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Album Review: Jisun – “The Mermaid Comes Back Home”

February 4, 2009

Looking back in my blog, I’ve realized that I’ve gone CRAZY with Boys Before Flowers commentary posts, and I apologize to the people who aren’t interested in it. But ah, I do love that show.

ANYWAY. Guess what? I’m reviewing Jisun’s solo album. Are you surprised? Probably not if you have kept up with me at all. And for those who are looking for it (I know you are), I have song samplings and an album upload for you at the end of the cut.

The song we saw in the teaser is titled, “Phony War,” but the MV out right now is “Hello Heart.” And smoly hokes, Jisun is so pretty. I love this song too; it’s the perfect song for an MV.


Jisun’s solo album, “The Mermaid Comes Back Home,” isn’t THAT faraway from Loveholic’s style, but it definitely has a different flavor. It’s more electronic and it has an “experimental” feeling at times. The styles of the songs vary, but they all stay within the same spectrum. Does that make sense? I hope so. A word I couldn’t help but use over and over when talking about the songs of this album was “pretty.” That word just FITS for this album. Something that really surprised me about “The Mermaid Comes Back Home” was a distinct 80s influence. I know, some of us (cough*me*cough) aren’t big fans of whole drum-machine, synthesizer feeling that comes along with music of that era, but DO NOT FEAR. Jisun will make you reconsider all you thought you hated. And make you love it. Okay, so that’s pretty creepy. Maybe you should be scared.

  1. Someone Somewhere Someday: An interesting intro! It’s mystical and pretty. It reminds me a little of Epik High’s “Be” in the sense that it’s kind of the calm before the storm (or so I think, because I haven’t heard the next track yet).
  2. 인어… 집으로 돌아오다: OMG, the music is PRETTY. I know I just used that word for the intro, but it’s the best word to describe this. I’m surprised by this sound. Gall, I just love Jisun’s voice. She has multiple “voices,” and I adore every one. Her voice for this song is kind of her upbeat one… it’s not breathy like it can sometimes be. Either way, I love it. And this song is a lot more relaxed and peaceful than I expected it. I guess it sets the mood for the album (it IS the title song)… and that’s exciting.
  3. 안녕 마음아: I love this song already. I wonder about the title still. I think it’s possible it could be “Goodbye, Heart.” “안녕” is an informal hello/goodbye, and she also says, “잘가,” which means “goodbye” (hi, this is me using some basic Korean knowledge to say a lot about nothing). You could probably translate the title as, “Aloha, Heart.” LMAO! (But I think people are calling it “Hello Heart,” just so you know.) Anyway… OMG, Jisun is using her more breathy voice. I have to admit that it’s my favorite one. It’s kind of beautiful and heartbreaking all at once. WHOA, HELLO CHORUS. It has an 80s vibe… which could be terrible, but it’s kind of AWESOME.
  4. 롤러코스터 러브: I want to be serious here, but it sounds like she’s saying “loller-coaster love” which… is completely LOL. BUT, the song is pretty good. It’s fun and happy.
  5. Universe: This song is really relaxing. I like it. I feel like I am floating away on a cloud~
  6. Windflower (feat. Alex): I WAS SO LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS SONG! I love Jisun and Alex singing together. The music starts out so pretty and Jisun is using her breathier voice again. I can’t wait to get my hands on the lyrics for this song. I have a feeling they’re going to be amazing. Gahhh, this is a really gorgeous song. AND OMG ALEX! I’m feeling like this song is too short and it’s not even over ;__; IDK, the song is almost… soft-rockish? And that’s a genre I usually can’t stand, but I really like this. There is so much emotion in the song. The end of the song is so pretty.
  7. 그는 널 사랑하지 않아: This song has a cool beginning. It’s unexpected. It’s all radio-ish and then the sound fully kicks in. When the chorus starts it’s… amazing. I love the chorus. Not that the rest of the song stinks, but I adore soft song openings that open up into full-blown choruses. I have a weakness for this, lol.
  8. 보고싶어.: O.M.G. I think this could be my favorite track so far. It’s hard to say. It’s almost Enya-like… which is WEIRD, but in a good way. It’s just… guh. Lovely. The lyrics seem to be pretty simple too, so I wouldn’t mind looking at the lyrics to see if I could try my hand at translating them. Yeah, DORK ALERT!
  9. 지구인: Have I mentioned yet that this album is so pretty? I am absolutely running out of words, and I’m afraid that I’m beginning to sound like a broken record. BUUUUT… this song really IS gorgeous. I can’t wait until I can listen to it again, because I know it’s one of those songs that will get under your skin and idk. It’s just that kind of song.
  10. Phony War: OMG. This is the MV teaser song! It has a very “rocking” feeling, to be completely cheesy in my use of adjectives. Jisun brings in another one of her “voices” for this song. But again, I like it. “Kiss the baby, touch the sky,” LOL, that sounds similar to THSK’s song title, “Kiss the Baby Sky.” This song and that song? Are nothing alike XD Anyway, “Phony War” is a fun song!
  11. 우리가 나눈 사랑의 진실: WOW, major 80s feel again! Haha, but somehow it’s great. I like the hook a lot. The more this song goes on, the more it grows on me. It’s a solid track.
  12. L O V E: This song starts off like a lullaby. It’s awesome. So far, I’m thinking this is one of the better songs on the album. The orchestral music is L O V E (lol).
  13. Polaris: AWESOME song. So beautiful. I am honestly out of words to describe things, but… I will attempt. It’s a great end to the album because it’s very relaxed (like the rest of the album), but it has a kind of open-ended, melancholy feel as well. I like it.

