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“Boys Before Flowers” Commentary – Episode 9

February 14, 2009

(Happy Valentine Day! I feel stupid leaving off the S, but I heard that’s the proper way to write it XD)

I’m so. freaking. excited. The business of life combined with my stubbornness to hold out for soft-subs has allowed me the opportunity to watch two Boys Before Flowers episodes in a row. I don’t know whether I should do this or not (and I didn’t; I’m planning on watching episode 10 later)! It’s really exciting. PLUS, two other episodes have already come out… so I’m really SET. I’m beyond anticipating all four episodes because they have received a lot of love already. If the skeptical people seem to like them… I must prepare myself to go over the MOON lol. But UGH, it’s already happening! I’m starting to forget how much I love this show! I haven’t watched in almost two weeks, and now I feel the pull of other things haha. I apologize for putting such a huge space between my last commentary and this one.

Fangirltainment - Boys Before Flowers Commentary

No matter what, I am ready to start watching.

Episode 9. Spoilers


Boys Before Flowers - Episode 9

I had a major BLANK about how the last episode left off, but now that I’m seeing Junpyo in a too-small tracksuit… sldfsd! HAHA!

(It’s hilarious how completely unaware Junpyo is about his current surroundings as he’s waking up. You can’t blame him though. I don’t think it’s every day that he wakes up in a “commoner’s” household.)

LOL at the fancy breakfast! And omg, I would be dying too if someone was using their hands to serve food to me. I am really weird about that kind of thing, so I guess I can understand how Junpyo is feeling. Still… this is embarrassing. *Hides*

(Yeah, this scene makes me feel super bad because Junpyo is so picky, but it’s great because he can MAYBE get a glimpse of all the respect and love–albeit a little overdone–Jandi’s family has for him. I think it’s amazing how Junpyo doesn’t mind being himself with Jandi, but once he’s stuck into a position where he is both higher and lower than a family he seems really awkward. AH, it’s a confusing place to be in! He’s Jandi’s boyfriend, so he needs to be respectful of her parents, but he’s also the Shinhwa heir that is ranked higher socially. )

Omgomgomg, Junpyo’s mom is coming in his room and he’s not there!

(I’m curious to see what plays out in the next episode. Obviously Shinhwa-mama is going to be really irritated with Junpyo for various things.)

WAH, so cuteee~ The whole family is working together to make kimchi hehe.

OMG JUNPYO, YOU ARE SO ADORABLE: Junpyo: Hey, is it fun?

I love how he looks at Jandi’s family like they’re aliens haha. It’s really cute how he’s kind of falling for them too.

(AHH, I love these cute family scenes. You can see that Junpyo starts feeling more comfortable. He’s like a melting ice cube! And in light of what he says at the end of the episode, it seems that he values these interactions. He’s simply ignorant of them when he first gets there.)

Switch to depressing Jihoo scene D:

Did he write something on that pad of paper? Oh… he made a boat…… LOL!

(Way to keep the mood up… NOT! LOL though, I understand that we can’t forget about Jihoo though. In this episode we can see that he’s working very hard to be a good friend to both Jandi and Junpyo, putting his own feelings aside. I guess for someone to be like that they have to hurt when they are alone. I do feel bad for Jihoo because he does like Jandi very much. At the same time, he wants what’s best for her and Junpyo, which is admirable–much more admirable than his previous girlfriend-stealing behavior.)

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 9

LMFAO, this is such a cultural scene, but it’s hilarious too. Public bath~

(I have to once again marvel at my lack of notice of Lee Minho/Junpyo’s shirtlessness. It didn’t even register until I was reading something about the episode. LOL! I don’t even know why I’m adding this, other than I just think it’s amusing. I still think LMH/JP is attractive as heck.)


It’s so heartbreakingly cute that this is like… Junpyo’s first experience with familial closeness.


(I don’t have much more to say about this other than OMG, I think the “Do you guys even know about life?” scene was one of the funniest in the episode. Junpyo can be so dorky and childish sometimes, but it’s beyond lovable.)

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 9

Jihoo has made a habit of visiting Jandi, eh? Ah, Jihoo still likes Jandi~ And of course, when he takes off his hat he doesn’t have hat-hair lol.

Aw, he’s being really sweet though. Giving advice and everything.

(I know he must have mixed motives when he goes to see Jandi, but at least he’s not trying to steal her.)

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 9

BWHAHA, Junpyo is so clueless. He’s like, “Did you see me?” all proudly to his friends when he was a complete dork on the phone to Jandi haha.

(Omg, Junpyo is seriously one of the cutest ever. I know the Domyouji character is like this, but I love Lee Minho’s rendition.)

The ridiculous Junpyo-Jandie exchange in the next scene is somehow so freaking lovable (in which Junpyo just “happens” to be walking by and just “happens” to have nothing to do and concedes to going on the double date).

