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“Boys Before Flowers” Commentary – Episode 10

February 24, 2009

I finally have a minute of peace and quiet. I am going to try to get in as much Boys Before Flowers as I can before I need to head off to bed. Ah, what a happy moment.

Fangirltainment - Boys Before Flowers Commentary

Unfortunately, I’m a whopping six episodes behind -__-;; I wish I could say that I could catch up this week, but I don’t know if that will happen.

FORTUNATELY, I was able to finish the episode tonight AND get the post out just now. Woot! I guess the only problem in posting my commentary at this hour is that I haven’t edited yet, so… I apologize XD

Episode 10. Spoilers!

DSFJSDLF! I just remembered how amazing the last episode was. UGH. I am really looking forward to episode ten.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 10

I’m so happy they are picking up where they left off with Yijung and Ga Eul. Too bad it’s kind of cheesy with Yijung playing his heart out on the SAXOPHONE, but whatevs. I have nothing against the saxophone, but when you’re playing Kenny G-esque music with it, it’s very dreary and aging. So anti-sexy. So anti-heartfelt. I’ll accept the sentiment in this case though, because Yijung (or rather, Kimbum) finishes it off with an adorable smile of awesomeness. It’s such an “I know you love me” smile (“나이는 묻지마 / I guess you know you love me” lol–Strong Baby~).

AH, mean girl got dissed! HAHA! And slimy-grease-ball ex-boyfriend is going to make a move on the girl he stomped on just a short while ago. UGH, he’s so gross. “You’re here to meet oppa (me)?” He brings out “oppa” again, like he didn’t just insult her earlier.

YESSS! I love you, Yijung! Knight in shining armor ♥ He’s coaching her! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!

Yijung: Do you know him?
Ga Eul: *Hesitates*
Yijung: *Shakes head*
Ga Eul: No, I don’t know who he is.

*Claps* And then Yijung tells the whole room that she is the one who has stolen his heart XD Of course, he’s just acting, but you can tell that Ga Eul is a little confused.

DIES, he is giving her his scarf. I am seriously loving how they are giving Yijung and Ga Eul a relationship plot in this drama. They sort of did in the Japanese drama, but I like this straight-forwardness a lot. Plus, I like Ga Eul a ton. Kim So Eun is adorable.

Yijung: Even though we’re just acting, shouldn’t we go all the way until the end?

*Heartbreak* Loooove.

OMG SHE IS MAKING SOMETHING FOR HIM FOR VALENTINES DAY? IDK, I feel like that is a mistake, but hopefully they won’t make it awkward. Maybe she is just doing it to thank him.

Random story with a grandpa… *shrug* If they are giving the restaurant guy a story-line, I’m pretty confused.

Wtf, they are blurring out the apron logo. Wttttf?

NO WAY, Jandi can’t still be thinking about Jihoo, can she? Is she going to give him chocolate?

YAY, she’s making Junpyo something. Are they cookies like in the J-drama?

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 10 (2)

LMFAO JUNPYO IS SO CUTE ABOUT HIS GIFT! He won’t even let Jandi try one. “They’re all mine, don’t touch it!” XD dklgdflgj adorable.

Haha, a couple event? Sneaky Jandi.

LMFAO THE PRIZE IS AN ANYCALL PHONE! Except they’ve blacked out the name to “Any.” LOL.

HAHA, each guy has to hold his girlfriend for the longest to win. Junpyo is so perplexed and un-into the game. Jandi is beyond pleased.

DSKFsdjl, it’s been almost an hour and Junyo is just chillin’ with Jandi on his back haha. OMG HAHA THE ONLY OTHER COUPLE REMAINING IS A GIRL HOLDING HER BOYFRIEND LMAO.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 10 (3)

NOOOO! Scary music! It can’t be Junpyo’s mom, can it? IT IS! SDLFJSDLFJ AHH! I almost can’t watch *hides.*

I AM TOTALLY FREAKING OUT! This is just fiction, this is just fiction, this is just fiction… AHHH! THE CONFRONTATION IS KILLING ME.

Junpyo’s mom is so scary.

What now??? I mean, I do know quite a few spoilers, but I can’t connect the dots at this point.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 10 (4)

And then things have to go and get really incredibly awkward for Ga Eul D: Yijung has like five hundred boxes of chocolates lol… AWKWARD AWKWARD.

But at least Yijung was upfront and clear about how things were. It was hard for Ga Eul, but it made things a little… less bad? IDK how to explain it. Poor Ga Eul though. She seems a little pathetic for getting her hopes so raised, but at the same time, that is a seriously devastating way for hopes to come down. I can’t believe she forgot for two seconds that he was a playboy, and she probably feels the same way. That would be a hard feeling.

And then there is JANDI! UGH, she must be feeling really bad, because it’s technically her fault that they got caught… but who could know that JP’s mom would show up to that event?

