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“Boys Before Flowers” Commentary – Episode 14

March 4, 2009

I’m hoping I’m not wearing myself out with all of this Boys Before Flowers watching XD I really really want to be caught up though. I apologize for the overload of commentaries I keep giving you!

I had a feeling this episode will be meatier than the last one, and it is. The only trouble I had “preparing” (mentally) for it was the fact that they taped all of this Macau stuff a long time ago. It just meant that the acting was a bit lower than it has been recently. Or rather, less stable.

Fangirltainment - Boys Before Flowers Commentary

However, Episode 14 is a decent episode regardless of when they taped it. I’ll tell you that much before the cut.

I disgress, if I’m going to watch this many episodes in a row, I need to have little elves or something put these posts together LOL.

Episode 14. Spoilers!

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 14 (1)

LMFAO, Jaekyung is so awesome. She is serenading her gondola “driver,” instead of vice versa.

Jandi introduces (indirectly) Jaekyung as her live saver. Woobin is adorable: “But that’s us!” XD

We get the first signs of connecting Jaekyung to the rest of the story now. When Junpyo and is mom greet some important people from a plane, Madam Kang (as I have decided to call her, thanks to Dramabeans for helping me find a name lol… okay, so I borrowed the idea) asks after Jaekyung.

Ah, Junpyo is a business man now.

alksdflskdjf I love all of this friendshippy stuff. Jihoo sees Junpyo in the restaurant they’re about to enter and the other F4 guys catch on pretty quickly and play along. LDSjflsdlsd love.

UGH, this was recorded back when Jihoo’s hair killed me. It’s such a mess! It got better around the time Jihoo came back from Paris, if I’m not mistaken. That’s disgregarding their island getaway though lol.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 14 (2)

Someone with gross hands just sent Junpyo a picture that shows Jihoo and Jandi together in a gondola… but it cuts out Woobin and Yijung! (But reading other people’s opinions, I think this is just a way for Junpyo to spy on Jandi. I guess it doesn’t help that she’s usually next to Jihoo though. Do you think this will spark jealousy down the road?)

And a toast is given to the cooperation of Shinhwa group and JK group…

Poor Junpyo looks really down.

dklfjasfldsj Kim Hyun Joong’s acting is back to horrendousness. “Are you alright?” he asks with the most emotionless face EVER lol. HIS ACTING IS SO AWKWARD I WANT TO DIE. I haven’t even realized how much he’s improved so far, and I’ve taken it for granted.

Wtf is he even saying? “It’s not a dream because it’s painful.” ??? “You’re in front of me.” ???????? I’ll have to look at someone else’s recap to get what he’s saying. Is he referring to himself? (This scene still confuses me, but I think Jihoo does start to let too much of his feelings for Jandi out into the open. That’s why he jets right after he says his piece lol.)

Jandi just wrote “ㅈ” (J) on the window, and she doesn’t finish it. I guess that’s supposed to symbolize her sudden confusion (again!) over Jihoo and Junpyo. Or maybe she is just feeling sad about Junpyo.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 14 (3)

WHAAAT? Junpyo is woken up by a trumpet? LMAO. (Seriously, this Junpyo’s life is not enviable in the least. I wake up to Big Bang and Epik High and I still want to crawl back into bed.)

Dude, the guy has a jam-packed schedule. I feel so sad for him! He refuses to see his F4 friends because he is so busy. He acts tough, but he misses an easy putt–it gives away his true feelings.

kdlfjkzdsjflksdaf HAHA! I LOVE his manager dude. He set up an appointment with F4 anyway!

Sadly, Junpyo seems kind of shaken/pissed. The other guys can definitely sense the tense atmosphere.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 14 (4)

kljclkdsjflkdsflkajsdlkfsdlkfjalsdkfjlasdkjf While Jihoo seems to get a decent grasp of the situation immediately, Woobin is clueless, and Yijung is trying to work past it. He mentions that Jandi has come to see him, but Junpyo says, “Why should I see her?”

(As a side note, Jihoo’s hair has magically shrunken in this scene–obviously because it was recorded more recently lol. CAN YOU SEE THE AMAZING DIFFERENCE? It’s actually bearable here. Don’t judge me for my obsession with boy hair, alright?)

Junpyo says that girls like Jandi don’t mean anything to him anymore. HEART = BREAKING! It’s hard to guess what Jihoo is thinking at a moment lke this. He is calm, but is he thinking, “What is wrong with Junpyo?” or, “Junpyo you are an a-hole!” Or what? (No matter what is on his mind, he wisely chooses to stay peaceful.)

This scene makes me feel very sad because all of the guys are feeling pretty crappy, I’m sure. Junpyo is dissing them all, and the fact that he’s putting Jandi down is worst of all. Yijung seems especially hurt, probably because Junpyo’s devotion to Jandi seemed real before.

