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w-inds. – ‘Rain is Falling’ PV featuring G-Dragon

April 10, 2009

To my surprise, w-inds.’s “Rain is Falling” PV/MV has come out already. As far as I know, the single isn’t released until next month? Either way, it’s nice to see it now.

It’s an okay video, in my opinion. It’s not mind-blowing, but it’s not boring to watch. Lol though, sorry to say it, but the choreography is completely amusing to me. But I actually noticed they do the famous “Lies” move ^^ Cuteness.

When it comes to the song, I feel that it is pretty decent. I definitely want to get a chance to listen more; that way, I can get a better feel for it.

As far as G-Dragon goes, I think his parts in the song and video are cooler than I was expecting. I like how the lyrics pop up around him in the video hehe. I’m not a big fan of that bunned hair on anyone, but I may be changing my mind in light of his newest style šŸ˜‰ The “Einstein” hair actually looks good when it’s not paired with a pink jumpsuit.


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