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Dong Bang Shin Ki’s Xiah Junsu is Xiahrotic

February 17, 2009

Time for me to be short and sweet and to the point… even if the news isn’t explosively exciting. I’m simply pressed for time.

It's Xiahrotic!

According to Kbites, SM is going to give Xiah Junsu a solo he can perform at their upcoming concerts. The thing about this song is that they got really creative with the title (sarcasmmm). It’s title is “XIAH-ROTIC,” and it will feature Key from SHINee (!).

If you have noticed, “XIAH-ROTIC” sounds like a play on the (made-up) word “Mirotic” that Dong Bang Shin Ki used for their album and song. I find this a little weird, but all I keep thinking about is how Section TV accidentally (in place of what was supposed to be the real album art) used a fan-altered image of the “Mirotic” album cover and changed it to “Xiahrotic.” Haha, does SM know this? Are they playing off of one fan’s idea? Who knows. Check out that Xiahrotic article from a while back here.

Regardless, I’m interested in this song. I love Junsu (and Key as well)! I remember when I was first getting into DBSK I felt like I was somehow ~special~ because I loved Junsu, but then I found out that EVERYONE loves Junsu LOL! It’s because he is so cute and he can sing like heck.

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