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Why?! – Bits of News

February 5, 2009

I just to ask WHY there is hardly any noteworthy news, and the minute I’m without a computer I have like 5000 news items to read and discuss LOL.

I’m updating from my phone cause I can’t hide my frustration LOL!

But one thing I’m surprised to hear is that Big Bang’s Seungri’s sister is rumored to be debuting as a singer some time in the future. She’s 15/16 I heard? I want to know more. Her name is Lee Hanna. Is she with YG? Idk! I need more information ;__; I’ve tried to include a pic at the end of the post for you. It’s a really old picture; presumably a year+ before SR debuted, so Hanna could easily be 12 or 13 in it. No need to be harsh 🙂

Also, I found out about Tablo and Kang Hyejung dating last night, but I didn’t have time to post about it. I’m really happy for them. They’re both such cute/great people, and they probably make an awesome couple. It makes me want to go finish the last three episodes of “Flowers for My Life,” LOL. I stopped watching cause I can take a lot of drama, but they were giving me too much. KHJ is so freaking adorable in it though. And I obviously need to go watch “Oldboy” more than ever before (although it’s always been on my agenda). But gahhh, I love me some Tablo, so I’m glad he’s happy.

Argh, I have so much to say (and read and watch–dagblammit, half a day without a computer and I have to go back pages and pages on news sites. Is this a conspiracy? Lol), but it takes about four times as long to do anything on my phone. Hopefully I’ll be back by tomorrow. Ah, I am a true computer addict. Isn’t it a little worrisome when you notice this kind of thing about yourself? XD I mean, look how much I wrote on a 2 in. keyboard LOL!

(I have no idea why there is a border around this entry.)

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