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Music Love: MasaMixes

February 11, 2009

*Gush gush gush* Holy smokes, I love people who remix music as a hobby and then release it for everyone enjoy. Can I just marry these people? Collectively? LMAO. I’ve already expressed my love and appreciation for Aliks (Facebook) (although probably not as enough as I should have), but now it’s time to mention Masa (website). This guy is so amazing. I’ve actually known about him for some time, but he just came out with a new release that is very worth talking about.

MasaMixes – J-BOOTIE vol. 2 teaser

You may know him for his J-BOOTIE and K-BOOTIE remix albums. They are pretty much awesome, and I have been enjoying them for a while now. If you haven’t heard anything from these albums before, the idea is that Masa combines X song and X song. Usually one song is Japanese or Korean and the other song is English (although this isn’t always the case; sometimes there are a lot of languages and songs mixed together). Anyway, Masa just came out with J-BOOTIE, volume 2. I’m listening to it now and GAH, it has to take some incredible talent to interweave and transform songs a LOT and have them still sound awesome. Or, actually, have them sound more awesome. I don’t know! HECK, this guy took Eiffel 65 (remember them? “I’m blue da-ba-dee-da-ba-di”?) and made them cool again.

Anyway, I could go on for a while, but it would get a little boring for most people. I don’t want to do a full-blown review (I’m lazy), but you have to listen to his stuff. I haven’t listened to each song enough yet to comment on every one, but some have really stood out to me from the first. Here is the tracklist for J-BOOTIE vol. 2:

01. Do Me A Poker Face (Namie Amuro vs. Lady GaGa) [This song is fabulous]
02. Closer TABOO (Koda Kumi vs. Ne-Yo)
03. DEPRESSIVE (BoA vs. Eiffel 65)
04. Why Did I Fall In Love With Your Halo (Tohoshinki vs. Beyoncé) [He somehow slowed THSK down and they don’t sound like drones! SHOCKINGLY WONDERFUL!]
05. Flavor Of Life Has Departed (Utada Hikaru vs. Brandy) [Sfsdlj love love love]
06. Genie ~never say die~ (EXILE vs. Christina Aguilera) [Sounds so good]
07. Decision About Us (Ayumi Hamasaki vs. t.A.T.u)
08. Resonant Habit (Morning Musume vs. Linkin Park)
09. Bring The MUSIC!!! Back (AAA vs. S Club 7)
10. Hold On ~Yell~ (NEWS vs. Jonas Brothers) [This is kind of epic… two songs I consider
“eh” made into something brilliant]
11. Virgin Ladies (Anna Tsuchiya vs. Beyoncé)

ANYWAY, check him out if you haven’t yet. It’s worth it. And download J-BOOTIE vol. 2 here!

(And I will continue to make BOF commentaries even though I’m a week behind! Sorry about that!)

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  1. Stephanie permalink
    March 24, 2009 11:40 pm

    You know, this is similar to what FreakyRemix and Yigytugd does. FreakyRemix doesn’t do much mashups compared to his remixes but yigytugd does. He mostly does (I think it is called) “version mixes” of asian songs. You should check these 2 out if you get the chance.

    Also, thanks for the info on Masa.

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