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Epik High uses their new album to tease us

February 24, 2009

*Squeal* Here is a video released by what I believe is Epik High’s YouTube (yeah, I don’t know how else they could keep releasing such unique footage).

I’m supposed to be studying, so I honestly can’t say much about this other than THIS IS A STINKIN’ GOOD TEASER. We get random talk… in ENGLISH (Tablo: “No no no, it’s too hectic. Our kids don’t have enough money to buy two CDs at the same time. Plus, our CD is coming out with a book.” !!! I love how he says, “our kids.”), brief song previews (AWESOME), and a sneak peek at the album art (WHICH LOOKS SOSOSO AMAZING. Eye-candy x24325).

Who else is happy?

This is the site listed at the end of the video: Right now there is just a short message by “Joe” who talks about books and music coming together or something like that.


This YouTube account says that the next Epik High album will be an EP, and MYK is sure to be featured on it. This is the exact message, which is very intriguing:

“Info on MYK: He is an artist from the San Francisco Bay Area. He used to be in a band called “weekend sesh.” He has featured in many Korean artists songs and he is currently recording his debut solo album. He will feature in Epik High’s EP album which will drop sometime in March. He is a singer, songwriter, musician (plays piano, guitar, drums), DJ. He is the real deal in terms of being an artist and is not bound to one genre of music. You will see more of myk in 2009!”

Looking closer at this YouTube, it really seems to outline the collaboration between Epik High and MYK. Curious curious.

Can March come sooner?

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  1. March 2, 2009 12:42 pm

    thanks for the video…Epik High is truly one of the best artists in Korea. They actually produce good quality music, not much of the manufactured mess that so many k-pop people are guilty of. I’m not too sure what an EP is…but whatever it is Epik High is going to make it really good! It was too bad that I didn’t think to pick up any of their albums while I was in Korea 😦 nor did I get to see them live. I’m interested in reading Tablo’s book too. I remember back in the day when Epik High was more underground and less mainstream but I guess everyone has to come out of hiding one day right?! hehe *lol*

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