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Is Sori the new “sexy diva” of Kpop?

February 22, 2009

I know I’m pretty late in talking about “Sori,” but better late than never? I’m having an unbelievably busy week. Hopefully things will be a little better after next week, but then things get crazy again. I have to find time to catch up on Boys Before Flowers though. I am out of a room right now, but once I have it back I will glue myself to my computer screen XD

SO: Sori. According to Sori’s “Lip” album art, “Sori” stands for “Super Overflow. Revolutionary. Icon.” Yeah, I don’t know what that means either. Anyway, she is a newcomer who has enlisted famous song writers, choreographers, and so on to maker her debut as dynamic as possible. Sori can boast of a sexy facade that is sure to attract a proportionally male audience. Even though her promotional pictures are photoshopped to the point of alien standards, I still was intrigued and looking forward to what Sori has to offer. It’s always fun to see if a debutee will make it or break it.

I think her song “Real Lips” is fun, and it has the feeling of other mindless hits such as Wonder Girls’ “So Hot,” and After School’s “Ah.” I don’t know why we need so many songs by women basically saying, “Aren’t I special? I’m so good looking. You want me,” but whatever! I still like listening to these songs despite my desire to be above such things lol.

Sori Sori2

Even though I think “Real Lips” is amusing, I feel like there is no way this woman is the next BoA or Hyori (which some people have expressed). She cannot be BoA because BoA actually has range… and Sori does not, or at least doesn’t in the same way. Her voice reminds me slightly of Britney Spears in the sense that she does give it a certain affectation to influence the sound. In Sori’s case, she is very breathy. As far as being Hyori, I think she has the sex appeal, but no matter what she does it will be hard for her to build up the kind of reputation Hyori has. Hyori doesn’t have the strongest voice in the world, but there is something about her that’s iconic… and that’s hard to come by. Plus, even Hyori will sing live.

On Sori’s “Lip” single there are a few songs, including one (with two versions) that features Lee Junki. I think Lee Junki can be a fun addition to songs (I really liked him on Hyori’s “AnyStar”), but he can’t help this song at all. It’s just weak. The other song, “How,” is a bit better… but that’s not saying much. I find the song to be gratingly annoying.

But no matter what, I think Sori’s debut is successful. If you watch her first performance, you can see her entire dance which… will definitely attract viewers. Plus, her song is catchy. Only time will tell if she can become one of the new sexy divas of Kpop.

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  1. March 2, 2009 1:33 pm

    As sexy as Sori maybe…or trying to be I’m not buying it! I for one and sick and tired of all the women trying the sexy thing we get it…you’re HOT okay stop throwing it all in our faces…

    But to me she just looks like any other k-pop female trying to break through via the sexy route…I really wish that some of the old skool people in Kpop would make a comeback and put these newbies to shame…I don’t like her name either something about her name just kind of bugs me *lol*

  2. December 25, 2009 1:47 am

    interesting post, thanks 😀

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