Over all, it’s not the kind of album that everyone will like. Even I know that it will take me a couple of listens before I’m officially attached to it, but I felt the same about Loveholic’s albums. It’s not a pop album. It’s the type of album that you listen to when you want to relax, chill, whatever. When you want to feel something. When you want to be taken away from ~everyday life~

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  1. February 4, 2009 6:21 am

    I was looking for lyrics & translations to her album (pls tell me when you find them ^^) and I…stumbled onto here – hello :)!

    I REALLY LIKE THIS ALBUM! Like, so much that I’m even considering doing a review on it on LAEC (but I’ll probably get lazy last minute XD). I think PRETTY describes this album perfectly! All the songs are worth listening to but atm, Track 9 (the chorus is so heartbreaking ;~;) is standing out the most to me :).

    • February 4, 2009 9:41 am

      I have been looking for the lyrics, and so far I have only found “The Mermaid Comes Back Home” and “Hello Heart.” I used my fail knowledge of Korean to draft a rough translation for myself… idk if anyone else wants it LOL. I’ll put what I have at the end of the comment.

      I still haven’t listened to this album NEARLY enough yet, but I really like all of the songs. And you’re right: track 9 is amazing. DSfsdlj love.

      인어… 집으로 돌아오다.
      먼 옛날에 인어는 사랑을 찾아서 세상에 와

      목소릴 잃었고 다리를 얻었죠

      인어는 몰랐나 봐요

      어차피 사랑이란게 꿈처럼

      스쳐갈 행복의 순간이란걸

      사랑은 눈물에 닿아

      어느새 이별이 되죠

      부셔진 그녀가 우네요

      사랑은 누구나 그렇게 아픈건가봐

      먼 예날 인어는 바다를 떠나서 세상에 와

      사랑에 빠져서 자신을 버렸죠

      인어는 알고 있을까

      어쩌면 사랑 이란건

      서로를 버리는 기적의 순간이란걸

      사랑은 눈물에 닿아

      어느새 이별이 되죠

      부셔진 그녀가 우네요

      이별은 언제나 이렇게 잔인할까요

      인너는 찾았을까요

      바다에 두고온 노래

      사랑에 빼앗긴 지워진 기억의 목소리

      사랑은 눈물에 닿아

      어느새 이별이 되죠

      부셔진 그녀가 우네요

      사랑은 결국엔 누구나 아픈건가봐

      사랑은 눈물에 닿아

      어느새 이별이 되죠

      부셔진 그녀가 우네요

      아프게 그녀가 우네요

      부셔진 인어의서글픈 사랑 이야기

      안녕 마음아/Hello Heart

      안녕 마음아 사랑해서 미안해
      안녕 마음아 안녕
      안녕 마음아 난 사랑이 참 두려워
      힘들고 아파도 행복해서
      멈출수 없잖아
      미안 마음아 이제 날 버리고 가줘
      나를 다치게 할 사랑으로 또 울게 할테니

