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“Boys Before Flowers” Commentary – Episode 12

March 1, 2009

I’m back for another episode! Hopefully I can get caught up soon. I think I might manage to within the week, but I’ll probably fall behind again the week after that. It’s just how things go.

Fangirltainment - Boys Before Flowers Commentary

Episode 12. Spoilers!

I can’t wait to find out how this scene plays out in the Korean version.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 12

Junpyo’s mom is up to this? Honestly? SIGH! What a blow. I mean, it was eluded to in the last episode, but actually hearing it was much harsher. (Well, I guess it was pretty clear in episode 11, but I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. Poor Jandi now has to suffer with this knowledge. Will she ever tell Junpyo?)

Junpyo hurt Je Ha’s hyung… let’s find out how. Okay, this is what I thought. And I’m pretty sure I remember this from something else: Junpyo put the red card on his brother, and that’s the guy who Jandi saved from committing suicide. Now that I think back, did Jung Eui Chul play the brother too? I just looked it up and he did XD

“I thought if you came to me, revenge wouldn’t matter,” says Je Ha. AHH, so I was right! He did have a thing for Jandi. (It’s so twisted though. He can justify all of this violence somehow, along with evil schemes and planning. Even his revenge is tainted by the fact that he’s receiving money for it.)

JUNPYO! You can hear him getting beat up. He came! He came! The only thing is… he was foolish enough to actually come alone lol. (I love him for being foolish though. Would he be Junpyo otherwise?)

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 12

Dsfklsdflj they’re beating him up 😦 WHYYYYYY!!! But dude, if they’re really hired by his mom, they can’t kill him.

This is really hard to watch D: The music is so heartbreaking too. It’s the instrumental for “별빛눈물” (“Stars Tears”). I really think is appropriate from the soundtrack. There are other good songs, but they can make the drama feel cheesy sometimes. This song has a lot of emotion, but it isn’t trite. Not that the other songs ARE trite, but hopefully you get my meaning.


Junpyo is now supposed to say that he’s going to give up Jandi, and who can help but love him when he says that he doesn’t think that’s possible?

Jandi just threw herself in front of the chair that was going to hit Junpyo! My cheesy-romantic heart is happy. But like… wtf is up with Junpyo being able to have a moment where he sees if she’s okay? Why would the guys let him do that? LOL, I need to just continuously tell myself to ignore logic.

HURRAY! F3 is here! And Woobin is doing some serious butt-kicking! Who knew he had it in him? Yijung too! He’s like… using his legs lol. Kick kick kick! Now Je Ha is the only one left! Who will get him? Jihoo, of course! And he conquers with a simple arm twist.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 12

Jfdlksdjf this is cuteness! COMPLETELY! Even though Junpyo and Jandi were at odds just a short while ago, they’re now recovering together and they’re doing all of the, “You’re stupider,” and “No, you’re stupider,” stuff because both were willing to be hurt for each other. UGH, you know this kind of thing is really corny, but I love it. LOVE IT.

Jihoo is standing outside the door with flowers, hearing the conversation. Poor guy, though. Oh well.

Nooo! Jandi’s home is all torn up! Loan sharks took her dad 😦

And now her mom is going to apologize to JP’s mom and ask for him. UGH. JP’s mom is just reading the newspaper This is really sad. So what the heck does this mean? JP’s mom seems to have accepted the apology.

So… they have the money, and Jandi’s dad is back. But what now? Jandi’s dad is really sad though.

SDFljsd this is such a nice father-daughter moment. Jandi’s dad is convinced that she is in love with Junpyo.
“I’m not sure of that myself, how can you know?”
“I’ve been Dad to my pretty daughter for 19 years, how could I not know?”

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 12

Jandi has now gone to return the money to JP’s mom. This dialogue is really good. I would write it down, but what is the point? If you haven’t watched it yet, you really should. I like how Jandi is standing up to JP’s mom. Of course, JP’s mom (I really need to put a name to her) is kind of incredulous about the whole situation. I think, looking from her perspective, this must seem absurd. But I still admire Jandi for her honesty and courage.

It’s a frickin’ weird coincidence that Jihoo is there too. But it’s good for Jandi! Hehe, and he takes her to his house and makes pancakes. Cute!

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 12

Snoooow! Snowboarding lol.

LOL, Junpyo calls the necklace a collar.

Random guitar playing by Jihoo haha! This guy is very musical. He plays the violin, the piano, and the guitar!

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 12

Omg, I used to have a sweatshirt really similar to Jandi’s! With Minnie’s front on the front, and her back on the back lol.

It’s so cute how he gave her the necklace XD

dsflddfsddfjadfdslfsdfksdj cute cute cute scene. I can’t even put my feelings into words about it.

