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Teaser for Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” MV

March 7, 2009

Super Junior released a teaser for their MV, “Sorry Sorry,” earlier.

What do you think?

I think I’m going to love this song. I already want to hear the rest! It has a lot of energy and it sounds like it will be a fun listen.

K Bites posted the lyrics, and the pattern (and even some of the lyrics) remind me some of SNSD’s “Gee.” But I guess that’s good, because I’ve listened to “Gee” more times than I’d like to admit lol.

Here are the “Sorry Sorry” teaser lyrics:

Let’s Dance SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY nooni booshyeo booshyeo booshyeo soomi makhyeo makhyeo makhyeo naega michyeo michyeo BABY

Your eyes are dazzling dazzling dazzling
I am suffocating suffocating suffocating
I’m going crazy, crazy baby

I’m so excited about Super Junior starting their third album promotion. I was into Kpop when they came out with their second album, but I didn’t have any particular attachment to SJ then. I do owe these guys though, because they were one of my first Kpop groups, even though I didn’t pay much attention to them lol. I have since grown quite fond of them, so I’m loving the fact that they’re together once again.

All I can say about the MV… is that it looks like it’s going to interesting. I love the fact that dancing will be included in the song! Ah, I love how everyone looks. In the line up they have going on in the teaser… doesn’t Siwon stand out so much? I think he and (surprisingly!) Shindong look really fab in their suits. BUT, of course, everyone looks terribly shiny and amazing. I think those two guys simply stood out to me because they’re wearing lighter shades.

We just have two more days to wait for the song “Sorry Sorry,” because they’re releasing it online on the 9th.

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