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BoA, Crystal Kay, and m-flo’s VERBAL do “Universe”

February 14, 2009

This is complete crap! I was on vacation recently and my hotel room got a channel that aired Music Station. Of course, it’s just my luck to only get Hey! Say! JUMP and not the fantastic trio of BoA, Crystal Kay, and m-flo’s VERBAL. HAHA, I’m actually being very silly, because I am just sad in general I don’t get any Asian channels at my house (seriously, one of my TVs has over a thousand channels and NOTHING!)–and because I was on vacation in December, not February XD

My point for making this post really is to talk about this song that I currently love. I’m also really PUMPED because I found the studio track five days before it’s release date–February 18th. When I like a song, I really really need to have it ASAP. Music is srs biz.

The song is “Universe,” by BoA. It features Verbal and Crystal Kay, who are both fantastic artists. “Universe” is a part of a triple A-sided single (I KNOW, right? What the heck is that?)–Eien/Universe/Believe in Love. Universe is a track that’s been produced by Bloodshy & Avant, who have done stuff for Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, and Britney Spears.

ANYWAY, one watch of them performing this song had me drooling. It’s a really fun song. Firstly, there is that very addicting beat that made me raise my eyebrow because it was just THAT addicting. Secondly, I love the mix of all the voices. BoA has her own unique voice… and so does Crystal Kay. You would NOT think that they’d go together, but they work so well for this song. Srsly. And I probably could never get enough of Verbal. The guy’s voice is like crack. Annnd thirdly, I love the variety in this song. I never know how to describe this “phenomenon” because I am not an expert on music. I just know I like it. In my weakest attempt at describing it, I really appreciate it when there are multiple levels to a song, and you can’t easily pick out “verse one,” “chorus,” “bridge,” etc.

But yeah, back to this performance. It’s just so relaxed and entertaining. They’re so chill. Crystal Kay makes me want to die from jealousy because she is wearing some hecka tight jeans and they look amazing on her. BoA is wearing a freaking leopard pattern and she just exudes fashionableness. Verbal looks like G-Dragon on a good day (which isn’t surprising, because it’s not much of a secret that Verbal is a fashion icon for GD)… A+! I love it when Verbal is rapping and Crystal Kay and BoA go, “Ahhh!” HAHA! I like… want to go hang out with them.

Yeah, that’s it basically. I know I’ve completely rambled my way around this post, so I hope you can make SOME kind of sense of it.

(This is seriously unrelated, but I just made the connection that all of these people have Korean roots and they’re singing in Japanese hehe.)

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