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Boys Before Flowers – “Yesterday” Junpyo/Jandi Fan-MV

March 11, 2009

I knowww, I’m a dork. As you probably know, I am another addict of Boys Before Flowers. What you may NOT know is that whenever I really like something, I have this need to put it to music. LMAO. I mean, sort of.

The thing is, I really like this show, and I think there are so many good moments that need to be smooshed together and viewed as a whole. Also, music can really say more than words when it comes to things such as cheesy romance plots filled with crazy angst. Junpyo and Jandi clearly need my help–they need me to take their story and arrange it to song (LOL).

SO, that’s what I did. I’m pretty much addicted to Taru (you may know her from The Melody) lately, so she was pretty much my involuntary partner in “crime.” Her song “Yesterday,” which I used in this video, is BEYOND gorgeous. I actually tried to translate it myself, but wound up having someone help me on Soompi. (Note to self: must do a Taru pimp-post ASAP).

I hope you like the video and can see all of my love for sappiness in it. I used clips from episodes 1-16, and nothing beyond that. I added subtitles for the lyrics, so everyone could get the full effect. I was hoping the HQ option would kick in sooner rather than later, but YouTube is being a pain. Sorry!

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  1. janicaTE permalink
    April 27, 2009 11:58 am

    wow ~
    thanks for sharing this unnie ^^
    keep it up 🙂

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