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“Boys Before Flowers” Commentary – Episode 15

March 7, 2009

I can’t even tell you how much I want to get caught up with this show. I feel antsy just thinking about the fact that I’m not. LOL! It’s hard to avoid spoilers so often!

Fangirltainment - Boys Before Flowers Commentary

I watched this episode a few days ago, but I’ve been too busy to finish the post. Just thought I’d let you know.

(As a side note, I’m very sad to hear about the suicide of Jung Jayeon, who played Sunny in this show. I’m sure everyone who knew her is suffering a lot right now. She must have been in a bad state to resort to such drastic measures. It’s too bad!)

Episode 15. Spoilers!

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 15 (1)

Hehe, the woman at the store thinks that Jihoo and Jandi are newlyweds. Jihoo doesn’t correct her, and Jandi doesn’t notice because she doesn’t understand.

It’s odd though, because both of them are without wallets. Jandi just forgot hers D: LMAO, if that’s not the weirdest “coincidence” (AKA plot device) ever, I don’t know what is.

LMAO, did Ming steal Jihoo’s wallet? That’s so strange. I guess he did it so he could replace the picture in it? LOL wtf. (LMAO, this guy is the most out-of-the-blue, random character.)



I’ve never realized how tailor-made this song was to Jihoo. It’s so sad ;__;

This Jandi/Jihoo moment is so cute. Jandi is seeing Jihoo in a new light, I think. Well, not new… different. (I know it’s cheesy, and kind of unrealistic. but eh. I’ll overlook it.)

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 15 (2)

Jandi’s shoe broke! And Jihoo is giving her a piggyback. THAT IS SO FREAKING CUTE. I swear I’m not jumping ship, but I do love these two together.

Aw, Jihoo thanks Jandi for giving him the opportunity to earn money for the first time in his life. That’s pretty interesting! (Even though it’s also dorky that he wanted to do that?)

Poor Junpyo is being stalkery and watches. FOR A FREAKING LONG TIME. For hours!

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 15 (3)

OH MY GOSH, WHAT THE HECK IS JANDI DOING. I AM SO NERVOUS LMAO. She’s walking around in her PJs like she owns the place, and now we see her getting ready to pee lol.




Omgomgomg, and now Jandi has locked herself in and she’s crying. I LOVE HER HAHA.

This scene is so random, but I love it.

OMG cute, he left a message on her breakfast dish that says, “Memory erased ^^” lol sosocute.

(This whole scene could EASILY have been omitted, as could the histrionics, but it was a little funny.)

Jihoo goes back to the store where Jandi was admiring that certain pair of shoes… they sure are in high demand, aren’t they? (I guess that means that there are multiple pairs in stock? LOL)

Junpyo knows when Jandi’s flight leaves… but what will he do with this knowledge?

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 15 (4)

LOL, Jihoo can’t handle economy class, apparently lol. (Because of his long legs haha.)

Jandi is actually carrying her necklace around. THAT IS SO SWEET! (I wonder if here she is wondering what she’s going to do. She came all the way to Macau… to be rejected by Junpyo? What did this necklace ever mean anyway?)

OH, this is kind of a sad moment. Jihoo got Jandi the shoes she wanted, but is Junpyo on his way to the airport to give her the same shoes?

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 15 (5)

dsfkldjfdlskfjldskfjlsadkfjlksdfjalkjflksdjfslkdjfslkdfjsdlkfj JUNPYO IS COMING TOWARD JANDI DLSFJLSKFJALDKFJDLSK

WTF, why the heck is Junpyo being so bipolar? He’s getting mad at Jihoo for being the way he is with Jandi, but how is Jihoo (or Jandi, for that matter) supposed to know what’s going on with him?

He totally punches Jihoo for being understandable. Jihoo has kindly waited and backed off because Junpyo was his friend, but now Junpyo basically breaks up with Jandi and wtf? IDK, JUNPYO.

Everyone is so confused, and I feel so sad.

kdfgsjdflj I love “Mr. Jung” (I guess that’s who he kind of is. I will call him that). He is trying to comfort the distraught Junpyo, who is in the suckiest of sucky situations.

“Master, can you become a man in my heart?” fdsljfs, he is trying to help Junpyo be strong and manly.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 15 (6)

WHOA, how much of this scene did Jaekyung see?

(This whole scene just makes my head hurt. I guess I try to see things from both sides, and that makes it so I can’t CHOOSE a side. I’m all for Junpyo, but I can also see how Jihoo is feeling. PLUS, Jandi must be thinking some crazy thoughts because WHY would Junpyo be so cold and rejecting one second, and come see her off at the airport the next second? And get mad at Jihoo? UGH, it’s a mind-bend.)

