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Lotte Duty Free MV/CF and 2NE1’s 36-second ‘Fire’ teaser

May 1, 2009

After about 15 minutes of (patient) internet-stealing, I was able to watch the Lotte Duty Free MV/CF. I’m honestly stumped as to what “Lotte Duty Free” is, and the commercial gives no help whatsoever. BUT, no matter what it is, the CF is a fangirl’s dream. Give us one segment with multiple Korean actors and idols and I think we’ll be happy. Particularly if they are adorable, and they definitely are in this MV/CF.

The main reason I watched it was because of Big Bang, but they have lots of great men in the video (Song Seun Hyun, Rain, etc).

Some of it is REALLY amusing though because they totally mix up at some point and have Daesung’s voice come out of Taeyang. I SWEAR. At around 2:15. And 2:48. And I know I saw Seungri’s voice come out of Taeyang too LMAO. Just saying… the makers of this video give lots of love to our Youngbae, whether it’s due or not. Cue joke about the production team being “duty free.”

I mentioned 2NE1’s 20-second teaser of “Fire” on my twitter, but I wanted to pop in and talk about it here for a second. I like what I hear so far! It’s hard to get a feel for how it really will sound because it’s basically the introduction of the song (not literally, but there is no verse or chorus yet), but we get to hear the main beat and some semi-rapping from CL. I can’t wait to hear tomorrow’s preview :3

Edit: “Tomorrow’s” preview is out now! It’s only about 15 seconds longer than the original, but it’s enough to get a better idea of how the song is going to be. Seems promising! I’m not totally 100% in love yet, but we still don’t have a verse to hold onto yet, so I’m not holding my breath, nor am giving up (as if I would lol).

Listen to the 20-second preview here.
Listen to the 36-second preview here.

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