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G-Dragon’s hair and more info about Epik High’s new album

February 27, 2009

G-Dragon’s hair is pretty much a topic of interest here at Fangirltainment, so you shouldn’t be surprised to have me devote an entire post the his newest ‘do.

It starts at 2:10.

For me there was a major disconnect when I saw GD. I heard his voice, saw his body, but looking at his head got me very confused. First of all, when did he get all of that hair? I guess he probably hasn’t cut it since November, but it doesn’t feel like he would get all that going on in that amount of time. His longish pulled back hair, paired with the green pimp-suit deal… LOL IDK. He just didn’t look like himself. Let’s not even get started on the glasses.

But it’s an interesting look. You can’t fault him entirely for the suit, because TOP has been rocking a freaking pink suit lately. Green is a bit more tame XD And did anyone else get the Jang Geun Suk vibe from him? I know, they have similar looks already (I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO THINKS SO! I have GD fanvideos on YouTube… cause I’m cool like that… and I sometimes get comments from weird passersby who are all, “YO! THIS KID LOOKS LIKE JANG GEUN SUK! WTF?!” LMAO), but the hair is just making me feel it even more. Love both guys though, so what the heck ever.

I guess I’m just not a big fan of long guy hair (and it being emphasized by the fact that they can pull it back), but I can’t say that the performance wasn’t fun. I love watching “Strong Baby” (honestly, this song is a frickin’ drug), and having GD tacked on it a big bonus.

But wait! I will branch out a little and make this NOT just a post about GD’s newest hair.

I read on Allkpop that the book that is reportedly coming out with their newest album is going to be in both Korean and English. LET. ME. MARRY. YOU (Epik High). Sometimes I wonder how I was born speaking the language that is rather globally accepted. It’s pretty convenient, that’s all I can say right now.

Oh, and I watched another episode of Boys Over Flowers, so I will update with the commentary ASAP. I plan on continuing my watching spree, so… good news?

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  1. Carolee permalink
    March 4, 2009 6:07 pm

    I thought his hair was a little bit weird too…hehe
    Well everything about what he was wearing was weird too. But I thought he looked better than he did on InKiGaYo/Popular Music on the 1st…

    that was just horible.


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