Yijung: Whose fault is it that Geum Jandi can’t swim anymore? (punchhh)

;_; Junpyo’s face immediately conveys a TON of emotion. Sklfjds I love you, Lee Minho!

Junpyo: Did you stop being my friend and all rush to be Geum Jandi’s black knights?

I don’t know why this line hurts so much. I guess the dissonance between everyone and everything is just so CONFUSING.

(After seeing the rest of this episode, this line makes me feel even more key-smashy than normal. Even though Junpyo can’t have Jandi, I’m sure he desperately wants some support from his friends. But I know he can’t let anything on. I think Jihoo is more sensitive to Junpyo than the other guys. It’s possible that he knows something more is going on–I mean, even before they met Junpyo, Jihoo saw him in a restaurant and immediately knew that it wasn’t the right time to talk. Given, he was with his mom, but you know.)

Woobin: Why have you changed so much?
Junpyo: 700,000. Within the Shinhwa name, the employees and their families for whom I am responsible, are just short of 700,000. Try carrying 700,000 lives on your shoulders. And see if it doesn’t change you.


(I hate comparing the K and J versions of this drama, but I like how this is playing out SO much more here. It’s possible that Lee Minho has something to do with this.)

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 14 (5)

Okay, the mood has just completely changed because of the most ridiculously HORRIBLY dubbed ad in the existence of such things, courtesy of Junpyo.

Well, I guess Jandi is going to meet Junpyo no matter what! She wants to hear whatever it is straight out of the horse’s mouth.

They’re playing hide and seek. IN MASKS. LOVE IT. That would be so fun.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 14 (6)

However, Jandi can’t escape Junpyo, because his horrible ad keeps playing. It has made her cry though (I’m so tempted to crack another joke here… but I won’t). Jihoo is doing his best to be comforting.

(I actually found this scene to be rather heart-wrenching. Jandi put up a good front in front of the guys when they said Junpyo had changed and wouldn’t meet her, but when she is alone with Jihoo she can’t help but break a little.)

Jihoo called Junpyo out to ask him to meet Jandi. He said that’s all that he can do for her right now. (Again, we get this phrase! Admittedly, Jihoo is actually doing a bit better than Junpyo did with the spa products at the beginning of episode 11.)

I think this is a good scene because it demonstrates several things: Junpyo and Jihoo’s tight friendship, Jihoo’s care for Jandi, and Junpyo’s reluctant attachment to Jandi. (And as we see more of this episode, we learn that this had to be killer for Junpyo. He had to muster up a heck of a lot of courage to be so cold to Jandi, I’m sure.)

Interesting Jandi/Jihoo scene flashback? Jandi’s like, “After today, I’m not sure I can say these words. I’ve very glad I got to know you.” Maybe this is what Jihoo was talking about before? (I guess when Jihoo was talking before, he felt bad because he wasn’t able to do much for Jandi. Jandi is always being caring for him, so he wants to return the favor… but he has a lot of feeling attached. This kind of feels like the reverse of what happened early in the series: Jandi liked Jihoo but tried to fix his relationship with Seohyun, and now Jihoo turns to help Jandi by getting Junpyo to meet her.)

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 14 (7)

I guess it took a lot of deliberation for Jihoo to wake Jandi up so she could meet Junpyo. (Poor guy. I know I say that repeatedly and about both Jihoo and Junpyo, but it always seems so appropriate! They’re rich, but they’re POOR. Sad. LOL. Get it? CORNY ME.)

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 14 (8)

She has just spotted Junpyo… *choke* I don’t want to watch this scene. I know it’s going to be rough.

Jandi is tongue-tied and Junpyo is robotic 😦

Junpyo: You’re a stain I want to erase.
Jandi: That’s cruel, Gu Junpyo. You’re really cruel.
Junpyo: No. I’ve always been this kind of person. I just pretended that I wasn’t.

Did you hear that crack? It was my heart breaking D:

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 14 (9)

Jandi is going for a sad gondola ride to go through all of her memories of Junpyo.

I am SO not tearing up…………. okay, maybe I am. And maybe I just shed a few tears. D: (I stamp thee a drama of awesome, because it’s pretty hard to make me cry.)

BUT. The next scene reveals that Junpyo still has feelings for Jandi. He even says, “She’s not just ‘that kind of girl,'” to his mom when she speaks harshly of her.

Junpyo: She’s the first girl that your son has ever loved.

Madam Kang uses Junpyo’s father, along with the lives of the employees, as leverage. Are you planning on throwing all of that away? Are you planning on throwing your father away too? For that girl? That’s what she’s saying.

Madam Kang: What should I do with that Jandi girl? Should I make it so she can’t live in anywhere in Korea?