      안녕 마음아 바보같은 나를 그만 떠나가
      안녕 사랑아 다신 나를 찾아 오지마 잘가

      그만 마음아 그사람을 보내줘
      가지고 싶어도 버려야해
      사랑은 끝났어

      안녕 마음아 이젠 나를 떠나 행복해야해
      안녕 사랑아 다신 내곁에서 울지마
      안녕 마음아 바보같은 나를 그만 떠나가
      안녕 사랑 다신 나를 찾아 오지마
      날 용서해 상처가득한 사랑이라도 괜찮아
      제발 가지마 영원히 영원히
      l will wait for you

      안녕 사랑아 널 만나 정말 많이 행복했어
      안녕 사랑아 다신 내곁에서 울지마
      안녕 사랑아 이젠 나를 떠나 행복해야해
      안녕 사랑아 다신 내곁에서 울지마
      날 용서해 상처가득한 사랑이라도 괜찮아
      제발 가지마 영원히 영원히
      l will wait for you

      마음아 사랑해서 미안해
      마음아 안녕

      Translation by zerohundred – this is currently a translation draft

      Hello Heart, I’m sorry love
      Hello Heart, hello
      Hello Heart, I’m so afraid of love
      Difficult pain and happiness
      Do not stop
      I’m sorry, Heart, leave me alone now
      If you hurt me again I’ll cry

      Hello Heart, stop leaving this fool (?)
      Hello Love, don’t come find me again, goodbye

      Stop Heart, send him [make him go]
      I need to get rid of my desire
      Love is over

      Hello Heart, you have to leave me happy
      Hello Love, don’t cry around me again (?)
      Hello Heart, stop leaving this fool (?)
      Hello Love, don’t come find me again
      Forgive me if the wound is filled with love, it’s okay (?)
      Please don’t leave forever, forever
      I will wait for you

      Hello Love, I was really/sincerely happy to meet you
      Hello Love, don’t cry around me again (?)
      Hello Love, you have to leave me happy
      Hello Love, don’t cry around me again (?)
      Forgive me if the wound is filled with love, it’s okay (?)
      Please don’t leave forever, forever
      I will wait for you

      Heart, I’m sorry love
      Heart, hello

  2. February 4, 2009 7:19 pm

    Aw wow thanks for that. Are you Korean/learning Korean? Is that how you’re able to translate it?

    Btw I remember being on your lj before and I just read your about page and lol wp and lj each have their wonderfulness and not so wonderfulness which is why I have both too 🙂

    • February 4, 2009 8:25 pm

      Haha I’m not Korean, but I’m trying to learn it on my own because I enjoy languages (and I heart K-entertainment).

      For the translation, I used a dictionary and my limited knowledge. I’m only a beginner, so whenever I try something like that I have to admit to everyone that I’m SURE it’s full of holes… because it is. But I like trying because it’s fun and it helps me learn.

      Yeah, once I think I like one place over the other, something will come up and annoy me like crazy. I wish the two sites could be smashed together… into… WORDJOURNAL or LIVEPRESS. Or something LOL!

  3. February 5, 2009 8:55 pm

    Ooh *hi5* I love learning languages too! I’ll actually be taking Korean (along with Japanese) at uni so I’m really excited.

    I do what you do to improve my Chinese though 🙂 By translating lyrics and stuff – it’s heaps of fun, eh?

    LOLLL WORDJOURNAL/LIVEPRESS XDD. They should consider those 😛

    • February 6, 2009 8:27 pm

      Ah! I’m jealous that you’re getting to learn those languages at school. My current college only teaches your typical Romance languages (with the exception of German), and my transfer school only teaches SPANISH, haha. That’s pretty limited. Some day I’d LOVE to take a class, but I think I’d have to move to do that. I don’t even have any Korean restaurants in my town.

  4. February 8, 2009 5:01 am

    Oh so you’re still in school, then? Are you younger than me lol And I’ve heard high schools in the US (I stalked your lj ^^”) only do those few languages anyway so you’re not missing out on that much. Study abroad if you must!? 🙂

  5. February 8, 2009 7:55 am

    Nonononono, haha, I am 21 and I’ve been in college for too long X_X I just have a habit of saying “school” and “college” because I don’t go to a classy university lol. Plus, I’m transferring because I can’t get my Bachelor’s in what I want where I’m currently going hehe.

  6. nikeg permalink
    March 23, 2009 11:53 pm

    i just found ur blog b/c i was looking for jisun stuff lol. nice review! my fav is #9 (i think translated earthling) i cant get enough of it. polaris and mermaid come home are great too. overall id pretty much write a review along ur lines haha.

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