cheat. I wish she did apologize, and she does KIND of do it later. I guess that’s just another reason why this scene is complicated.

BUT, coming back to my main reason for writing this long piece of text: this scene gives reason for Junpyo to tell Jandi how he really feels (in one way or another), and it serves as a catalyst that helps Jandi start considering how SHE feels about Junpyo.)

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 8

Ah, now the race. Of course, the order turns out like this: first it’s Woobin vs. Jihoo, so the final bit is more intense (Yijung vs. Jandi).

I wonder who will win! I know what the ultimate outcome will be, but Junpyo could easily win and choose not to be the meanie he’s supposed to be. (I mean, there is always the chance for this to happen in dramas. You know the end will be good, but HOW does it get to that point?)

AH, this is so tense. Who is going to win?! It looks like Jandi, but this is a drama! What is going to happen? It’s neck and neck!


It just went dark! WHO WON?!

WTF, did JUNPYO end the competition like that? Was that funny? What did that mean? Junhee smiled… At least there have been no expulsions. (I still think this was a REALLY confusing way to end the race. Did Junpyo sense the outcome and turn out the light so no one could see him in his defeat? Or what? Aigoo.)

DSFLKAJDSFLKJDS L.M.F.A.O. AT YIJUNG’S PUNCH TO JIHOO’S STOMACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOTALLY AWESOME FOR SOME REASON!!!! Haha, and Jihoo’s all smily, as are Yijung and Woobin. Jandi’s like… “Haha… Okay… Boys are weird :D”

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 8

Awkward… Jihoo and Jandi saying the same things at the same time lol. Aw, Jihoo just asked Jandi out. I can’t decide if I want to smile or barf, because I’m so confused about what I think of Jihoo in general haha. (Their relationship is cute, but it’s also really awkward too. You can definitely see the contrast between JD/JH and JD/JP. JD/JH is kind of relaxed, but they feel like they’d make much better friends than anything else. JD/JP is tense, but they have chemistry. Seriously, I’m not typically a fan of tension-filled relationships, but this couple is an exception.)

Junpyo’s robot is really cracking me up! What the heck? (Ah, well I suppose it’s just a lead-in for some weird-as-heck backstory. Only in drama-land can a wooden robot from when you were six years old be reason for letting your best friend totally diss you haha.) But… baby F4 is so extremely cute omg. I can’t get over them! Tiny-counterparts of actors are usually so adorable that it’s easy to forgive them of horrible, horrible acting XD

LMAO AT WOOBIN! Yijung gives Junpyo a manly fist-punch thing, and Woobin hurls himself at Junpyo haha. I’m glad we’re finally getting a little personality from WB. Yijung is getting loads of random air-time (probably because it’s Kim Bum), but Woobin is still a mystery. I mean, we don’t much more about him, but I like learning about how he’s kind of a softy.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 8

LOL, Jandi is hilarious. She’s trying to sneak out of her home to go on a date with Jihoo. AND, it cracks me up that her family knows every little detail of her life; she doesn’t even have to tell them. HAHA! They get an A++ for their crazy stalking abilities/talents.

ldskfsldkjfl, Jandi’s little brother is so funny: “Noona, isn’t that skirt a little long? Can’t you dress a little sexier?” XD I love this boy. He is one of the funniest characters in the drama.

This episode is pretty light-hearted so far. WHICH IS AWESOME. I love Woobin and Yijung trying to get Junpyo riled up by talking about Jandi and Jihoo’s date haha. (HONESTLY, it’s so awesome that there are so many excuses to laugh in this episode. I think it was necessary after all the drama-rama we’ve been getting recently.)

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 8

Jihoo D: How can you talk about another woman while you’re on a date?! (But this just goes to show that he hasn’t let his first love go, despite the fact that he claims to be doing so later on)

CHEEEEEEESY! horse ride together.

Jihoo and Jandi: Smiles and giggles and laughs! Teehee! We’re on a horse together! Yay!

Hyun Joong… you are so beautiful ;__; Did they do something to his hair recently? The way the stylists are styling it = good. He looks very awesome and Rui-ish.

