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Random: Twitter, 2NE1, BoA, etc.

April 22, 2009


SO, I decided to get a fandom Twitter so I can easily spazz about the little things. I mean, there are so many bits of news that elicit a response from me, but it’s not always enough to write a post about? I just thought I’d give ya’ll the heads up. I mean, Twitter is all the rage, isn’t it?

Check it:

I have pretty much nothing to say, so I’ll keep things casual.

Apparently YG is preparing a fancy debut for 2NE1 (1, 2). They say they want their debut to be really special, but come on. How much time do they need to prepare now that it’s down to this? You don’t want fans and potential fans to get impatient.

I finally downloaded BoA’s self-titled US album. I was trying to wait until I could get a physical copy, but I have iTunes money left over from Christmas, so I decided to give in and get it in digital form. It’s a pretty decent album considering how busy BoA is, what with her age and domination of Korea and Japan lol.

I have to ask though: Did anyone recognize “Scream” as being similar to AnyBand’s “Daydream,” which in turn is based off of German pop-group Monrose’s “Scream”? I need to see if she actually just covered Monrose. Okay, yeah, I just checked and she did cover Monrose. Who cares, but I’m surprised I recognized it lol. I have listened to AnyBand’s stuff a lot… dang, whenever I think of it I can’t help but think that it was such a good mix.

Shifting gears again, I must confess that I love being able to update this blog at my leisure. Thanks for sticking around while I ramble on and on and on. Or rather, again and again and again~ Who else is into 2PM’s latest single? OH, today is the 23rd. Their live debut of this song should be online soon.

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