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What about: 2NE1’s debut, GD’s solo, SHINee’s comeback, and more!

April 29, 2009

2NE1, G-Dragon
21 G-Dragon

OY, why is it that every day I slack on checking for news that there are so many things worth mentioning (seriously! I’ve spent the better part of the last two hours catching up)? I’m really sorry I’ve been “missing” lately; it’s finals time so I’ve had a lot going on. My last final is May 5th, so I should be back in full swing by then…Which is perfect, because May 5th is the day before 2NE1’s first single and MV are released!

  • 2NE1’S debut single is called “Fire,” and it’s supposed to have an upbeat hiphop/reggae style. It was written by Teddy (1TYM) and choreographed by Shaun Evaristo and his girlfriend Aimee–and you’ll catch that choreography May 17th, when the girls debut on SBS Inkigayo. It’s cool that Teddy wrote the song because he is so freaking talented. AND AND AND, according to K Bites, he didn’t just write the song. He was basically in charge of producing the song, the MV, and even the clothes for the girls’ debut.

    A preview for “Fire” will be released this Friday (May 1). I’ll try my best to give you a quick thought or two on it. I’ll actually be away from the internet at that point, but I’m sure I can employ my phone to help me out there.

    There is actually a lot more news about 2NE1 that I don’t have time to discuss right now, so I basically recommend heading over and reading what Sookyeong wrote here.

  • In other “yay” news, there is a rumor going around that SHINee is having a comeback on May 19th. HMM. If this is true, I will be very very very happy. SHINee makes me more than happy.
  • In šŸ˜¦ news, G-Dragon’s solo was postponed to August. I guess that it was pushed back, but it’s sad to have it confirmed. Apparently GD was a bit depressed//stressed/strained/exhausted by all of the work he’s been having since his debut. No breaks in all that time would definitely KILL, especially at the breakneck pace Big Bang goes.
  • In good news, it seems like Big Bang will release a Japanese (probably English-based) album in June-July. Maybe.
  • And this bit of news that YG and Hyori are going to do an American Idol-esque show is SO. FUNNY. I don’t even know what to say about that. It will probably be interesting because Hyori isn’t the strongest singer, and YG is so picky.

For the few of you who keep popping by, thanks! I’ll definitely be around a lot this summer. I know I was last summer, and I had even more planned at that time lol. So far, all that is on my agenda for summer ’09 is to relax and further obsess myself with my obsessions…

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