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Review: 2NE1 – Fire

May 5, 2009

After much hyping promotion, 2NE1’s single, “Fire,” is finally out! I think it’s a really good debut song for them. I did a quick first-impression review for you right here. This is incoherent fangirling at its finest, people.

2NE1 - Fire single

Fire: I think the beginning is really fun. And also, HECK YEAH it’s been a long time coming lol. I love CL’s rapping oh my goshhh. The rhythm for this song is really good too. Hearing beyond Bom’s part is pretty much exciting too. CHORUS! LOVE. OMG. This could definitely be one of my new favorite songs. I really can’t get over all of the different sounds of this song. Minji rapping! BRIDGE = AMAZING.

I don’t really understand the lyrics much right now, other than part of the chorus is about wanting to go crazy LOL. Looking forward to a full translation!

After a few more listens I definitely can say that I really like this single. I’m trying to look at it slightly objectively, although it’s hard after a year of anticipation. I don’t think it’s perfect, but it’s catchy and it has a good feeling about it. It’s very listenable and the chorus seriously hooks you and makes you want more. The girls have their strengths and weaknesses, but I think after a few months in the spotlight they’ll come into their own and get a firm-footing in the industry. YG has rarely disappointed me yet, and I think these girls are known as the “female Big Bang” for a reason. 2NE1 undoubtedly sparks attention; if they even get half the popularity of Big Bang, they’re good to go.

I seriously can’t wait for the MV. I’ll be posting about it, babes.

P.S. I’m officially free of school for four months 😀 Hopefully this means more updating!

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