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“Boys Before Flowers” Commentary – Episode 11

February 28, 2009

I am having a really crappy week. The word “exhaustion” just doesn’t cut it sometimes! I’ve had some time to wind down though, so I will do my best to get back on the Boys Before Flowers road. I don’t know when I’ll catch up, but I know I want to do it! I’m where I was before though, because another episode has aired since I last watched. I have five episodes ahead of me! I guess there are worse things to deal with lol. It’s getting tiring to avoid spoilers though.

Fangirltainment - Boys Before Flowers Commentary

Now that I’ve gone through and added pictures and everything… I have to admit that I took a lot of screen caps and then I got carried away with them. I’m in such a dorky mood. I just thought I’d let you know that they’re not normal caps LOL. Since most people have seen this already, I thought it was okay to ditch some of the seriousness of these images. Don’t hesitate to click the images to make them bigger.

Episode 11. Spoilers!

It’s strange how I can never remember how the last episode left off… But wait, I do now! *Nervous*

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 11 (01)

AHHH, this (porno house) is so creepy. I’m completely freaking out haha. BUT WE HAVE TO WAIT!

LOL, Junpyo is being sweet, I think. I don’t know what he’s doing lol, so it’s hard to judge. He’s putting something in the water. But I have to applaud Lee Minho for working through such an awkwardly scripted scene. It’s so full of CHEESE. “This is all I can do for her.” UGH, I hate lines like that. All he can do for her is make the pool nice? Whenever people do useless things in dramas and say, “This is all I can do for him/her,” I usually wind up feeling frustrated because I’m pretty sure there are less pathetic things you could do for that person. Like, the girl’s whole family will have just died in car accident something, and the guy will be on some HILL looking down at her house: “This is all I can do for her.” WTF? I mean, I’ve never seen that happen in a drama before, but you can so see that happening, can’t you? It just seems unrealistic, don’t you think? “I”m a rich boy with a mean mom. All I can do is offer my girlfriend beauty products… sigh!” -__-;; LOL, I typically endure this kind of thing, but I’m a little tired right now.

I just randomly took a really long break on this LOL. AT A MOMENT LIKE THIS! I know, right? It’s actually something I do. When I’m concerned about how a situation will turn out… I PUT IT OFF! Plus, I am plotting to make YouTube-video-watching a full time career.


The music here is so concerning! I have to admit, the sound track isn’t the best in the world, but the music does set the mood. I’m all anxious because of this piano thing they have playing lol.

OMG, creepy photographers! DSFjsdlf lol creepy creepy. JANDI, I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW FREAKING NAIVE YOU ARE.

As freaky as this scene is, how funny is the “rescue”? HAHA, it’s so dramatic, and it sadly wouldn’t happen if this were real life (although that’s disregarding the fact that the scenario is so drama-ish to begin with). But dude, the guy is freaking gorgeous. He’s is so mysterious, of course. Too bad I know who is character is (dang, they get the best guys for this role. In the Japanese version it was Ikuta Toma. And look what happened to him! He has some fame now, that boy does. Get ready for your fame, Jung Eui Chul! See further tangent-ness in next paragraph).

(Okay, so to continue my talk that began with Jung Eui Chul, I came across this random Soompi thread that had me giggling. It’s a list of guys who weren’t famous yet in 2006, and most of them have come a long way. I applaud the person who made the predictions, because like… all but one were semi-recognizable to me. Some of the guys on there are: Kim Hye Sung (Boy Meets Boy), Jang Geun Suk (Baby and Me, Beethoven Virus, etc), Hwang Chang Sung (2PM), Jung Eui Chul (Boys Before Flowers), Park Hae Jin (East of Eden), Park Ki Woong (Love and Marriage), Im Joo Hwan (a few things, but he will be on Boys Before Flowers), and Kim Bum (East of Eden, Boys Before Flowers, etc). I just thought that was interesting. END TANGENT!)

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 11 (02)

WHOA, that guy is on TV (who is named “Ha Je”)! Haha, and the store-owner is so excited. Maybe he is a CF prince.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 11 (03)

Haha, Jandi is following her nose (wherever it goes~). LMFAO I AM GOING TO DIE! She’s eating the noodles and she is completely getting caught.



It’s interesting how Jandi reacts when she hears that he’s her fan, though. I mean, it’s a little awkward OF COURSE, but isn’t it a little creepy too? He’s her fan? I guess, to her, there is no reason to be worried. He saved her. He’s younger than her. He’s nice to her. He is similar. But dude, he knew where she was and was able to help her. Doesn’t that say ANYTHING?