Ah, Jandi is reminded of Junpyo! Is that a good sign on a date? (I guess it’s the same as Jihoo remembering Seohyun, isn’t it? Even though JD and JH like each other enough, they aren’t completely focused on each other.)

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 8

OH, hello stalker-Junpyo. Have you seen enough? OMG HE HAD THAT COFFEE BROUGHT TO HIM ;__; (Haha, I think it’s really ridiculous for Junpyo to follow JD/JH around, but it’s so characteristic of him. You almost expect it. But… you have to wonder what the heck his servants are thinking lol!)

I’ll bet Jihoo’s starting to feel a little weird. Jandi’s not really responding to anything, which is kind of annoying. (It’s because she keeps thinking of the good times between her and Junpyo. AW, I think at this point everyone is being reminded of why we like this couple so much. Heck, I almost forgot. Sdlfsjdf.)



SO THAT’S WHAT JUNPYO WROTE!!!!!!!! “Gu Jun Pyo ♥ Geum Jan Di “first night together”

!!!!!!!!!!!! (I’m glad that “pen scene” a few episodes back wasn’t as random and pointless as it seemed at the time. Now it’s SO cute and omggg. I am all over this cheesiness. I could eat it with a spoon.)

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 8

LMFAO, Jihoo senses Junpyo’s “secret” presence.

Jihoo is acting pretty strange… hmm. (I wonder now if once he starting piecing together (little by little) Jandi and Junpyo’s still-liking for each other, he wanted to bring it about more to be sure.)

EH? Jihoo took Jandi to his house? It’s a pretty nice house, at that. With sliding doors and everything. Man, that is luxury right there: not having to open your own door.

Jihoo seems to be really amused by Junpyo’s stalkerish behavior. And I have to admit that it is pretty funny.

Jandi: I don’t see anyone here.

Yeah… awkward. Jihoo makes it worse by saying he doesn’t like anyone around, but he doesn’t feel weird when Jandi’s around. LOL.

Jihoo: You’re warm everywhere.
Jandi: *Nervous laughter.*

LOL, srsly, so awkward. (Haha, really, Jandi. You need to take “obvious” lessons. If a single guy takes you to his home at night, the least he’s probably expecting is a kiss.)

He mentions Junpyo and THEN tries to lean in for a kiss? Is this a setup? (I’m still confused about this issue. Is Jihoo trying to figure out how Jandi is feeling about Junpyoa, and is he “accidentally” creating opportunities to find this out? Or what?)

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 8

Random falling-asleep moment, there, Jihoo. (So. weird.) OH, that’s nice. Jandi saying embarrassing things out loud. WHEN JIHOO IS SO OBVIOUSLY NOT ASLEEP. But Junpyo was her first love? OR. Was Jihoo her first love? OMG, this is craziness.

Jihoo is talking about “sending Jandi away.” Is that because he wants her to go back to her first love (JP)?

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 8

F4 hockey? Random.

LFJDLFJDS WTF ARE YOU DOING, JH? He’s totally saying weird things about Jandi! ON PURPOSE! Is this his way of sending Jandi away? (I still have to say that I’m not sure why he did all this, other than that he’s essentially a nice guy who wants his friend and the girl he has a thing for to have true happiness. It’s just weird how he did it. I know he wanted Junpyo to be himself and honest and all that, but idk. It’s just a strange scene.)

Junpyo: “If you hurt Geum Jandi, I’ll kill you regardless that you’re my friend. Got it?!”


Jihoo: You should have said it from the start. You can’t let go of Geum Jandi, can you?”

:O :O

LMFAO “He had a debt to pay. He broke my robot, remember?” WTF HAHA.

Jandi can’t forget Junpyo.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 8

What kind of strategy is this? Yijung telling Jandi that Junpyo is the hospital? (Haha, this is such a mean way to get the two of them back together, but I actually find it really funny when I look back on it. Now, if this was real life… it would be terrible, but this is absolute fiction! So it’s okay.)


Woobin’s exaggerated acting is the best.

