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Review: BoA – “I Did It For Love” MV

April 16, 2009

I KNOW, I just said I was tired yada yada, but I wanted to say a quick piece about BoA’s newly released “I Did It For Love” MV.

Uh, what? They took what we saw in the teaser and butchered it all.

The things I hate compete with each other. First of all, the video could have COMPLETELY done without that pathetic CGI. I’m not keen on the sparks or the watery figures. Not keen at all. Secondly, someone went crazy speed settings. I feel like most of the dancing is at least 25% faster than it would be naturally, and then there is the abuse of slow-motion at the end. Although, I digress that I’m rather a fan of this kind of slow motion though. In fact, that kind of slow motion rules my life.

But. Whatever. I still love the song (yeahhh, I doooo), and I think it was a pretty decent video otherwise. I just had to mention those things that irritated me LOL.

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