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Review: 2PM – Again and Again

April 16, 2009

2PM’s single, “Again and Again” is out, and so is the MV. I thought I’d share my thoughts.

I love the song. It’s not as ~inspired~ as “10 out of 10” (aside from the beat, I love that song for the lulz), but it is enough to catch your interest pretty quickly. I think it’s a smart move to give these guys something a tad more mature for their second single. It still has the same kind of 2PM-ish feel though, so I guess we can say that this is their sound? I like it.

The video is simply alright. I am crazy for the dancing, but the plot is boring. Then again, maybe I’d be annoyed if they JUST danced for the entire video.

Their clothes are wanting; the suits are red clothes are fine by me–it’s the yellow and purple stuff that kills. Some of it’s worse than others, but… I mean, what kind of monster dressed Nickhun? Cries. I personally think Jaebeom and Junsu rock whatever they wear, but some of these guys have it bad. ALSO, hair? Did they all get variations of the same style? When I saw Nickhun showing off some horrible acting, I realized that like… 2AM came and cut his hair in the dark. While he was sleeping. At 2 AM. HAR HAR. But otherwise, I’m fine. But why does that squishable cute boy looks so pathetic here? LOL. They took away his shiny (I swear I’m not a Nickhun fan lol. I’m personally more into Jaebeom TBH lol).

But again, I heart the dancing. It makes me crack up every item they do that arm-linky thing though. That’s because I’m four, and it looks loltastic.

As a last note (because I have school tomorrow), who here is surprised that Taecyeon was the one who got to rest his head on that woman’s legs? LMFAO.

Also, I apologize for being ALL over the place. I’m uber tired, but I knew if I didn’t write about this now, I probably never would ^^;;

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