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Belated post: 2008 MKMF Awards (and more!)

April 15, 2009

Haha, when I was cleaning out my computer today I found a file with my thoughts on some of the 2008 MKMF Awards (from November LOL), including the Hyori/Big Bang performance. It somehow feels wasteful to throw away such a huge chunk of words, so I’m just going to go ahead and post it.

MKMF 2008 - TOP and Lee Hyori MKMF 2008 - TOP and Lee Hyori

From the pictures, can you tell what my favorite part was? LOL. I still can’t get over how amusingly shocking that moment was, and how so many photographers captured it so well even though it was a slip second deal.

As an extra bonus, I’ve included something random I wrote about Big Bang’s “Lies,” in early December of 2007… wtf LOL? It’s at the very end.

Written: November 16, 2008

I wound up watching the a portion of the MKMF Awards on Tudou, but I think something was wrong with the sound… because LMAO, everyone sounded a little weird.

Big Bang and Lee Hyori:

All I can say after everything is: EPIC. Big Bang history right here, ya’ll.

First of all, I am really happy about the way they executed the whole “Naman Barabwa” thing. A lot of fans were feeling kind of irritated that GD would be performing his part 2, but isn’t it great that we got to see so many different angles of this song? I loveloveloved how it was like Hyori-Youngbae duet at first (both looking so freaking hot), and then GD came in with his bit. Because I subbed that song before, I knew by heart what he was saying, even if I didn’t know the meaning of every word lol. That was kind of fun. Anyway, I liked the moving floor part and how he knelt and Hyori kissed his head.

AND THEN. TOP came out. I can’t imagine how amazing this must have been to watch without knowing what was happening. DUDE, I so wish I could have experienced that, but there was no way I could figure out how to (I love my Mac, but it seems like it’s incompatible with everything out there to stream live videos). ANYWAY, I thought it was hilarious how he walked around and around Hyori, building up the mood and suspense. And I am right there with the audience when he takes his glasses off! Boy has the best eyes out there. I think my favorite part of this scene is how mischievous he looks. He gives the audience a good look-over (grinning a little sneakily, I might add), and fakes everyone out by bending near her forehead. Then he leans in, and it’s the quickest kiss in history! But it’s right on the smacker haha. Both of their faces are priceless. Hyori can’t keep from smiling (I wonder if the situation is just so funny; I personally would feel that it would be great to launch something like that on both respective camps of fans, if I were in that position), and TOP practically shouts out his next line (which is actually the line that goes before the line he already said… so confusing lmao), with the biggest “secret” smile ever. Love it. The energy is great.

And let me just say: it’s funny to see “Lie” performed by just TOP, Taeyang, and GD (with the addition of Hyori, who adds a great dynamic; I love the way they “weaved” in and out so clearly in the chorus). OH, and I was really surprised when they so smoothly segued into “Haru Haru”! AWESOME! The first time I saw it, I was like, “…………….HARU HARU???”

Pause time! I just started thinking: I love that they paired these people together. Hyori and Big Bang are a great mix for a number of reasons. Firstly, they like each other (and have even before their recent interactions). Secondly, they’ve become better acquaintances lately (definitely with Daesung and Hyori being on Family Outing together). Thirdly, if any boy group is going to mix with Hyori, I think Big Bang is the right match professionally. Why? Because most of the male idol groups out there are young, it’s clear that a group mixed with Hyori will have to be dongseng/nuna-ish. But I think you have to have the right “image” to go with someone with a sexy image like Hyori. I think because Big Bang is young, but slightly edgy, they work. Sure, a group like DBSK is probably the right age range, as is SS501, but Big Bang can be a little more experimental, I think. They have proven themselves versatile. Ugh, but I hesitate to praise them so much, because I know I am biased. And I am worried someone will come in and make me feel like I am making gross exaggerations, but I want to say what is in my head… so I will. It’s like the air is right for this. Watching them on stage, it’s clear that they are comfortable with each other. I think that is what makes this work best.