*Hides face.* JANDI, SHUT UP LOL. (She’s pouring out her guts to a seemingly hurt/dying/in-a-coma Junpyo. She basically admits to liking him back, which is kind of really adorable, no matter how embarrassed I am for her.)

Junpyo: *Sits up* Really?
Jandi: *Shocked*

LSKDAFJLSKDJF!!!!!!!!!!! (I loved this scene. SO FUNNY. I did feel a little bad for Jihoo, but it makes me like him a bit more, I think. He was a good man to be unselfish with Jandi.)

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 8

LOL, Jandi has creepy stalkers. Doesn’t she recognize this scene? (Haha, Junpyo has really funny methods for getting Jandi to join him.)

GOLF! HAHA! Haha, this scene is so cute. (Jandi stinks at golf, but she’s so adorable.) And here comes an extremely huge fish, wtf! Junpyo is so smug right now lol. (He loves making Jandi happy.) JANDI IS EATING LIKE… THE ENTIRE FISH AHAHA.

I love knight-in-shining-armor moments. I completely admit to it. SO, I am loving this moment. (“This moment” being when all of the rich kids come and pick on Jandi for taking leftovers home. OMG such an adorable scene, for real. I love how Junpyo defends Jandi without hesitation.)

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 8

Awkward car scene lol! (It’s completely hilarious though, what with all of the “I need to swallow normally” and heartbeats and so on.)

OMG. (Kiss?)



Jandi’s dad: HONEY, let’s die tonight after we eat!” XD

Hang on. Am I just blanking or… when did Jandi get a cellphone? It’s a nice phone too! I didn’t even notice that it was one with a touch screen because that’s what I have LOL. (Oh well! At least she has a phone?)

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 8

LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL, Jandi’s ruses to keep from talking to Junpyo on the phone = amusing as heck. (You can’t blame the girl for wanting to avoid awkwardness. It’s so funny though because when they show Junpyo, he seems very normal. It’s kind of characteristic for girls to over-think/over-analyze situations though, isn’t it?)

HAHA, Junpyo called Jandi’s dad “father,” and her mom “mother” XD


“Please let me sleep here for tonight.”

lkdfjdsfkjds HAHHHHKAJSDsf

Seriously, it’s past 2 AM and I’m trying to restrain my out-loud giggles. Of course, I can’t help it. I’m cackling like a witch every other second. (I know, you have a really good image of me right now, don’t you?)

Jandi’s parents are serious some CRAZY people. HAHA, I can’t believe they set up bed(s) for her daughter and her boyfriend. LDSLfjdl LOL WTF! They are so freaking embarrassing.

LMFAO THEY ARE ALL IN THE SAME ROOM TOGETHER. SO. FREAKING. HILARIOUS. With Jandi’s brother in the middle of the two of them. Junpyo seems to be loving it though.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 8

This should be killing me with the freaking cheesiness of it all, but it’s making me feel so happy because it’s cute and funny. AH, this is why I love this show haha.


I don’t care how much I wrote tonight. I AM SO GOING BACK AND MAKING MORE COMMENTS! This show is so freaking amusing. I just love it. It’s the opposite of perfect, but I love it.

Oh crap, I took more screen caps than ever before too! Over 100 O_O Almost 150! I’m sure if I intentionally went to take screen caps I’d get more, but considering I was just watching this all the way through… wow.

HURRAY! Now I’m caught up with the rest of the world (or I was when I finished originally, not when I posted). It’s only for a few hours, but it’s enough to make me feel happy. Temporarily though, because I’m going to be so annoyed with myself now that I will have to seriously wait for things, just like everyone else D: haha. It was worth it.

I think I will smile myself to sleep tonight, and shoot myself tomorrow (because I’m going to be so tired haha). I took an epic nap earlier though, so I probably will be fine XD

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  1. February 9, 2009 8:08 pm


    anyone knows what kinda cellphone is that ??? It’s seems to be pretty hot, I so wanna have the same one !!!


  2. February 9, 2009 11:41 pm

    The white one that Jandi has? I’m assuming it’s a Korean phone. I don’t know what brand though.

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