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“Boys Before Flowers” Commentary – Episode 16

March 15, 2009

(I had this all ready to post almost a week ago, but then I lost the file on my computer. Just found it!)

I’m determined to finish this episode ASAP! I am going to have no time to watch any of this next week, so I am going to try hard to get caught up this weekend. (And thankfully, I did finish this episode over the weekend… last weekend!)

Fangirltainment - Boys Before Flowers Commentary

Episode 16. Spoilers!

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 16

I wonder what’s going to happen here, with Junpyo and Jihoo.

LMAO, I love their relationship. Junpyo’s all, “I only came here because it’s closest,” and he makes a lot of excuses why he couldn’t go to Yijung’s or Woobin’s. Of course, Jihoo has to bring up, “What about me getting punched?” Junpyo’s reply made me laugh out loud: “Uh… fine. Hit me! If I take one, then we’ll be even.”

LDFlsjf, “Did… everyone get home safely?” JUNPYO, I love you! Jihoo is so wonderfully astute though, and know she meant Jandi.

Haha, Jihoo just handed Junpyo the present Jandi left behind (for Junpyo). It has a card inside. I can’t believe how sweet she was, wishing him happy memories and no loneliness.

I feel bad for Jihoo, because he is smart enough to see what’s going on. And the thing is, he has the power to try to work things in his advantage. But it’s between his feelings and his friend, and UGH, that’s always a hard place to be in. Do you care for yourself more? Obviously we like to think that we can be altruistic, but we don’t want to be deep down.

Either way, he’s taking care of Junpyo tonight; he even made his feel-good food, PANCAKES (but are they for him, or for Junpyo? Both?). Jihoo is a good friend, that’s for sure. However, he’s distracted by what he DIDN’T say to Jandi (that he actually meant what he said to Junpyo in Macau) and winds up pouring (practically) a whole bottle of syrup on the pancakes LMAO.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 16

Jandi’s back at school and she has Jaekyung calling her “Beef Jerky” lol. I LOVE HER lol. She is so funny.

Ohhhh, dang it. I just remembered something about the J-drama that’s super frustrating and they’re clearly going to use the same thing again! *Hits forehead* I won’t go on about it.

ANYHOW, she clearly doesn’t recognize Jandi except from their encounter in Macau, and she definitely doesn’t know they she had a relationship with Junpyo.

LMFAO, Jaekyung lets her sentences together. She goes from talking about going to university, to asking if Jandi wants to be “sisters” with her (unni/dongseng). She says Jandi is as cute as a mouse! LJSDflksdj

But dude, why on earth is Junpyo at school?

I guess Jaekyung has decided that she likes being Junpyo’s fiancee, because she’s flaunting it like crazy. She’s being sssssoooooooooooo embarrassing too, saying, “Do you want me to bite your ear like last time?” OMG. LMFAO. WITH EVERYONE WATCHING. DIES FOR HIM.

SAFISDLF “From now on, I’m going to tame you.” AHHHHH she is a hoot.

Woobin moment! He saw Jandi and like the awesome guy he is, went over to talk to her. I mean, all he told her was that Junpyo was going to Shinhwa University with them (which means along with Jaekyung too), but it was nice that he told her.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 16

I love Jandi. Even though you can tell she’s not happy with Jaekyung being Junpyo’s fiancee, she is willing to admit that she’s a cool person.


Yeesh, Jaekyung’s bodyguard is so stern and scary. LMAO.

Sooo, Jaekyung took Jandi and Ga Eul out for a girl’s day. Jaekyung hasn’t had any friends because he family moved around so much when she was young. SO, it seems that she has latched onto Jandi, which is teeeeerribly unfortunately for Jandi. Poor thing!

Because… she gets asked questions like, “What kind of girl does Junpyo like?” SADDD. Jandiiii-ah! *Hugs her*

Jaekyung keeps at her questioning, and Jandi is actually relenting and telling her some things. It’s cute, because it shows how much Jandi knows Junpyo.

UGH, Jaekyung just asked Jandi to be her dating coach. *Head-to-desk*

LMAO at Jihoo suggesting that Yijung and Woobin (“Don Juan and Cassanova”) try to use their skills to get Junpyo out of his engagement.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 16

alkjdflkdjfl JAEKYUNG JUST SHOWED UP AT JANDI’S HOUSE! She invited herself over for the night, and now she’s in a tracksuit… this is strangely familiar… lol.

Aw, Jaekyung is asking Jandi if she has a first love. ;__;

Jaekyung: So you do! What kind of person is he like?
Jandi: Just… kind of a blank person.
Jaekyung: A blank person?
Jandi: When I looked at him, I would go blank. He was that kind of person.

This is so sad. Jaekyung is completely happy, and Jandi is miserable.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 16

Junpyo/Jandi stare moment! Junpyo asked Jandi why she stopped swimming. D:

lskdfjsdf heartbreak!!!!!!! ugh

Jihoo is luckily nearby, so Jandi’s trying to hitch a ride.

LJFALSJDFLKSDJF DIES. After sizing Jihoo up, she decided that THIS is Jandi’s first love. She’s basically like, “Oh, so Jandi! This is the person that you like!” Making evvvvverything awkward.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 16

OH. EM. GEE. LAJFAFL. Jihoo is going into the office where his supposed grandfather works. D: What’s going to happen?

They saw each other and then Jihoo bolted 😦

There is some mystery there, but hopefully it will be revealed in good time.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 16

LMAO, Jaekyung has come into the porridge shop with two exhausted guys–Yijung and Woobin. I guess their charms were no match for Jaekyung!

LOL, flashback time. It’s so cute to see Yijung thinking he’s totally OWNING at this womanizing thing, right before… she suggests using a priceless piece of pottery for her lion’s (!!! lol) dish.