HOMG, I frickin’ loved the “U-Go-Girl” remix with Seungri. It was awesome! And perfect for Seungri. Honestly, I can’t tell you how much I love this collab. All the Big Bang boys are great with Hyori and vice versa!

LMFAO, I love it when Daesung calls:

Hyori: “Hello?”
Daesung: *crazy noises*
Hyori: “Hello??”
Daesung: “It’s me!”
Hyori: “Hello?”
Daesung: “sdlfjds!!!”
Hyori: “Could it possibly be…”

LOL, and then Daesung comes out and is like, “IT’S DAESUNG!” haha, and does “Look at Me, Hyori” LOL. Haha, I love how they keeping showing one of the girls from Davichi, and she gets so freaking excited when Daesung comes out. Who can blame her? He is a genuine ray of sunshine. Plus, he is just exuding confidence lately. Loveee. This was probably one of the most fun performances to watch because Hyori and Daesung are so comfortable with each other. AH, adorable. Hyori can’t help but grin lol.

And I should say the word “love” anymore, but I LOVED the GD-Kush remix of Hyori’s “10 Minutes.” It was perfect for this performance. Their outfits were so freaking wild, but it was fun too. I like the way they started it, with just Daesung on stage. HYORI RAPPING! So notable. She’s not bad (although I’ve heard her do it before). She looked really good here too. It’s amazing how fast she transformed. Oh, and the fact that she’s dancing in those shockingly huge heels the whole time? Super props. I have trouble in heels when I’m just walking regularly. OH, and the best part? The end! I don’t mean that sarcastically. It was a cute end! When Daesung spun Hyori around and then put his arm around her. HAHA, adorable.

Wouldn’t it be the best if we could have studio versions of all of these songs? It would never happen, but it would be fun lol.

Best Male Group:

Daesung running to hug Chunhee = OMG LOVE. I also noticed that Chunhee let out a whoop when he heard Big Bang got the award. HAHA, and I was cracking up at the confusion the boys had when they were going to accept the award. Everyone was motion for Youngbae to go up, but he was like, “ME???” HAHA, of course you, silly. And wow, they look so freaking short next to Chunhee! HAHAHA!

Artist of the Year:

OMG, their grins are so lovable. YAY!!! I wish I could have watched this live… but I couldn’t, so I’m going to just enjoy this moment. AH, and TOP accepted the award. That was really cute. He just wound up in the middle and everyone was like, “GO AHEAD!!!” haha. AND HE WAS SO ADORABLE AND EMOTIONAL! And then GD got to talk, which was important to me. He is the leader, so I’m glad he got to say something.

Dong Bang Shin Ki:

I noticed that Yoochun got a haircut/color! Wow! And Changmin’s hair looks so much better wtf.

DBSK’s performance was pretty fun. I liked how they had a little showcase type thing for each member. They used like… all of my favorite DBSK songs! LMAO, I can’t believe they did “Hug” though. I have listened to more than my fair share of that song, but I never cease to be amazed at how many times that song pops up throughout their career. Thought “Wrong Number” was good, and “Mirotic” was a little long… but still good, and an interesting remix.

Wonder Girls:

I actually really loved the tango+disco version of “Nobody.” I thought it was fun that they danced with some of the guys from 2PM! ALTHOUGH LMAO WHEN THEY STARTED UNBUTTONING THEIR SHIRTS HAHA… AND THEY DANCED IN BEATERS. And then there was removal of shirts… HAHA.

Brown Eyed Girls, Jewelry, and Jaruim:

WOW, this is probably the perfect time to use a phrase like “hot mess.” WTF? That’s basically all I can say. But I thought it was hilarious that they decided to show Big Bang just as Daesung was tapping Taeyang to go (probably to get ready for their own performance). LOL. Irony (“mahldo andwae~ irony…”)?

