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Wheesung Covers Craig David’s Insomnia

February 18, 2009

Wheesung just released a digital single and an MV for a cover of Craig David’s “Insomnia.”

Interestingly enough, Craig David asked Wheesung to do this. I think this is way cooler than Wheesung just randomly deciding to do a cover.

I love the video. SERIOUSLY. It’s really awesome. For some reason it reminds me a bit of Taegoon’s “Call Me” video. Haha, Wheesung’s hair is kind of hideously like what G-Dragon sported during a few of the Gayo Festivals at the end of 2008 (frizzed out), but somehow he WORKS IT. It must be his strong features. Basically, he manages to look awesome against all logic. The video is just cool. Probably because it has dancing (A+! I love that), random shots of Wheesung looking sleepless in bed that’s in hell? (LOL IF YOU’VE SUFFERED FROM INSOMNIA BEFORE YOU WILL PRESUMABLY AGREE!), and plenty of Wheesung looking fabulous in ugly hair. I love the freakishly random end with the stomp-type dancing.

Since I’m completely out of the mainstream-American music loop, I have only JUST heard the original version of “Insomnia.” Check it out on YouTube. In comparison to Wheesung’s version, it is definitely more fluid. But I can’t help but like BOTH versions. Both guys have good voices, and the beat of the song is what holds each one up more than anything else. The fact that each guy more than meets the average pop-song standard is just icing on the cake. I know, I’m wild and crazy for saying such things.

Craig David’s “Insomnia” has a smooth emotion; if you think about the mood, it’s kind of like he’s crazy tired of the “insomnia” feeling, but it’s exasperation more than anything else. Conversely, Wheesung’s version has a desperate feeling. I think the abrupt start-stop feeling contributes to this. Wheesung also uses his nearly limitless voice to do some vocally things (that may just be an official term). Pretty cool touch.

Despite my feeling that both songs are good, I know how weird it is to here a song in a different language after you’ve heard it so much the first way (TVXQ and Big Bang come to mind immediately); I’m not surprised that some people are turned off by Wheesung’s version. I guess, in this case, I have an interesting vantage. I am able to get introduced to both versions at the same time, and like them both for what they are.

I would upload this song for you, but when I was looking for it myself I saw there were already a few copyright claims on the downloads. Sorry! I don’t want to get in trouble ^^;;

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  1. March 2, 2009 1:41 pm

    I hadn’t heard of this song till I read that Wheesung was doing a Korean remake version…but the very fact that Craig David asked Wheesung to do is a cover is very cool indeed.

    I’m goin to be totally bias, because I’m a huge Wheesung fan. I think that he did a really good job with the song, he totally did the song in his own signature Wheesung style. I think that he added more depth and life into the song…and the MV was totally HOT…despite not understanding most of what he is saying his mv gives more understanding of the song itself, and not to mention that the ending of the mv was totally HOT….

    The thing that I really like about Wheesung is that he is really versatile…he can sing just about any genre of music you give him…and I think that’s what singing is all about. I really wish people would see that about him is that he definitely one of Korea’s best singers seriously, I’ve heard him live before and he just blew me away with his vocals and charisma! He looked totally HOT in the mv and yes the hair was crazy but yes he made it work and it was looking very good!

    Craig David certainly in my opinion asked the right person to cover his song…in my own personal opinion someone like Wheesung should be debuting overseas…not get me started on people like BoA or even Se7en and I’m a hardcore Se7en fan as well.

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