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Leaked vs. edited: Super Junior’s ‘It’s You’ MV

May 12, 2009

Shortly after I posted my review/opinion on Super Junior’s “너라고/It’s You” MV last night, I found out the video I’d seen (and loved) was actually a leaked version. It kind of explained for the quiet pauses in the beginning and end, but otherwise I didn’t see much else that needed “fixing.”

After seeing the final version, I realized that I was actually more into the unedited version.

I was really sad that there was less Hankyung! That was pretty much one of my favorite parts of the original video and they changed it. I made gifs to show you before and after. In the before, he looks so freaking passionate and cool. They totally cut that out in the second version by zooming out and removing the part where he clutches his heart. That also means we don’t get that awesome bro-hug-handshake thing between Yesung and Eunhyuk.

I was also a little annoyed that they made them so fuzzy in the final video. Yeah, effects are cool when used in moderation, but I think one thing I’ve learned to cling to in the world of graphics is that cleaner usually equals better. That’s my philosophy, at least. When you use any kind of blur it can look like you’re trying to distract from something.

OH WELL! Both versions are very lovely and watchable, but I’m a bigger fan of the leaked video. What’s your favorite?

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