Next, it’s Woobin’s turn. He has a bunch of guys menacingly surround Jaekyung, and comes in to save the day. And he randomly winks at her. LMAAAAAAAOOOOO. But, his coolness is stolen when Jaekyung’s bodyguards come and ruin everything.

The best part is when she somehow gets both of them together and drags them to noraebang with her lol. And she sings Wonder Girls’ “Nobody”! Haha. The venture looks exhausting. And then they eat chicken legs and guzzle soju. LOL. She is more intense than these prissy boys.

Woobin says (to Ga Eul, who’s hearing this story) that the emergency method is to get “those two” together. Which two?

AH, and complete suckage right here: I forgot it was Daylight Savings, so I am losing an hour of day. Instead of it being 1 AM, it’s 2, and I definitely will be up until 3 if I am not careful. I have to get up early tomorrow, so I’ll have to finish the rest later. I must. finish. LOL!

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 16

Starting back again! In the light of day, too. I actually have yet to watch this show in daylight, believe it or not. I always wait until it’s dark.

Jandi is thinking back to earlier, when she was still with Jihoo’s grandfather. She pours him tea and prepares to leave him in peace, when he comes out with a shocking statement: “I”m the one who killed them,” meaning his family. What’s crazy about him saying this is that Jihoo said the exact same thing a few episodes back.

Okay, so Jandi’s phone just rang and it’s something wild… Ga Eul is saying she and Yijung are going on a date! LMAO, I’m sure this is part of the scheme to get things resolved between Jandi and Junpyo, or whatever. Jandi is rightfully freaking out, which makes me giggle a lot. Ga Eul plays ignorant, and quickly finds a way to hang up.

sdkfjsdklfasfdsjfkdlsjfl Jandi is imagining all the bad things that could happen to Ga Eul on this date with the womanizer Yijung lol.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 16

OKAY, THIS IS EPIC LOLZ: Woobin is dancing to “Paradise” on TV, sung by his group (T-Max, and well, it’s his actor’s group). IDK, THIS IS SO FREAKING FUNNY.

HAHA, he just grooves out to the song while Jandi goes to find… JUNPYO!

To make things all the funnier, Jandi walks in on Junpyo toweling off after a shower or something. KDSJFSDKFJ


This scene is really cracking me up. Jandi is so flustered and worried at the same time over the whole Ga Eul/Yijung thing. “What if they end up at a hotel?” DJDSLFJSD

Woobin simply adds fuel to the fire. HAHAHA! “He could finish her off in two… no, one day.”

laksfsdlkfjdslj this scene is so amazingly hilarious. Woobin is demonstrating Yijung’s “five second kill” and both Junpyo and Jandi are taken aback.

LOLOL, Junpyo: Is Yijung on drugs to date Ga Eul?

It’s too cute how Jandi and Junpyo are interacting. How did the guys know that this would do the trick? At least for a little while. It’s enough to get them to speak to each other without slippery emotions getting in the way.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 16

Yijung and Ga Eul are so freaking adorable. Yijung: We’ve already acting together before, haven’t we?

I love how Junpyo is beyond indifferent about this situation and is just letting himself be bullied around by Jandi. Jandi is like a chicken with her head cut off!

I feel a bit bad for Ga Eul in this situation, because she actually DOES like Yijung.

Now we get to see what Jihoo’s doing. He’s at his parent’s gravesite, and he apparently thinks that his grandfather hates him. Sad! Poor guy. It’s probably the reverse.

It looks like Yijung and Ga Eul are actually having some fun on their “date.” I wonder how much of it is acting, on either side?

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 16


Yijung is such a freaking player. He knows just what to do to make women swoon, eh? He just took his jacket off for Ga Eul.

Haha, I love how Junpyo sticks up for his friend though. Jandi is beating Yijung down, and Junpyo is pointing out that what Yijung is doing isn’t improper… it’s considerate.

kljlkjfkldsjfldksjflkdsjflksdjfkldsjfklsdjf Junpyo is sharing his jacket with Jandi. The excuse is “because it’s cold,” but really……………………. omggggggggggggg ♥


Boys Before Flowers - Episode 16

SDFKLDSZJLFDS Junpyo knows just what Yijung will do. “Shall we go up [to a hotel room]?” is apparently what he’s best at saying. Junpyo: Although he’s my friend, Yijung’s really the player of all players.”

It’s hilarious how Jandi is scheming to foil Yijung’s “schemes.” Yijung is watching and ahhh, his plan is working.

HAHA, Jandi and Junpyo are sitting in awkwardness, thanks to their “stealing” of Ga Eul and Yijung’s room service.

AH! They spoke at the same time. “Congratulations,” from Jandi, and, “Thanks,” from Junpyo. Awkwardness. Jandi says a late “happy birthday,” and Junpyo says a late “thanks for the present.”

Aw, Jandi says congratulations on his engagement as well. “Unni is a good person.”

OMG, *nervous nervous.* Madam Kang is in this hotel too! D:

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 16

flksdflkdjsflksdjkfjsdlkfsdlkfj JANDI HAS BEEN SPOTTED!




Junpyo just stopped his mom from hitting Jandi, so she slapped him.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 16

As Junpyo is being carted away, he gets a moment to text something to Jihoo… something he is regretful of. D: What is it?

Jandi went to the doctor’s office to clean up. I guess it’s so she can get her mind off of what happened.

Jihoo has arrived, and he’s trying to get Jandi’s full attention. He’s comforting her omggggg ♥

Next day at school: Junpyo ignores Jandi.

OH CRAP, something’s wrong at Jandi’s home. (I guess they’re in debt… sigh!)

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