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YG’s girl group’s new name is “2NE1”

March 30, 2009

LMFAO, the female Big Bang’s name has been change. You know, they were “21,” and then I heard them being called, “21, to Anyone,” and I guess YG has settled on the retina-burning “2NE1.” *Weeps a little.*


I’m joking about being so disappointed, but I was hoping we’d get something clean and easy to read. Although, while “Big Bang” fits that bill, YG is also known for having a group called “1TYM,” so I don’t know why I’m surprised.

I think this quick change of name has to do with the fact that people were remembering another artist by the name of “21” who debuted in 2005. Frantic to be unique, I’m sure YG tried rearranging the name just enough to keep the concept, but ditch the comparison.

Apparently, the “NE” in “2NE1” is a reference to the phrase “new evolution.” Even though that’s what it means, no one will be thinking about that much in the future. I think we’ll all just sit around and wonder how it’s pronounced, like I find myself doing with many DSP Entertainment group names. SS501 is a tricky one (pronounced “double-es-five-oh-one”), as is A’ST1 (I think it’s “aye-style”). Not only is 2NE1 hard to type, it’s a bit ambiguous when it comes to pronunciation. I think the real way to say it results out of the original name, 21 (“two-en-ee-one”), but I can see people saying it like “to-anyone” or the blunt “two-N-E-one,” and that’s not even to begin saying it with the Korean pronunciation of numbers.

Good luck to them though. Even though they are supposed to be the female counterpart of Big Bang, they have a name that makes them sound like the female counterpart of 1TYM. I hope they take the best of both and rule Kpop-dom lol.

And for your reference, according to K Bites, YG said the following:

“It is such a shame that we didn’t thought of a singer with the same name. Even though we do not have any plans to change their name, we will change the English name of ‘To Anyone (투애니원)’ to 2NE1. “

“Though they have the same name, the meaning to the names are different. Hence we hope that fans will not misunderstand. Please continue to support the group.”

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