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 10 (5)

Jihoo to the rescue? I hate him, but then I love him. He is such a good friend to Jandi. I feel bad though because right now he really likes her. I think that’s why it’s all the more admirable that he came for her because Junpyo asked him to.

LMFAO, Jandi was about to walk away with Jihoo’s extra helmet. IDK, it was just a funny moment.

(Sheesh, I just realized how much time I spend writing… I started over an hour ago, and I’m only twenty minutes into the episode. Given, I did pause to get a drink, but it didn’t take that much time. LOL, I guess that’s why watching this show is such a time commitment for me.)

AH, Jihoo found Jandi’s present for Junpyo! Wow, that was a mouthful, and I only TYPED IT. I don’t know what’s up with all of the names with ㅈ/J.

JUNPYO’S MOM HAS CREEPY STALKER PICTURES? EH? It’s like she’s watching the drama without sound LOL.

I know this is a weird time to say this, but Junpyo’s mom has some wicked awesome make-up on. Her eyes are intense! They add to her evil facade, but they’re pretty cool looking.

Jihoo opened the cookie box.. He must be jealous! LOL. He looks pretty good in glasses.

HAHA, HE IS TOTALLY GONNA EAT JUNPYO’S COOKIE. IN FRONT OF HIM. Lol. He’s a good friend though, being all supportive and whatnot.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 10 (6)

Omg, Jandi’s little brother just opened the door to JP’s mom saying, “Jungpyo-hyungnim?” :O Jandi looks like she’s going to faint.

*Hits head* Jandi’s family is just blabbing everything.

JP’s mom is so good at speaking formally. She sounds so eloquent, yet she is saying, “The way to raise good grass is to get rid of the weeds,” in reference to getting rid of Jandi. Everyone’s face just made an “:O” lol.

She’s trying to bribe them away! WOW.


I guess you can KIND OF see where JP’s mom is coming from. She has all these ideas about society and status and so on, and this is NOT fitting into the plan. To her, making Junpyo happy is the least of her worries. She wants someone socially appropriate for him, and Jandi is never going to be that.

Leave it to Jandi’s family to create some comic relief! Jandi’s mom just wants more money (supposedly, but I don’t know if that was entirely true of her).

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 10 (7)

Why on earth is Jihoo playing piano alone at school? Lol. I guess he exists to cheer Jandi up. It’s funny that they were joking about him being Jandi’s firefighter, but it’s true that it’s kind of abnormal for someone to show up every time something goes wrong in your life, eh? But whatever, it’s just a show XD

The dry cleaning business is over for Jandi’s family! Of course, JP’s mom IS that cruel. Jandi’s mom is using toilet paper for tissue material, which is a great touch to the scene haha.

UGH, JP’s mom is the WORST. She’s trying to show Junpyo what a bad state Jandi’s family is in. That’s going to boil him for sure.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 10 (8)

PERFECT. Junpyo is out of the car and walking (briskly) toward Jandi. STICK IT TO THE MAN, JUNPYO!

dfasjfdsdiofljjdfjsdlkfasiofjosifjsdoi!!!! BEST. EVER. (kiss) JP’s mom failed this time.

Promises and handholding! I know this can’t last in such a long drama (and it won’t), but UGH, I have to enjoy it while it lasts.

OMO OMO OMO. NONOONONONONONOIJSFOISDFLDKJ. I hated this scenario in the J-drama. NOSdfjdlsfjds. (Where the creepy man tries to lure Jandi to his creepy job.)

HAHA, Jihoo is such a sneak. He used Yijung’s phone to call Ga Eul and then just gave him the phone, LMAO.

Jihoo slipped up and said his heart hurts (while looking at Jandi).

(Please ignore my weirdness: This is so random, but I just noticed I mistyped this and said, “His hurt hurts,” but that made me think of G-Dragon of Big Bang saying, “my heart,” in “Haru Haru” and it sounds like, “my hurt,” IDK RANDOM! LMAO! I doubt my typo is connected to GD’s weird English pronunciation in “Haru Haru,” but I am just crazy enough to find SOME kind of link!)

Nooo, Jandi! Don’t go to the shady part of town to take that man up on his offer! I MEAN, FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE. IT’S CALLED “ENJOY PRODUCTION.” She should seriously turn back after seeing that bed. DON’T GO IN, WTF!!!


Boys Before Flowers - Episode 10 (9)

At least they try to sate us by adding bloopers onto the end.

AHHH! I would go and add more thoughts, but I think I spent so much time pausing and writing that I can’t possibly come up with anymore. Plus, there is no real reason to because speculation is kind of useless? There are five more episodes to devour! I need to try to fit this into my schedule. I guess I could write less, but why? I like doing this.

Even though there wasn’t nearly enough Junpyo in this episode, I still screen capped like a fiend lol.

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