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Discussion: Boys Over Flowers – Jihoo vs. Junpyo

March 11, 2009

This article on K Bites about the outcome of Boys Before Flowers has me really freaking out LOL! It’s just a question, but it’s a question with power!


The question is basically: will Jandi end up with Yoon Jihoo or Goo Junpyo?

Let me talk about this more under the cut. I am only 16 episodes through still, but I have seen the J-drama so I might accidentally let a giant spoiler loose. I hate being spoiled myself, so I need to give you a warning lol.

OKAY, so according to K Bites, the production team wants to scare me a lot:

It was planned that the ending to the Korean version of ‘Boys Over Flowers’ to be that of Goo [Junpyo]-Geum [Jandi]. But the production to the Korean version of the drama has revealed that they may have an ending that is different from the original version.

This is SO speculation worthy. Did they release this statement to keep us on our toes? Or to warn us?

I honestly can’t imagine them veering off the original plot THAT much a this point, but they are probably allowed to do that if they chose to.

And then, someone in the comments brought up the “prophesy” Jandi got early in the series–the one that had to do with a husband and a soulmate? I can’t remember the exact wording, but apparently Jandi can’t have both. Or can she? It’s really tricky, right? Plus, that was supposed to be a dream.

The thing is, in both the Japanese and Korean versions, the character of Yoon Jihoo is so admirable. He is very devoted to Jandi and he is much more outwardly caring to her than Junpyo. However, it’s hard to resist the sexual tension and angst provided by Junpyo/Jandi.

I guess I ultimately feel that we’ll get a Junpyo/Jandi ending, but it’s not totally out of my realm of thinking that Jihoo/Jandi is possible. I was partly rooting for them in the J-drama, and I have developed a soft spot for them in the K-drama. The only trouble is that I freakishly love Junpyo, so I kind of need him to have a happy ending too. I guess he could be with Jaekyung, but she’s not the moon to his star (or is it the other way around? I can’t remember the metaphor). And we can’t forget that this, indeed, a K-drama. Typically, no matter how good the secondary guy is, we get the main two together.

We’ll see though!

To me, it’s weird how clearly I see Junpyo/Jandi working out, but everyone over at K Bites was saying, “It should be Jihoo/Jandi!” I know I haven’t seen the most recent three episodes, but… ah, who knows. I do know that it was hard to believe the J-drama could end well and it did.

What do you think? What do you think the BEST outcome would be, and what do you think WILL happen? I love chatting about this kind of thing, and since I’m dying from my busy life right now… I would love to keep watching until I’m caught up, but it’s not happening this week (a family member is getting married, so I’ll be preoccupied with that). A discussion would be really fun right now.

I don’t care about general spoilers. Just don’t say, “IN EPISODE 19 JIHOO AND JANDI GET MARRIED AND THEY HAVE TWELVE RED-HEADED CHILDREN,” lol. Although, I’ll accept “spoilers” like, “Jandi and Jihoo’s interaction in the episodes you haven’t seen really shows how compatible they are for each other,” and, “Junpyo is a farty-head and episode 18 proves that.”

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  1. Arivle permalink
    March 11, 2009 8:01 pm

    All want is GJP and GJD back together and PLEASE PD and writers don’t even dare change the original ending of the story cause that would really suck….I understand the confusion and mixed signals from the last couple of episodes but JanDi is meant to be Jun Pyo she is the only one who can tame him and tell him the straight true to his face…JiHoo on the other hand is way too perfect for my taste there is no chemistry or sparks with him, just a sense of boredom and compassion, if he really loves Jandi why doesn’t he do something, is too late in the story to change the ending…..

  2. March 11, 2009 11:57 pm

    I know! I want them together too. I will feel more than slightly cheated if they pull something and change the story. I DO like Jihoo, but I agree that he’s too perfect. And even though he’s there for Jandi, she doesn’t seem to feel the same about him… which isn’t ideal.

    Having Junpyo and Jandi together makes me HAPPY. I think Jaekyung is fun, and probably would work decently with Junpyo, but there isn’t that balance he has with Jandi. Jandi really does straighten him out a bit. If they DON’T get together, it will just prove that money can win out over love LOL, as cheesy as that sounds.

  3. September 4, 2010 5:21 am

    Junpyio na bukolan ako kaya kailangan ko ang tulong mo bilhan mo ako ng gamot……

  4. Miranda permalink
    November 20, 2010 10:12 pm

    I Want Junpyo and Janji To be together Although the feelings don’t seem mutual… I feel as if Jihoo Is too much of a player.. Junpyo Cares so much about her and i can’t help but to think it will all work out in the end! At least.. I hope so!

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