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Review: Ajoo – “재벌 2세/Wealthy 2nd Generation”

February 5, 2009

Ajoo’s newest single/MV, “재벌 2세/Wealthy 2nd Generation”?


The thing that stands out to me the most here is the disgusting use of women. I know, we’ve seen worse, but what the heck? What was all the petting for? What was all the random crawling around for? Why did they need to put foreigners in the video? As a “foreigner” myself, you’d think I’d be all for diversity–and I am. I’m just not for objectifying women, and that’s what they’re clearly doing here (no matter the race, but when you bring race into it… that makes it more obvious).

And why must they make this relatively young guy so greasy? Ah, but I guess you could say the same thing about Seungri’s “Strong Baby,” but there were some important differences for me (and I still, apart from the fangirl side of me, think the song/dance/MV was a little premature for the guy). Seungri’s MV didn’t have women pronouncing around like dogs, and while we can infer from his dance choreography that he’s an object of woman’s desire, he’s not some kind of pimp. I’d accept this image more if Ajoo was at least into his twenties. I still think Seungri is a little young for what he’s trying to project, but part of his “style” is that he IS a mini-womanizer haha (“Don’t ask my age / I guess you know you love me”). ANYWAY, I’m not here to compare, but I want to defend my reasoning so I don’t come across as having double standards. Maybe my standards ARE two-timing a little, but I don’t have time to consider it too much.

They didn’t even try to man-ify Ajoo’s eyeliner. I’m not a huge fan of man-liner, but it can be done more or less tastefully. In this video, Ajoo simply looks more feminine than normal, which is probably a difficult task (you have to admit that he has soft features–it’s not bad, but playing them the wrong way is a disservice).

What do you want to bet that Ajoo’s company saw all of this Kkot Boda Namja hype and decided to get a piece of that successful pie? Or is a song titled “Wealthy 2nd Generation” simply a coincidence? Maybe. But heck, I guess you can’t blame anyone for wanting some help from the most popular drama out there right now.

Even though I’m not into the MV, the song isn’t absolute dirt. It’s a dance-y kind of track you don’t really think about. I do not hate it, but I am not that into it either.

I guess I’m just disappointed. The cover of this single is intriguing, and I’ve liked some of what Ajoo’s done in the past. The video (and so on) is a let down. I will Ajoo better luck next time with his stuff, although I’m sure it won’t be a complete bust for him. I know not everyone cares so much about how women are portrayed in things like this; I, myself, am constantly overlooking it in Asian media. But there are times when it gets to me, and this is one of those times.

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