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TOTAL CRACK: fake Big Bang ‘Gee’ parody

May 7, 2009


If you know anything about Big Bang’s music, this fan-made Big Bang “cover” of SNSD’s “Gee” should give you a laugh. I personally love parodies for the most part, and combine that with my love of Big Bang? It’s killer.

I didn’t know what to expect when I clicked the link to the song, but it’s full of all of the characteristic things of Big Bang that… I don’t know, it just emphasizes the weird idiosyncrasies of this group.

The things they make fun of are funny. You have TOP’s deep voice (which really sounds like him), doing random “eh” sounds to apparently cover up empty space, and GD (who almost made me spit out my drink) with such a nasally voiceee omg. Daesung sounds like a drowning whale, and Seungri lets out a bunch of breathy long notes. At first I had a hard time identifying Taeyang because I think he sounds too much like GD, but he does a lot of the chorus (“NAO NAO NAOOO”). He is pretty nasally like GD… if not more so. I LOVE IT.

Basically… I just love how whoever made this knew Big Bang so well. I can love Big Bang so much and still see their weaknesses. This person exaggerated them and it just gave me a giggle. Hopefully no one is offended by it. I don’t know why you would be.

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