2AM/2PM/SHINee/U-KISS/Moon Heejun:
Part 1Part 2

Interesting performance by all the newbies! I thought it was cool that they performed songs by their sunbaes. My favorite, obviously, was SHINee. LMAO and I wanted to die laughing when they showed Changmin and Yunho and Changmin was doing the dance AHAHA.

Moon Heejun: First thing I noticed: Everyone looking so happy in the audience LOL. GD’s big smile, and Junsu, Yoochun, and Yunho’s excitement/singing along lol (dude, they were so into it). I was more like “D:” because I don’t like the music Moon Heejun was doing lol. I was really happy when everyone came out and danced/sang with him though. Even though the video quality was crappy, I loved it when Jonghyun started singing because I could tell it was him LOL. (UGH, I was so amused when they showed TOP and he was all normal, and then his eyes got darty because he perceived someone watching him haha).

I’m really happy SHINee won the newcomer award! Really really happy. I think they completely deserve it. I also thought it was freaking adorable how happy DBSK looked for them. AHH, the tears haha. OMGOMG, I love how they did such a close-up on ONEW. AHAHA! So so sweet.

I thought it was pretty cool that everyone was performing together. U-Kiss has been off my radar since like… I saw/heard their debut song lol. But whatever. I like the rest of them.

Bonus talk about “Lies” in 2007

Big Bang – Lies: I honestly have a pretty good idea of how popular this song is, so I’m sure you don’t need to hear it about how great it is again. Too bad. Oh, Lies. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. When I was a newb to this song, the beginning (“ring, ring, “Hello? Hello?”) was a little strange to me. But I now think it’s such an amazing touch because… I don’t even know! I just love it. The piano is average, but melded with the rest of the song it’s very awesome. The English is cheesy, but it works. The beginning’s boomboomboom against G-Dragon’s rapping is perfect. The song transitions into singing and then you’re hit with what I would basically consider to be the musical equivalent of an atomic bomb. I’m so sorry but I love you goh jid mal… I’m so sorry, but I love you (I love you more, more) (more or less). It kind of makes you feel like you need to dance yourself to death. If you’re in public, you will have to restrain yourself to maybe toe-tapping and subtle head bobbing. Mmm and possibly one of the highest points in the song is when T.O.P. starts his rapping solo. It starts out average and then there is crazy drumming and it’s like a freaking drug. I love that part in the music video too. When I’m not listening to this song I wonder what the heck is so great about it, but I think it puts you in a bit of a trance. I’m sorry, but this song wins my award for catchy as all heck.

The thing about Big Bang is that they are really hip-hop-boy looking, but their sound is not like that at all to me (I think I prefer looks like Epik High… it’s not trying to hard). It’s definitely k-poppish, but the rap pulls the hiphop in. It’s a fusion, I guess. I feel that they have strengths and weaknesses right now. I have a big hunch that their obvious flaws will disappear with experience. They’re still very new, so they aren’t that experienced.

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  1. flipside permalink
    April 18, 2009 7:54 am

    stumbled on this site when i was surfing yt. i love your review regarding mkmf..though i have to admit it was a bit late. lol. but as the saying goes, better late than never. hahaha. like you, i was not able to watch the mkmf live..i just downloaded the performances and read news and that’s the end. the good thing is that arirang aired some parts of it and with english subs! hahaha. but i was kind of sad when big bang did not win the song of the year award..hahaha. i know, i am too greedy. but i think, haru haru really deserves it. just like lies deserve the award last yeaer. don’t misunderstand me. i don’t hate wonder girls. it is just that nobody does not make sense to me. hehe. i love the beat but the lyrics..i think it is not good enough.

  2. April 18, 2009 12:12 pm

    LOL, yeah, a BIT late πŸ˜‰ I agree that “Haru Haru” deserved the song of the year award. I think “Nobody” is an okay song, but I definitely do not get the hype. I actually preferred “So Hot” to it, which is kind of crazy haha.

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