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Se7en – Girls MV (feat. Lil’ Kim)

March 12, 2009

Geez, I have going non-stop since I’ve woken up, and I’m simply exhausted.

And I’d like to say that Se7en’s been going non-stop as well, but he’s has been postponing his debut for over two years now. What for? Who knows. You can’t be too hard on entertainers though, so never mind about that now! Se7en finally released his single “Girls,” featuring Lil’ Kim a few days ago.

There really isn’t much to say for this song because I’ve already heard it and “condemned” it enough. In short, I don’t think it’s a very good song. It’s alright, but there are so many flaws. The song is repetitive, Se7en’s accent is too present, and Lil’ Kim’s feature doesn’t make the song any better. (Let’s not even get into the lyrics.)

Se7en Girls Music Video Ft. Lil Kim

The MV is so-so. Se7en looks good of course, but could this video get any more boring? It’s not like YG sucks at making babe-licious videos lol. For instance, Big Bang’s “Number 1” video had scantily clad women right and left, but the vibe was so much cooler. I know the production teams were different–a director can make all the difference in the creation of a video (take a look at the two versions of BoA’s “Eat You Up” to see this in action)–but that’s the point. I’m sure this video could have been interpreted more interestingly. I’m being picky though, because the video didn’t kill me. I just see potential being flushed down the toilet (and you know an average song can be polished up by a fabulous video).

What’s good about this video is the warm coloring, Se7en, Lil’ Kim having very few body-displaying scenes, and the “fun” party atmosphere of the entire thing. I guess it seems kind of chill, and it downplays the absurdity of the lyrics (“I’m kind of like MJ, I like ’em black or white…”) slightly.

What’s bad about this video is Se7en not dancing very much, Lil’ Kim groping her body, the sleep-enducing pattern of scenes, and lame shots of women disassociated with anything but laughter and partying.

I don’t think there is any reason to be this hard on the guy, but I want so much for Se7en to do well in America; I can’t help but want him to have a more successful image. Here’s hoping him the best anyway. I mean, I went and bought his song on iTunes regardless. I am going to play it more in hopes that it will grow on me (even though it still hasn’t with about ten listens).

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