See, it’s things like this that are clearly keeping Junpyo away from her.

Junpyo: Don’t mess with Jandi. If you break your promise, I’ll destroy everything.

Poor guy! (LMAO, I swear I didn’t even make the connection that I just used this a few lines ago when I was writing this.)

(I can’t believe I didn’t initially have more to say about Junpyo having true and real feelings for Jandi still. I think he loves her more than he did six months ago. He cares for her to the extent that he will push her away for her well being. JLKDSfjsdl! The confusion this brings to me is huge. I love that they both still have feelings for each other. You kind of want Jandi to be suspicious and realize what’s going on, but Junpyo put on a good show. I think that deep down, she doesn’t fully believe him. However, for the time being… this is the way things are.)

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 14 (10)

Moving on… Jihoo is going to cheer Jandi up! “Give me today in payment for the ice cream.” SO! They’re off! Having lots of fun. Jihoo is oh-so good at distracting Jandi from sadness.

Oh no! Kangsan is hurting 😦

WHOA, the grandfather who visits the porridge shop is a doctor. And we get more confirmation about his relationship to Jihoo, especially since he has the same family portrait!

And he’s going to be the one to help Kangsan (hopefully). (I’ll bet this means that Jandi and Jihoo will go to his office in the future and TADA! a meeting will occur.)

Junpyo is walking by and he catches a glimpse of Jandi shopping. He pauses, but then he has to keep going.

Jaekyung later comes into the same store Jandi was in and admires the same shoes.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 14 (11)

AND HILARITY ENSUES. She picks up the shoe and a second later Junpyo starts grabbing it from her. “THIS IS MINE! “I got it first.” “I had my eyes on it first. Get your hands off of it.” “I won’t.” “Let go.”

Junpyo winds up getting it because his aide-guy helps him out lol. The mature guy he is, he sticks his tongue out at her.

To figure out Jandi’s size (this guy’s logic amazes me), he sticks the shoes on Jaekyung’s feet. When they fit, he demands for her to take them off. She doesn’t want to. And sticks her tongue out. LMAO!

A chase begins, and ends in Junpyo grabbing Jaekyung in such a way that she falls into his arms. Um, I think that would cause anyone to become smitten with a guy like Junpyo. It’s hard to tell what she thinks of him so far, but I’m just saying… I’d be curious about this guy after a weird encounter like this.

Anyway, Junpyo gets the shoes XD

While we don’t get to hear about what was wrong with Kangsan, we at least find out that Jihoo’s grandpa is a nice guy! I want to know more about this story.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 14 (12)

Madam Kang thinks that Junpyo has been busily tucked away in a conference room doing work. Truth is, Junpyo has been busily tucked away in a conference room looking at a slideshow of Jandi pictures that have been taken by some mysterious photographer! lol

It’s not really funny though, because he’s crying and sad. But now he has come across the video Jandi recorded for him a short while ago.

Junpyo is shaken by the video and gets up to leave, but the last clip (for whatever reason–I guess to pay homage to a deceased person, for Junpyo’s sake) shows Junpyo as a kid, hanging out with his father. And it’s just the thing to remind Junpyo that he needs to stay and care for the Shinhwa enterprise, for the sake of his father.

But really, F3, weird editing. That’s really JUST the way to make a person insane, and the horrible juxtaposition does make Junpyo quite upset. (Pauuuuse! It’s possible that this is not in the slideshow, but that it’s a memory that Junpyo is reminded by before he does something impulsive. I personally think it was a weird way to edit things because it’s confusing, but whatever. This is what Dramabeans speculated, so I thought I’d mention it.)

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 14 (13)

Jihoo has a weird friend who appears. Who can’t act his way out of a paper bag. LMFAO, HE’S SO FREAKING ATTACHED TO JIHOO. It’s ridiculous.

Is this guy into Jihoo? I think so. It sounds like he even learned Korean for him. And he’s very possessive of cups… for Jihoo… with their faces in NY on them… LMAO wtf.

Jandi seems to be thinking the same thing as me.

sdfklsdjfsdlj THIS IS SO RANDOM AND FUNNY. That guy hates Jandi!

But he’s pretty astute. He can tell that Jihoo really likes Jandi. He even says that he looks at her like he used to look at Seohyun.

I can’t believe Jandi is doing almost all of her sight-seeing in heels, when she normally wears those ugly, but practical boots.

Annnd they finish us off with a composite image of Jihoo, Jandi, and Junpyo, to definitely underline the love triangle thing we’ve got going on again. I mean, it never really went away, but it’s at full force now!

Annnd once again I took far too many screen caps, and wrote way too much text. When will I ever change? If I ever do change, it will probably be for the worst… so be satisfied with the current me lol!

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