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‘Boys Before Flowers’ Commentary – Episode 17

May 12, 2009

Fangirltainment - Boys Before Flowers Commentary

I have quite a few reasons for taking a giant break on Boys Before Flowers. Some are valid, are some aren’t so valid. I know I was trying to keep up with it, and I have to say: I made a decent effort considering my past track-record. I have a hard time watching episodes week-by-week (I prefer to watch a series all at once), and I made it through 16 episodes (the standard for K-drama) mostly on time.

For now, I plan on keeping up with the commentaries. It’s fun for me, and I want to be able for anyone to go back and look at all of them if they care to (although I doubt they will lol). After this episode though (which I watched over a month ago), I expect to be much more brief.

Episode 17. Spoilers!

It’s been so long I can’t even remember where we left off! Egads! And to save myself some trouble (and you as well), I won’t even attempt to comment on everything. That will just be a headache, and I have a feeling that this will pretty much be for my own benefit anyway. Not that it was ever anything different, but I think there will be fewer people reading these lol.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 17

OH, lol. Jandi is working hard, doing her parent’s cleaning job. It seems like it’s putting strain on her bad arm.

Meanwhile, Jihoo is in his private movie theater (?!) watching home movies (?!) of him and his grandfather before they had “issues.” LMFAO, sorry, I couldn’t help but crack up when Jihoo’s dad stiffly said, “Dad, let me do it.”

Gosh, I’ve come back cynical. I need to get in the right mindset or this, or I could mock it all day. *Pauses.* Okay, I’m going to act like I don’t think Jihoo’s emo scene is amusing, but rather speculate that he is trying to find ways to deal with the fact that he has seen his grandfather again after all this time.

It seems Jihoo’s grandfather is also feeling grief over this meeting.

We get our first glimpse of Junpyo this episode. There is a lot of drama-rama surrounding his engagement. Why do I get the feeling that I’m in for a tiresome ride? I just have to press on and endure the dramatic moments of pain and separation, I suppose.

LOL, I love Jihoo and Jandi’s interactions. Ohhh, the reason Jihoo is there is because it’s a concert hall. Haha, that must be why they had all that weird set up in episodes earlier with Jandi’s mom falling into Jihoo’s arms and all that.

Aw, sweet. He’s helping.

New song~ It’s such a cliche drama song lol. The funny thing about that is that it makes me think of when I first was watching dramas. They felt so fresh and unique. Not that they aren’t now in a way, but now they feel like familiar friends. I know so much about them and the actors and who does the songs and who they are and blah blah blah, so there is less mystery about the drama.

Why has Jandi been in the bathroom so long wtf? Nooo, she’s hurt or exhausted or something.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 17

Ohhh, Jihoo/Jandi! I don’t ship them ultimately, but I do like them together.

OY, Junpyo’s coming. Hopefully he won’t see Jihoo kissing Jandi’s hand. Or misunderstand the fact that she’s at his house.

But, of course, he does see. And he presumably misunderstands.

LMFAO though, I can’t help but say HOW LONG CAN SOMEONE KISS A HAND? Evidently the answer is FOREVER.

Junpyo’s having various flashbacks that probably amount to him taking his mother’s words a little more seriously. I don’t know if he wants to protect Jandi, release her to Jihoo, or help his mother, but I have a feeling that he will try a different route now.

Poor guy! He’s so sad and hurt. He has a lot of tough decisions, and no one to rely on.

The next day at school, Jandi’s dealing with a nosebleed and Junpyo’s dealing with frustration.

Jaekyung meets Jandi at the playground. She looks upset, but it turns out that she’s really just very happy. Junpyo has decided to officially date her. *Hits head.* Jaekyung is oblivious to the pain Jandi must be feeling at this news, and who can blame her? It’s very sad though.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 17

We make an odd transition to a Shinhwa event where they’re showing off new cellphones. Gotta laugh at the f-bomb littered music playing. Sigh.

Junpyo and Jaekyung are together; Junpyo manages to look like he is into the situation. Jaekyung is clearly loving it. It’s sooo awkward with the F4 guys though. I have a feeling that most of them are thinking that Junpyo is betraying Jandi, but it’s so much more complicated, peeps! Jihoo honestly looks sick about the situation.

LOL, Jaekyung and Junpyo leave to see Speedy Scandal in his personal theater. I can’t believe I can get all of these pop-culture references, sigh.

But Junpyo is stony-faced. OMG, and she just called him “JUN,” dies. Jaekyung seems to have a way about her that causes Junpyo to give a little and relax.

LMAO, a teddy bear museum. I hate things like that, but that place looks pretty decent. (Random info: there is a museum near my town that has a lame teddy bear section… why does the world require this sort of thing?)

It’s kind of ironic that both Jandi and Junpyo have gone on dates with different people in that cable car. Of course, both of them remember their night ~together~

Freaking. DIES. Jaekyung (unknowingly) wants Junpyo to kiss her in front of Jihoo and Jandi.

GASP. And after remembering his kisses with Jandi, HE DOES. Just as it’s happening, Jihoo pulls Jandi into a hug sort of things so she doesn’t see.

Junyo’s kiss is so robotic lol.

Dfldfjds this is all kind of confusing.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 17

LMFAO, Jaekyung dragged Junpyo to the same place where Jihoo and Jandi are eating.

Ga Eul! She’s trying to get some courage to take pottery lol.

Wtf, Yijung’s dad is in Yijung’s studio making out with women?

I think we’re launching way into Yijung’s part of the story now.

Now we’re seeing a scene where Gu Hyesun’s lip was hurt. She does seem to be keeping it still and she doesn’t really have any lines.

HAHA, Jaekyung is trying to finish a jumbo bowl of ramen.

Poor Yijung ;__; He’s all sad and crying. And remembering. And, of course, Ga Eul’s pottery instructor is Yijung’s first love. Who he drunkenly thinks of.

Jaekyung has made everyone go on a trip with her because she ate that huge bowel of ramen.

She apparently had couple rings made for her and Junpyo. Engraved on them is ‘J ♥ J,’ which makes Jandi falter a little. J and J? Works just as well for ‘Jandi and Junpyo.’

Lol cute, Junpyo and Jandi are making meals together.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 17

OH, the reason Jandi was hung up on the “J and J” thing was because that’s what was engraved on the necklace that Junpyo gave her.

OMG, it fell in the water. OMG she got a cramp!

Wtf Junpyo is saving her?! I thought he didn’t know how to swim. BUT HE LEARNED, OMG. HE LEARNED. Dieeeees.

:(:(:(:(:( This is so hearbreaking. When Jihoo says, “I’ll take it from here,” it’s likeeeeeeeeeee idek. Painful.

Jaekyung seems to sense something.

OMG. THE NECKLACE IS ONE THE FLOOR. Jaekyung picks it up and sees…. “J ♥ J.” She probably won’t completely get the idea yet, because it could easily stand for “Jandi and Jihoo.”

Yijung’s brother! Sad flashback.

AWKWARD. Jaekyung decides that NOW, just as Jandi walks into the room, is the best time to seize half-naked Junpyo for a hug.

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