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Kim Bum Picspam

February 28, 2009

Since my Lee Minho picspam is so wildly popular (it’s still getting a ridiculous number of hits even though it’s been weeks since I originally posted it), I thought I would go ahead and make a series out of it. Because OBVIOUSLY we’re loving the idea of looking at pictures of pretty boys, right? And who doesn’t love Boys Over Flowers‘ F4? How about a Kim Bum picspam?


kimbum_0228-02 kimbum_0228-03 kimbum_0228-04
kimbum_0228-05 kimbum_0228-06 kimbum_0228-07 kimbum_0228-08 kimbum_0228-11
kimbum_0228-09 kimbum_0228-10 kimbum_0228-12 kimbum_0228-13
kimbum_0228-14 kimbum_0228-15 kimbum_0228-19 kimbum_0228-17
kimbum_0228-18 kimbum_0228-21 kimbum_0228-16 kimbum_0228-23
kimbum_0228-22 kimbum_0228-24 kimbum_0228-25 kimbum_0228-26

All I can say is that after all picture-hunting I’ve done, I’ve realized people love to desaturate this boy in Photoshop. I have no idea why. I guess he looks good that way, eh? Okay, I guess that’s not all I can say lol. I can definitely say that this guy is almost illegally cute. No wonder his level of popularity is constantly rising. It’s almost hard to believe he’s only 19, but he still has that slight (adorable) youthfulness in his face that gives him away.

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  1. Nikka permalink
    March 1, 2009 3:45 am

    Everyone will be loving this post for sure.

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