I think there is supposed to be some kind of passage of time somewhere in this episode or the next. I’m thinking it could happen really soon. Maybe not that much time, but I think there is something…? Maybe not? (Because of the haircuts, I wondered this.)

Jandi has been sent to give porridge to the grandfather who is a doctor as well. (There isn’t much to say about this scene, but it’s cute.)

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 15 (7)

I LOVE Jihoo’s new hair! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Ever since I’ve seen pictures of it online I’ve loved it. It looks so good on him. Actually, it’s very Jaejoong-ish lol.

But what is he getting all dressed up for?

EHEHEHE to see Jandi!

LOL JANDI HELPED DELIVER A BABY? And now… does she want to go into the medical field? OMG cute, she wants to be a doctor.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 15 (8)

Junpyo is on TV! It makes Jandi sad, but weirdly enough Junhee, JP’s sister comes by in a car.

Seriously though, Jandi can’t escape this family! They’re around every corner!

Jandi is slowly being drawn into Junpyo’s room… I don’t think that’s a good idea, but she’ll do it anyway. It’s reminiscing time! I guess when she looks back on the time when Junpyo gave her the necklace, she sees him as a liar. He isn’t! D: Sad.

Junhee is so sweet though. She’s a good unni for Jandi.

Jandi: Unni, I lied. I’m not fine. I went because I wanted to see Gu Junpyo. But he’s changed into a completely different person… that I can’t believe it.”

Junghee is asking Jandi to give Junpyo another chance.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 15 (9)

Sneaky Yijung has just driven up to Ga Eul haha. How did he know where she would be?

Now I’m thinking that time HAS passed, but it’s been subtle. If everyone’s HAIR has changed simultaneously, don’t you think so…? Maybe it hasn’t been THAT long. It’s weird though.

Okay, so Ga Eul and Jandi are going to Junpyo’s 20th birthday party. LOL, Yijung is giving them “weapons” (aka clothes) for the “battlefield.”

Ohhh, Jandi is really sad because she never got to say “thank you” or that she liked Junpyo.

Mr. Jang came to the porridge shop! OMG SO SUSPICIOUS! Madam Kang has invited Jandi!

Wtf, why did Yijung pick out such frou-frou dresses? LOL.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 1 (10)

HAHA, the guys never stop getting called “F4,” do they?

What a laaaame birthday party. It’s so awkward.

Junpyo kind of looks like a doll, for whatever reason. Maybe because his face is so stiff D:

LOL AT JIHOO. He’s staring at Jandi like she’s the one who just got up on stage, instead of Junpyo.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 15 (11)

Junpyo just saw Jandi ;__;

OMO OMO OMO, Jandiiii, be careful D: Madam Kang is asking Jandi to sing Junpyo a song for his birthday wtf wtf wtf!

This scene is so scary omg omg. I am having flashbacks from the J-drama, and while I’m DESPERATELY trying to block them out, they are giving away everything about this scene. It’s making me really nervous.

GOD BLESS HER. SHE IS SINGING TO THE SONG. It’s throwing Madam Kang off.


(I lovelovelove this moment. Gu Hyesun’s acting is amazing here. I love the emotional way she sings the song. In fact, this song is ABSOLUTELY a new favorite of mine. You might say I’m obsessed with it.)

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 15 (12)

Here comes an important announcement (*bites nails*)…

JUNPYO’S FIANCE. DA NA NA~~~~! Even Junpyo is shocked by this!

It’s… Jaekyung! I wasn’t surprised, sadly, but I’ll sit back and watch this moment unfold.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 15 (13)

Madam Kang is overjoyed. No, she is delighted. She is practically bouncing up and down at everyone’s dismay!

Junpyo is going to talk to Jandi!



Everyone else is very “dot dot dot.”

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 15 (14)

LOL JAEKYUNG! She’s forcing a piggyback ride from Junpyo.

Their interactions are pretty awesome haha.

Jihoo is being somewhat philosophical with Jandi. IDEK.

Jihoo is now calling Junpyo… WHO IS OUTSIDE HIS DOOR LMAO.

DLSFDSFJSDLKFJ THE TEASER! LSDFDSL why can’t I watch it nowww. It’s so late 😦

Fail, I almost took 200 screen caps ;__; That’s going to take forever to go through (I managed to cut it down to 108… lol).

I guess this will be a very picture-oriented post, because I was not feeling this commentary. I know it sucks lol! Not that I usually have better ones, but you knowww. I’m just anxious to see episode 16.

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