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Song review: Super Junior – “Sorry Sorry”

March 9, 2009

Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” = AWESOME.

Super Junior - Sorry Sorry

LIKE… I have a hard time putting into words how much I like it, even though it goes against my principles for what is quality music HAHA. But I usually find myself drawn to pop music that is catchy above all else. I mean, everyone’s voice is distorted to some extent, for stylistic reasons, probably. I typically cringe at such voice “mutilations,” but here it works so well. Even though it’s a shame to hear voices like Ryeowook or Kyuhyun’s (or half of the other guy’s voices, for that matter) become very much like everyone else’s, it adds continuity to the song–which isn’t supposed to show off everyone’s individualistic vocals. I think this song is simply supposed to be fun and exciting. They’re sure to have other songs that will display the musical talent that is within this group.

This song is the ULTIMATE dance song though. REALLY. I guess I have to find out if it stands the test of time, but right now I can see this being on my top ten of 2009 list. Sometimes it doesn’t take a really mind-blowing song to become a favorite of mine. If I can go back to it over and over because I can’t get it out of my head… how is that NOT good? It’s its own right, of course. If you saw my favorites of 2008, you’d know that I consider song quality as well. I’m not that petty LOL.

I really hope the rest of the “Sorry Sorry” album is up to par with this song, but I’m not expecting it. My predictions for Super Junior’s third album? They’ll have their popular “Sorry Sorry,” along with several semi-catchy songs (nothing like “Sorry Sorry” though), and the rest of the album will be a mix of ballads and ??? songs. And by “???” I mean songs that are kind of in between… iffy… lol.

I do say this affectionately though, because I have listened to all of Super Junior’s stuff loads in the past. However, their albums are never as exciting or as good as the songs they promote. I feel like this about Dong Bang Shin Ki too. There is nothing so “bad” that I can’t listen to it; it’s just that there is nothing so “good” that I want to play the album more than three times in a row (although three times in a row plus three times in a row plus three times in a row etc. adds up).

But I do want to be proven wrong. If I’m not, I won’t be disappointed. It would just be fun to be surprised.

Super Junior’s full album is released on March 12.

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