(I really really REALLY love this scene. Even though there is that bickering undertone to all of it, it’s just a cover-up for all of the true emotions that are floating around. Junpyo desires to be a sweet and devoted boyfriend, but his pride and personality keep him from doing it freely. Likewise, Jandi seems to enjoy being cared for by Junpyo, but she has a strong front she needs to keep up. When you can kind of get glimpses of how they really feel… it’s beyond adorable. I have a feeling they will become less inhibited in some ways when they get older. Circumstances will clearly be an issue that will affect their relationship from time to time, but when they are able to be together… I hope they can be more and more honest with each other.)

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 12

AH, Ga Eul is scheming something? What is it? “We have to go ski!” right after she sees Yijung lol. (No, she’s not lol. I think she just wants to get out and have fun… while Yijung is out there too. I don’t think she’s planning on actively pursuing him anymore, but she doesn’t have an qualms about using any charms she can to catch his attention lol. Thankfully she doesn’t try too hard, because that could be extremely embarrassing.)

Nooo, the three mean girls are going to try to take Jandi’s necklace from her! 😦 😦 😦 (DUDE, these girls have no lives. It kind of reminds me of the mindset of fans. They are possessive of their beloved F4, and whenever anyone gets in the way of their “care,” they must “protect” them. This is evidenced in real life, when huge stars [male or female] have on-screen romantic relations with the opposite gender, and the non-huge star has to suffer verbal threats and attacks on his/her cyworld or something.)

Ugh, those girls just pulled Jandi down. And they took it! 😦

Yikes, Ga Eul is going to get plowed down! But Yijung will save her (of course).

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 12

LMFAO, SHE LOOKS SO FREAKING PLEASED. But who wouldn’t be if in her place?

(While I have many favorite scenes in this episode, this one definitely ranks up there. IT IS SO CUTE! I love how Ga Eul has her eyes closed because she was expecting a blow, and when she opens her eyes she gets a face full of a concerned Yijung. When she cracks that huge smile of hers… you simply have to relate to her.)

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 12

Jandi’s just noticed that he necklace is missing. She’s looking for it. Mean girls tip Junpyo off. (Seriously, those girls are beyond lame. And how can Junpyo NOT be suspicious of anything they tell him?)

LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKFLADSKFJDSL, Junpyo made a Jandi-snowmanwoman just so he could throw things at it? But you can tell that he while he was mad at Jandi for “losing” the necklace, it’s not enough to really break them up or anything. But he’s going to get whisked away by his mother’s henchmen…

Jandi’s on the mountain! (MY WORD, how foolish can a person get? I can understand her taking the information the mean trio gave her because she’s desperate to find the necklace ASAP, but she should at least be aware enough to know that it is stupid to go out on a ski slope at NIGHT, much less in bad weather conditions.)

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 12

And of course, Jihoo finds out what started this problem in the first place. (Coincidentally, lol. Or did he suspect it and purposely eavesdrop? Who knows. All I can say is that it’s funny how fictionally evil-doers typically talk about their evil antics in open spaces. It’s as if they want to get caught.)

Note: Never stand in front of an on coming vehicle just so you can hitch a ride. LOL.

sfjsdk AW, Junpyo is going to save Jandi no matter what. He found her too. “I… I came to look for your heart.” OMG.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 12

Here is the abandoned house scene! I loved this in the J-drama.

And I love it in this drama.

HONESTLY, I can’t even bring myself to write that much because I’m so engrossed.

(This is definitely my favorite scene of the episode. How could you NOT love it? Junpyo is being extremely caring, and they are both exhausted enough to let their guards down. Unlike the necklace-giving scene, they don’t let their pride get in the way.)

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 12


Boys Before Flowers - Episode 12

WAHHHHH, I think I’m actually getting the full meaning of what’s going on. We’re at the end of episode 12, and that basically means it’s a new era for the show. The next 12 episodes are the start of “season 2.” So the fact that Jandi is sad because she didn’t get to thank Junpyo has even more meaning to it when you know what the future holds for them (vaguely).




DANG IT. I thought I took a lot of screen caps with the last episode. I have once again broken my record.

This show completely has my heart. I can’t wait to see more!

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    March 2, 2009 12:36 pm

    I haven’t watched this series yet…I know something is totally wrong with me *lol* but I want to watch the original version first then this one…and I want to want till all the episodes are out first before I start watching it too…but it does look really interesting…especially since there is so much buzz about the drama…it’s always in the news whether it be good or bad. Lee Minho is really cute, despite his permed hair *lol* I guess that he is going to start the next big hair buzz in Korea like Seo Inyoung did with her mushroom cut! thanks for the updates!

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