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Clazziquai’s Alex and Ariel Lin

March 4, 2009

Two people I never pictured in an article together? Alex (Chu, of Clazziquai) and Ariel Lin. However, I just came across an article that has done just that. I think one reason I wouldn’t pair the two together in any way is because Alex (while a great singer) is only semi-popular, and of Korean fame. Ariel has explosive popularity in her native Taiwan.

Alex, Ariel Lin
Alex Ariel Lin

It becomes less of a stretch when you realize that Ariel Lin majored in Korean when she was in college. I can’t believe I’ve been any kind of fan of her (for almost two years!) and haven’t known this basic fact!

Here is the article that I’m talking about. It’s a rather fluffy article because there is no significant amount of information in it, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

The Korean emotion prince Alex views Ariel Lin as someone who has supported him a lot, and the person who he wants to work with the most is her! Recently he is trying to lose weight. Alex was originally a “tank”. Now he is lower one size in clothing.

Last month Alex accepted a Taiwan interview in Seoul. With his cut hair he looks a lot more skinnier, more like a sunshine boy. We nearly couldn’t recognize him. He expresses that he is healthier than before. He eats more vegetables now and less meat and he doesn’t eat any more deep fried foods. Without doing any weight-lifting exercises he has a lot less muscles. Actually he has only lost around 2-3kgs, but from since he entered the industry he has lost around 14kgs.

Ariel Lin had recommended Alex’s debut album. She translated the lyrics for the composer to hear. Alex said that he really wants to personally thank her, and if there’s a chance he hopes that he can do a duet with her. When the reporters told Alex that Ariel’s health isn’t at best, Alex’s expression was serious and said to Ariel : “You are like my benefactor, I sincerely hope that you will get well soon!”

Alex is now called “Korean’s most comfortable newcomer”. And he was “We Got Married’s” (Korean TV Show) most wanted Dream lover. He laughed, “I don’t know whether I am romantic or not. It might be because my observation is quite quick, and I would consider a lot for the other person!”

Source: Epochtimes; Credit: JPOO @ AsianFanatics

Isn’t it crazy to think of Alex losing weight? And MUSCLE?! I have no idea why he would do that. But to get right down to things, wouldn’t it beyond awesome to have a Ariel/Alex duet? I’m not going to expect one, but I would be all over it if they did one. Although… Alex kind of wins at singing, and Ariel… no comment ^^;;

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