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 11 (04)

And cue the “da-na-na~!” music! Sneaky smirks (especially at main characters–in this case, F4) = shifty characters.

Waaah, I love how in this version they allow lots of time to see interactions between Junpyo and Jandi when they have this “blockage” between them.

I can’t believe he wants to take her to Japan to eat! HAHA! It’s so lavish and cute. But it’s saaad and awkward how Jandi leaves. Poor Junpyo!

Ooh, Ga Eul is at Yijung’s house. She left him a present? Yijung is trying to be all nonchalant about it, but you can tell he wants to open it. CUTE!

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 11 (05)

OH EM GEE, I just put two and two together for once. Junpyo thinks it’s Ga Eul’s birthday, and he’s feeling apologetic for getting jealous in front of Jandi. SO, he called Yijung to buy a present for her. BUT IT WILL BE WEIRD AND CONFUSING AND FAIL FOR EVERYONE BECAUSE IT IS NOT HER BIRTHDAY.


Jandi has a jobbb. I have this thing where I hate to hang up clothes, but got paid for doing it… it would be a completely different story! AND SLDFJ I CAN’T BELIEVE SHE ONLY JUST REALIZED WHO HER NEW FRIEND IS!

There it is again! It’s such a great face… the “I-know-you-love-me-face.” I should count how many times it’s used in this drama. It’s not copyrighted or anything, but it’s pretty funny because every time I see it (on anybody) I honestly get Seungri playing in my head. UGH, I’ll admit it: I just wanted an excuse to say “I-know-you-love-me-face.” I am a dork.

PHOTOSHOOT LOL-NESS! Alright, photoshoots are generally funny to me when they’re real and they’re filmed, but they’re even funnier to me when they’re on TV, because it’s all fake posing.

GUYLINER! But dude, what is with all of the other models. That is some perceptual contrast right there, baby (Wow, my Social Psychology class is actually helping me analyze dramas better haha). Have average looking people model so the good looking guy looks even better and shinier.

(Extreme lols at the “candid” picture he took with her because he’s all eyeliner-y.)

WAH! WTF LOL, he just said she was his girlfriend! SHOOOCK. MAN THAT IS SO YUCK. I hate it when people are so forward, but I can usually handle it in dramas. I just don’t like Je Ha lol. I mean, he’s so watchable, but his character is weird.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 11 (06)

MORE PHOTOSHOOT’ING! dfdsklafjld lol vampireeeeee. Wtf?

UGH, Junpyo is adorable. Have I said this enough yet? I love how he is so dorky about Jandi.

Jihoo seems to have made a connection, awww yeah. His submissive classmate is *da-na-na~* the most sought-after model evaaah. Maybe he didn’t think that, but he does have a hunch about Je Ha, doesn’t he?

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 11 (07)

Jandi is so cute! She is very happy with her money. Meanwhile, Je Ha is really creeping me out. He’s very good at making things freakishly awkward. First he busts out with the, “I’m your fan,” and now he’s all, “My ill hyung would like you,” O_O

CUTEST. EVER. Jungpyo sprawled out, asleep on the bed. Jihoo is tucking him in XD

HAHA, Je Ha is like, “MY LIFE SUCKS… 😀 no need to look at me with pity 😀 :D” LOL. It’s pretty cute if you look at this as like… Jandi has a friend she can rely on. Too bad Je Ha is sketchy. If I hadn’t already put a spoiler alert on this (as if I need one to begin with), this would be so UNWORTHY of a spoiler warning. IT’S SO CLEAR THAT JE HA IS A CREEPER.

ENTER JIHOO. And Junpyo came over last night! Poor guy. Jihoo is all, “I’ll pretend I didn’t see the two of you for today.” I have to agree that this situation could have been handled better. Even if Junpyo would have gotten mad, Jandi should have just said that she had to work.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 11 (08)

Junpyo is going to play hard to get XD

YIJUNG IS WEARING HIS ARM WARMERS. AW. “They’re a little tacky, but they’re warm.” Har har. He is slowly being won over, methinks.

Jandi is on the front of a magazine. That happened fast. HAHA! She’s going to be in trouble.

Okay, I just laughed out loud. Everyone is “persecuting” Jandi for her spread with Je Ha, and he like… appears.

