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Big Bang and 2NE1’s ‘Lollipop’ MV released

April 3, 2009

Big Bang and 2NE1’s “Lollipop” MV has been released, and I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve watched it. It’s too embarrassing to say. There is just so much to look at and enjoy!

There are some negative things I think about this song/video/project, but I’m petty enough to let those slide in favor of sparkle and cuteness.

But I’ll mention what I don’t like, regardless. First of all, the song is simply okay. I like it, but it’s not phenomenal. It has a weird repetitive nature to it and when all things boil down… it’s a song with a lollipop theme. Sry to break it to you. Secondly, it’s branded entertainment. That, in itself, takes away a lot of the shine this project could have. I forgive them all for doing it, but it’s basically a giant advertisement that they’re trying to disguise as something else. Thirdly, whaaat kind of crack were the stylists on? I can overlook it, but there is no way I can’t mention that they look like a bunch of hobos (although you know it’s to add to the craziness of the MV).

Despite its faults, this project has a lot to offer, and I enjoy it. The song IS catchy and decent to listen to, which is pretty much awesome for a song based on a cellphone. AND, we get to meet 2NE1, which makes me very happy.


The MV is what I really am crazy for though. Like I said, I keep watching it. The girls are so freaking adorable! I love them. I am a bit miffed that the camera played favorites, but we did get to see everyone. I love little things like how awesome CL is. She has so much PRESENCE. It’s insane. No wonder she’s the group’s leader. I love the high-five her and Seungri do lol. I can’t get over how much I still love GD even though he looks like… I don’t even know what. Like CL, he knows how to work the camera. Minji and Sandara are pretty adorable, and Seungri and Daesung (even though they didn’t have enough parts, imo) were awesome. Taeyang constantly draws me in with his moves, sheesh. He’s probably the one group member I consistently feel happy with lol. TOP, omg. He amazes me, because he doesn’t seem like he would fit doing wild stuff this video requires, but he does it. OH, and Bom is soooo amazingly gorgeous. I don’t know how she is so pretty and cute at the same time, but she totally is.

I have one more thought about 2NE1 I want to add before I finish. Can I say how excited I am about them? It’s like everything I love about Big Bang in a female group. I like the way YG handles their artists. It’s fun to have a new group to freely fangirl over.

IDK, I was going to write more but I’m not feeling 100% right now. I hope you had fun with this video too.

P.S. I also liked the Taeyang/CL in this video! Actually, it was kind of CL/everyone, wasn’t it?

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