I’m having a random flashback of the J-drama and I’m wondering if they’ll go the same route with this double date scene? I kind of liked the J-drama one a lot, so I am almost hoping so hehe. (It just gives reason for testing trust and so on, ultimately making the relationship stronger.)

LMAO, GA EUL’S BOYFRIEND IS NAMED “GONG SU-PYO.” It’s just strangely similiar to Gu Junpyo…

*Snort* He just said Junpyo’s hair looks like a “conch horn” when his hair looks like it’s been electrocuted haha. AND HE TOOK A PICTURE. SDFLSLJF

(Su-pyo is one of those people you just LOVE to hate. He’s cute, but he’s really full of himself and he has no regard for others. )

HAHA, oh my gosh, I hate those toy machines. (Honestly, what’s so funny about this scene is the fact that Su-pyo, without fail, is able to win. That is clear evidence that there is something wrong with him LOL.)

I can’t beeelieve Su-pyo is calling Junpyo “DONGSENG.” It’s so gratuitous and lame haha, but it’s so funny at the same time because you know Junpyo is going through heck to put up with it. And It’s so awesome that he IS putting up with it because that means he’s doing it for Jandi. Which is so sweet ;__;

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 9

dafsdjfl the cuteness is almost too much for me to beaaar! (AKA ice-skating scene of adorable smily-ness!)

DA NA NAAAA~ *dramatic music* Junpyo is caught beating up Su-pyo haha. I don’t feel like commenting on this scene much since I have some knowledge about it (from the J-drama), but idk. I think it’s an interesting plot point.

(I have no idea why I don’t talk about similarities between the J-drama and K-drama when it’s appropriate… it’s not like spoilers are an issue here. I guess I want to be careful not to compare the two too closely. I want to keep them as separate as possible in my head.)

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 9

DUDE. THAT ICE CREAM. IS LIKE. MY FANTASY. I have a huge thing for ice cream omg. I wonder if they sell that in the U.S… cause it looks like they’re at Baskin Robbins. Too bad the only BR around here is like… really crappy. I doubt they have awesome “gourmet” type ice cream D: (LOL, see, I really do love ice cream. This is in reference to the ice cream Jandi and Ga Eul get by the way, a few days after the “incident.”)

I really love Jihoo today. He is being really selfless in this episode.

HAHA, I love TV. Jandi and Ga Eul just HAPPEN to eavesdrop on Supyo jut as he’s talking about what happened XD

(It’s pretty much hilarious. Contrived coincidences stink, but it’s okay here.)

Butt-kicking sceneee! Haha!

(Jandi and Junpyo seem so similar in the way they will just go and beat someone up lol.)

I love Jandi and Ga Eul’s friendship ♥

Ahhh, mysterious and emotional Yijung scene. Is that his dad? I guess he’s a playboy too.

(I am intrigued by this new story line. Can’t wait for more. I heart Yijung!)

fjdsfajdfls!!! Yijung/Ga Eul (4eva!!!)

(So. cute.)

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 9

FDLFJDLFKASDLF LOL! Junpyo’s wish: “Say, ‘Oppa, I’m sowwy,” LOOOOOOL. The guys are completely cracking up at that haha. AND SHE WON’T DO IT!

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 9

Yijung is so sneaky. He’s all philosophical with Ga Eul and then he throws out, “Then shall we go out?” LOL. Cute. It’s nice he’s into getting Ga Eul’s mind off of her “tragedy.” This scene is so much like something that has happened between Jandi and Junpyo though lol.

HAHA, awkward hand-holding~


At least he has sweet intentions? LDdsfjsdljf THOUGH! IT’S A SAXOPHONE!!

[Normally I would put the next picture here, but it’s big so it’s at the bottom.]

Ahhhh, so pretty! Junpyo is really sweet. (In reference to the surprise lights in the park.)

Poor JP has no good memories of Christmas 😦

SERIOUSLY, are they trying to kill me this episode? JP’s all: “I didn’t know what a family was, but seeing your family… I think I understand a little now” dgdfgfd


(I really like how they filmed this scene. The intentionally pauses in speech gave room for meaningful looks which made everything seem really intimate and sweet. LOVE. I am really glad they had the first kiss scene be really… natural? I mean, not that it was the best on screen kiss in history, but the setting was good.)

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 9

slkdfdsflj OKAY, so this episode was amaaaaaaaaazing. LIKE. REALLY REALLY. I can hardly think of anything to fault it for… I mean, at this particular moment I can’t find any fault lol. But I’ll try to recoup and think about it some more and edit my thoughts with all that comes to mind. I know I’ve already written a lot, and that I’m very late in doing this, but I want to. I love this show SO much.

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