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Wtf? Korean cow dreams of America?

April 13, 2009

Okay, so most people who have television in the US have come across those commercials of cows in California. The tagline for these commercials is: “Great milk comes from happy cows. Happy cows come from California.” This line gives support to the brand name, which is “Real California Milk/Cheese.” I guess this set of commercials is to invite people to vote for their favorite cow online… and I could give you so many reasons why this is a good marketing strategy, but I have a feeling you’d be bored to death.

ANYWAY, one of the few cows they’ve featured so far is a Korean cow named “Soo.” I was with my sister, watching something stupid like… Paula Dean… when this commercial came on. I was so surprised to see a cow speaking Korean at me that I stopped talking to my sister and just stared.

Aside from the Korean “Soo,” there is Kirsten from Canada, April from Wyoming, Shelby from England, Jenn from New Orleans, Alicia from who knows where.

I have to give it to them: these commercial have me laughing. However, all of them are kind of derogatory. Even so, I can understand the other commercials that use cows from other parts of the country. When you tease your own country’s stereotypes, it’s kind of considered “poking fun.” But to have a cow from a perfectly decent looking Korean backdrop say, “It’s been my dream to go to America,” along with the YouTube sidebar proclaiming, “For many generations, my ancestors have also dreamed of this stunning country”… it’s just a bit off in my opinion. I say the same for the Canadian and British cows, but at least they have the benefit of speaking the same language.

Eh, I know it’s stupid to analyze commercials, but I think we should be careful when it comes to humor about other countries.

But I digress, the Korean cow was my favorite. Am I biased? Maybe. How cute was that “California” song though?

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