Ah, Junpyo is about to see the magazine. And now he has seen it. And he is mad.

(But dang, why has Jung Eui Chul been in so little [outside of BOF] up until now? He is cute! I know he was in Rainbow Romance, but not many people have seen/will see it.)

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 11 (09)

It’s weird that Jandi is just sitting by while Junpyo is beating up Je Ha. I know she’s apologetic to Junpyo, but does that mean she should allow violence? I hate it when that happens in dramas. It’s like… HELLO. Even if it’s your boyfriend beating someone up, if it’s not self-defence… COME ON. How is that acceptable?

YEESH, don’t get violent with Jandi, now! (Geez, as much as I love Junpyo, I don’t like this part especially. Abuse is such a no-no. He’s doesn’t carry through, but UGH. The fact that he threatens is kind of EH. It’s fiction though, so I’ll overlook it.)

sfjsdlfjdslf “I want to go back before you I knew you.” x______x JANDI. WHY. WHY?!

Not even Jihoo will stick around.

She’s having regretful flashbacks! In newspapers!

Say whaaat? Red card? LMFAO JE HA IS A FREAK. “Don’t worry. I’ll protect you.” (And I just remembered what’s going on. Thank you, J-drama.)

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 11 (10)

LASLFJSDIFJ JE HA HAD ENOUGH TIME TO PROTECT JANDI FROM A FALLING POT, EVEN SAYING, “WATCH OUT, SUNBAE!” dslf haha, the unrealistic quality of his behavior is just too blatant. I wish I did a commentary for the J-drama, so I could find out what I thought of that counterpart. Do I just hate him because I know who he “is” or does the drama kind of lead you into feeling uneasy? I think it’s the latter. No, maybe it’s both.

“It’s Junpyo sunbae.” LIAR. It’s nice that Jandi knows that Junpyo wouldn’t do that.

Now Jihoo is telling Jandi that he let her go because it was for Junpyo. AW. “Don’t make me regret it.”


Creeeeeepy. Je Ha too the unconscious Jandi to his house? WTF IS HE GOING TO KISS HER? Oh, but his phone goes and interrupts. Phones do get in the way of kisses in this drama! But in this case, it’s actually a good thing.

ONCE AGAIN, da-na-na~! “Prepare the money,” says Je Ha.

Is JP’s mom behind this? Hmm. Or is he just trying to bribe her?

Ga Eul runs in to talk to F3. “You have to help me.” Long pause with many meaningful looks. WTF? Why does that always happen in movies and TV? LOL. If someone said that to me I’d be like, “WHAAAT?” or, “WHHHHHY?” or, “WHAT’S WRONG, FOR GOODNESS SAKE?!”

Not to be left out, Junpyo also gets a flashback-filled scene lol. And he thinks back on Je Ha’s advice, even though it was said scornfully. “Before getting jealous, shouldn’t you first try to understand your girlfriend’s situation?” I’ve heard before that it’s good to try and take all criticism constructively, no matter how it’s presented. I think what Je Ha said was pretty astute, so it’s good that Junpyo is considering it. But what is the helicopter for? He just asked for one to be prepared. (OHHH, blond moment. Even though I’m not blond. I didn’t make the connection that he freaking went out of country to reminisce.)

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 11 (11)

LOL, Jandi is waking up in a strange bed for the second time this year. “Not again, shoot!” she’s probably thinking.

dflkgdfkgj How can this character be so good looking yet so freaking CHILLING? He told her parents she went on a trip with F4. Now he’s trying to plant ideas into her head, that Junpyo has set out to kill her twice.

Anddd he hugs her. And now he is trying to kiss her. SLAAAP. GJ, Jandi.

She’s unconscious. Did you see that coming? Obviously.

So a question I have is: Did Je Ha ever like Jandi? I mean, at first I didn’t think so, but I wonder now that he gave her a chance to “come to him” and she didn’t. “I said you’d regret it,” is what he claims after he chloroforms Jandi. Is he just getting revenge or is there something more?

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 11  (12)

Ooh, Junpyo got a threatening message! “If you want to save Geum Jandi, come alone.”

Dang, this episode is so dramatic!

I think I know who the “someone” is that “Je Ha” is supposed to remind her of. But I probably read about it somewhere. I guess I’ll find out later!

Cool beans, I’m out for tonight. I have a long day tomorrow. I’ll post this after the long part, hopefully.

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